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$0 for Unlimited 2GB (Reactivation Offer for Existing Customers Not on Unlimited Plan) @ amaysim


Just got an email from amaysim and it is definitely Targeted.
I've not renewed my Unlimited Plan with them and I'm on 'As you Go' Plan. The offer states 'Reactivate for Free', thereby giving a 2GB Unlimited Plan for $0 for 28 days, ongoing will be $10 / 28 days.

Check if you are targeted and take this plan for the next 28 days. Remember to turn off Auto-Renew from the App or Website login, if not interested in paying $10 for the next renewal.

Unlimited 2GB Plan comes with:

  • 2GB data
  • Unlimited talk & text, Standard talk, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines
  • Calls to 13 & 18 numbers, and voicemail
  • Optus 4G Plus network
  • Renews every 28 days

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    how long since you last renewed your 'As you Go' Plan?

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      I got the email, and last renewed my PAYG credit in June last year. Currently have a $0 balance if that helps.

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    Received this offer.
    My comment about it below

    Received this offer on an account that hasn't been in use for nearly a year. Still receives incoming calls & txt.

    Can either reactivate account free on 2GB plan ($10 after first 28d), or $100 for 1yr.
    Targeted offers - no code required for free offer only on my number.

    Reactivation (& turning off auto-renewal) will mean it will again receive calls & txt (as it does now) for a year after that service ends. Handy for storing a number.

    Hard to say no!
    Offer ends 24/3.


      Oh yeah, got exactly the same email.
      Are you taking $0 for 2GB or $100 for 1 year, 120GB? I reckon, the former? 😉

      I agree, amaysim makes it very easy to maintain the number for long, without any recharge. Also, they've kept giving free data as well even though not on Unlimited Plan.

      Also, get a surprise on birthday! And yeah, taking up the $0 plan for 28 days will extend the validity of the number by another 365 days.


        The free month!
        Took up the 6 months for $15 Deal.

        Advantage - extends the life of the SIM for incoming calls for over a year after the free month! It's a very old number on file at government departments. Handler than updating number.

        It was s free SIM from mid last year Deal.


          Mine was a complimentary $30 SIM Starter Kit for participating in their contests. The prize was an iPhone 11 (back then) but I didnt win. So they were kind enough to send me a $30 SIM.


          Did you activate? What is the procedure? Click on the unique link in the promotion email? I don't see any other way to activate, right?


            @djoz: Waiting to activate in a week.
            I have so many active SIMs from Deals at the moment.

            Yes - click link in email. Its associated with your number.
            Asks permission to reactivate your number & bill for future service.

            Pretty simple.


              @the INFIDEL: Yes, same here. And also hoping Amaysim would throw in Bonus Data for the Easter Long Weekend like they did last year (albeit, the reasons last year were different - to encourage people to 'Stay home').


                @djoz: I'm willing to be encouraged😉
                Missed most promotions as SIM wasn't active.

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    I got offered $8 for 200GB for 3 renewals

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      200GB? Whoa! Colossal if not a typo.


        Considering Amaysim don't seem to list a 200G plan…

        Current offers for 3 renewals have only been listed for (much smaller data) 28day plans.
        Long term plan offers with up to 125G are for 1 time.

        $8 200G for 28days x 3… Cant see it offered by Amaysim.

        They'd previously posted they'd taken up the $6 (2G) x 3 renewals offer
        But this current offer is in top of offers like that.

        Unless there is proof otherwise - guess it was a typo.


          I took the 3 renewals and 2gb month for $2.40 a month. They have finally started to give deals but nothing like the 6 or 9 month deals they used to.

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            @mckayver: Grabbed the 6 month 125G for $15 after cashback last week.

            Had asked support to see if i could use that with my existing number on Amaysim - no!

            Now this offer will keep that old number going for another 13 months.

            Pretty happy with so many offers to choose from!

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          It's a targeted offer. I was on the $40 200GB plan before but cancelled and moved to PAYG a couple months ago.


