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2 Months Free Kayo (New Customers) with Specially Marked Case of VB and Carlton Draught


Similar to last years deal, CUB is giving away 2 months of Kayo Basic to new Kayo customers who purchase a specially marked case of VB or Carlton Draught.

The code can be found in the case. I can't find any promotional websites regarding this new promotion but I have provided a direct link where you can enter your code.

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  • +1

    Case of VB and Carlton Draught

    Shame it's not something drinkable, but worth an upvote for those people without tastebuds…

  • +2

    Seems like a high price to pay

  • +1

    Thumbnail looks like a keyboard.

  • +9

    NGL, for all the flak that VB gets it's actually a pretty good beer.

    • +1


    • +2

      yeah most of my foreign mates that try it without any of the hoohah about how its crap quite like it

      gotta be ice cold out of a stubby though ofc

      • ice cold just means you cant taste it. its like how those shit american beers sell themselves by being cold

  • -1

    Serious question. Does anyone still stink Carlton Draught? Feels like a 90s/2000s beer like Crown.

    • +7

      It's definitely more drinkable than crown.

  • +1

    Generic code?

    • +5

      Post your's here and we'll let you know!

    • Not generic.

  • I feel like they're implying the same crowd that watches lots of sport also drinks vb/Carlton draught…

  • -2

    All lager tastes the same after 2 pints. It's not wine, you drink it to get drunk. Man up people!

    • +3

      Just turned 18 I’m guessing.

      • -2

        Na just English, I get a giggle listening to aussies debate beer thinking they're cultured lol…

  • +1

    Is the free 3 months of Kayo with a Crownbet account still going?

    • crownbet is no more .. got absorbed into sportsbet

  • Think kayo limits new subscriptions based on mobile number, is that right?

    • +3

      Get a free sim

  • +1

    Where do I find the code? is it printed on the inside on the cardboard?

    I bought a case of VB with the kayo branding on the outside of the case but can't find the code inside the case.

    • The bottom of my carton had a how to enter diagram, turns out my code was printed on the brown cardboard separator between the cans, by what looks to be an early model dot matrix printer that managed 1 dot per 10mm with no ink… it took me three attempts to work out whether there were C's or an O's.

      If you have bottles, sorry can't provide any further help other than look for the faintest of inscriptions.

  • +8

    You're welcome






    • thankyou used the last one

    • Thanks mydogtahi. Used 2nd code V33ruaNuWM.

    • I went up to Liquorland (free extra 10% off today) and looked for something saying Kayo on the outside of both CD and VB but nothing to see.

      Am I supposed to trust that there is a code for Kayo inside?


  • The codes didn't work. Anyone has unused codes ?

  • +6




    • Thanks. Claimed the bottom.one

    • Thank you so much, claimed the second one!

    • Do you have another code please?

      • +1

        Here you go mate: V3vgRRVMod

    • Hi. By chance do you have a leftover code ploise?

      • Go look in the classifieds I dropped heaps of codes there

        • Thanks. I'm new here but will try to find them.

  • Hey guys! Does anyone have a spare code they’re willing to part with, I would love one please. Thank you! :)

  • I would love a code if anybody has a spare. If you could please kindly PM me, I'd be really grateful! :-)

    • PM'd

      • Thank you so much! Much appreciated!! :-)

  • I put the code in.. It confirmed 2 months free.. Then I cancelled my 'subscription' so it wouldn't charge my card in advance.. But it says I only get 1 month free kayo. I'm not sure if by me cancelling it over-rid the code. Just a warning in case anyone does that. I really don't want to pay full price for kayo, that's why I 'cancelled subscription'.

    • I think that is because it is a month on month subscription. You need to wait until at least one month has passed to cancel it.

      • Never realised. Unfortunately, I think it's too late for me now.

        • I guess sometimes you learn it the hard way. This was the case with BetEasy 3 month offer as well, you had to wait until 2 months was over to cancel the subscription.

  • +1

    1 man can only drink so much VB!!!

    • Wow, if you're claiming these codes legit by actually buying specially marked VB's, you da real MVP!!!

      Thanks for hooking me up mate, you're a gentleman… Yes, a gentleman that drinks VB =D

      • +1

        Lol I was joking, touching the box to get the code seems like punishment enough I just buy the case for the code and throw the beer away.. 😏😉

  • mydogtahi Being a friday and all just wondering if youve managed to open another box? :)

  • Hey guys! Does anyone have a spare code they’re willing to part with, I would love one please. Thank you! :)

  • -1

    Anyone got a code for me pleaseee

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