    My PAYG credit expired, was offered $4/mo 8GB for the first 3 renewals.


    My offer was only 1GB, still taking it though ;)


    I put auto renewal off and I got this deal as well few days into my 2.80 month


    Reactivated … then realised I can't use this because I threw the old SIM away.

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      Apply for a SIM replacement? It should reach you within a few days.


        Thanks, never even knew that was a thing.

        However, funnily I just received an email saying:-

        Sorry, your request did not go through

        Your request to take up our special offer did not go through. This may be due to your payment failing or you may be on a different plan than what we expected.

        Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this further.

        Clicking on the original link doesn't work a second time. Oh well, not going to bother pursuing it.


          Received that email.
          Had no payment set up, so auto-payment couldn't work. Set to PayPal & contacted them yesterday. Active now. Easy!

          Set auto-payment OFF - received offer of another 28d if they can turn it ON!

          Amaysim will send out a free new SIM
          Or buy a $2 SIM & do a SIM SWAP in your account. I've done both.


            @the INFIDEL: I still had a valid card saved. In any event, another company has given me additional data so I'm not bothered about this one.


              @the splingee: Amaysim keeps a number for incoming calls & SMS for up to 2 years in my experience. Handy to store a number for later porting.


    I got this offer fail too. Difference is I do have the SIM still active in my phone.
    Think it may have to do with not having a current payment method on file? I've since updated payment details and it says "You have taken this offer already" - bit useless really.


      I thought that as well but the saved card is still valid.


      Just check / set up payment method & contact Amaysim as instructed in email.

      That worked for me. Had to be set up

      "You have taken this offer already" - bit useless really.
      Can't activate again an already activated (but failed) offer! That's why they say to contact them if you want the offer.


    Received second 28d 2GB FREE renewal on old number😊

    [Received an email after accepting this renewal offer.
    They couldn't set up the offer.
    Had no payment set up, so auto-payment couldn't work. Set to PayPal & contacted them. Had to be manually set up by Amaysim. Active now.]

    After setting auto-payment OFF, received this new offer in email:

    We noticed you turned off auto-renew for your mobile no. This means your Unlimited 2GB plan is going to expire on 21 Apr, unless you turn it back on.
    We want to make sure you're still feeling the love so we're gifting you one free renewal! Interested?

    One Free Renewal

    get this offer
    Hurry, offer expires 01 April
    It means you won't pay a thing for your next renewal - it's on us. After spending 10 months 28 days together, we'd genuinely miss you so don't leave us just yet!
    FYI - If you accept, we'll switch your auto-renew on, to make sure you get the discount on $10 UNLIMITED 2GB plan. Ongoing price is $10/renewal.


      Lovely! I took the first free 28d offer. Activated for me without any hassles. Turned off Auto-Renew as well. No donut for me.


        Donuts are fattening🍩 (yum!)
        Hoped that trick would work for all.

        Wondering if I again turn off auto-payment when next renewal arrives - will these free offers continue - forever?

        Amaysim want a long term relationship. (I didn't rush into their arms, but played it cool & took up their offer on last day.)
        But I'll go with any Telco with a good offer. Don't tell Amaysim😉


          What "reason" did you choose when you turned off Auto-Renew? Maybe they have targeted free renewals based on the reason you choose. Some of their reasons are interesting. I chose: I want to save money.


            @djoz: Strange. They didn't ask me for a reason in my account. Never seen that, or I didn't notice.

            I've got 3 active accounts ($6 2G with $11 cashback, $75 125G with $60 cashback & this), all with auto-payment OFF.

            I think they know why - I'm cheap😄
            But don't tell them that.

            Treat 'em mean - tell them their service isn't good enough or you're seeing another Telco. It gives them a reason to want you back & try harder. (Business) Relationships can be rough!

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              @the INFIDEL: All hopes pinned on Bonus Data for the Easter Weekend now. I hope we get at least 50 GB. Last year it was 100 GB, valid for 4 days :)


                @djoz: Bonus data for Easter sounds nice, but again I don't need it.


                @djoz: Don't tempt me😉
                Saw that, thought of Circles - didn't look further.

                After SIM hopping for about 8 years to get best & cheapest deals - its now tiring.

                As have the 6mth 125GB Amaysim for $15 after cashback, am taking a rest.
                Also have the 3 month $10 70GB deal from Ozsale…
                And 2 x 28d with this Deal.


                  @the INFIDEL: Yes, I thought the same.
                  Appears to be less hectic though:

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                    @djoz: You can't tempt me!
                    Am being strong, won't look…

                    I've spent so much time answering questions about SIM Deals for years.
                    Am now on a 6 month SIM holiday🍹


                      @the INFIDEL: Yes I CAN! Think of it as free mobile broadband! Disconnect your NBN lol.

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                        @hex7272: What's NBN?
                        Only used mobile for data for over 7 years!

                        Just have so much data at moment not being fully used - have too much…
                        210GB over 3 months for $10
                        125GB over 6 months for $15 etc


                          @the INFIDEL: What deals were they? 210gb 3 months for $10 is unbelievable.

                          Mobile data is great for small households. Currently using VF unlimited data capped at 1.5 mbps for $8 per 28 days. that's loads cheaper than nbn. fine for my usage .


                            @hex7272: $10 for 1st 70GB month, then use $20 referral credit from joining to pay for next 2 months. Just began 2nd month - free. Ozsale mobile

                            $60 Cashback on $75 amaysim 125GB 6-Month Expiry Plan @ Cashrewards

                            Will use the 70GB each month over next 2 months, then 125GB over following 4 months.

                            Currently have 4 SIM in use (3 from Amaysim) - far too many to use.

                            Have used Vodafone SIM recently.

                            Just tired of hopping SIMs every 28 or so days for years!


                              @the INFIDEL: feel the pain. maybe just have one data sim and another for personal use.


                                @hex7272: Use a dual SIM phone:

                                1 for incoming on long term number
                                - Currently have this free 28d offer, plus another 28d. Will then receive incoming calls & SMS for another year.

                                1 for outgoing & data (next 2+ months free). Then swap for next 4 months to 125GB SIM.

                                It's easy & cheap enough. Been doing it for years (originally needed 2 phones).


                                  @the INFIDEL: Got an email from amaysim today. 80% off next three renewals of the $10 2GB Unlimited Plan. That's $2 per renewal for next 3 renewals. They clearly want me to stick around. But getting just 2GB per 28 days is a bummer. I think I'll pass.


                                    @djoz: Got same offer.

                                    But Amaysim already offered another free renewal if I turned on auto-payment… I agreed to another free 28 days.

                                    So a bit confusing - $0 & $2 offers on same SIM?
                                    Or does $2 offer start after my 2nd free renewal?

                                    Checked Account:
                                    Set to auto-renew on 21/4
                                    Available credit $10
                                    Credit expires 25 Mar 2022 (349 days left)!!!

                                    21/3 Invoices:
                                    $10 monthly fee waived
                                    $10 Goodwill credit adjustment for Unlimited 2GB purchase!!!

                                    Never used the existing free offer, just wanted it to extend the life of the SIM.
                                    Will contact them for an explanation next week.

                                    Don't want to pay for something I won't use. (Have other active SIM.)
                                    Might turn auto-payment off again. And change to Pay as you go - with that $10 credit for the rare outgoing calls on that number in next year.

                                    I'll pass.
                                    I mean even reduced from $12… to $2/28d for 2GB that isn't being used, it's not a bargain for me.


                                    @djoz: Amaysim charged $2 for renewal (from $10 credit they gave me with free renewal last month), despite agreeing to their free renewal.

                                    Short Chat (with copy of above email) - $2 credit refunded, free renewal! Turned off auto-payment.