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$60 Cashback on $75 amaysim 125GB 6-Month Expiry Plan @ Cashrewards (Was $35, Ends 6PM AEDT)


This awesome deal just got a lot better. Please ensure you read the terms below carefully before proceeding. If you've already puchased any amaysim product via Cashrewards this month, you are unfortunately ineligible for this offer. I will endeavour to provide at least 30 minutes notice when amaysim gets close to the quota limit.

The following terms are specific to the $60 amaysim cashback offer only:

  1. Limited strictly to the first 1000 mobile services (redemptions), and one per Cashrewards member. Offer expires when (1) cap is reached (sold out), (2) withdrawn by amaysim, or (3) 11:59pm AEDT 09/03/21 (whichever occurs first). When the offer is over, the cashback rate will revert to $35 for this SIM. updated 4:10pm: Allocation exhausted, but amaysim has extended to now end 6PM AEDT.
  2. New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers.
  3. Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month.
  4. You must click through the offer on Cashrewards. Do not exit amaysim's site until your purchase is complete.
  5. Offer applies only to the $150 Unlimited 125GB long-expiry mobile SIM for $75 (March promo). You will receive the SIM in 2-10 business days, which must be activated within 30 days of purchase or cashback is forfeited.
  6. If PayPal is used as payment, you must verify your ID through 'my amaysim' after purchase.
  7. Turning auto-renewal off after activation will not disqualify you from cashback.
  8. amaysim SIMs bought from retail stores/outlets are excluded from cashback.
  9. Cannot be used with any other amaysim or 3rd party promos/codes/referrals.
  10. Direct any enquiries regarding delivery, activation or ordering to amaysim customer support on their website.

Fraudulent activity, including creation of alternate accounts (against terms of service), will result in rewards forfeiture and account closure.

Ensure you disable 3rd party plugins and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost (try our mobile app). Do not exit amaysim after clicking out from Cashrewards until you complete your purchase. Tracking should take no longer than 60 minutes for amaysim. Check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • +3

    Omg, just bought this deal last week for $35 cash back :(

    • +1

      Ditto. I was very happy with that price too….. until now.

      • Damn, same here!

      • same :(

        • +6

          Well, let's hope this one sells out quickly so we can move on with our lives.

    • +2

      Yesterday for me. 😂

    • Purchased that deal today. Emailed support in hopes of getting the other $25 back. Doubt. "Offer is not available to anyone that has previously purchased an amaysim product via Cashrewards this month."

  • +1

    Using maths this equates to $2.50 per month.

  • +1

    New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers.

    Just clarifying point 2. Does that mean not available for port-ins from other carriers? I.e. must use the new number on the prepaid SIM?

    Or are port-ins okay?

    • Port-ins are fine. I just did (port out from Dodo to amaysim) and got cashback tracked as well.

      • Does it transfer your number immediately or after you actually receive the new SIM card and activate it?

        • +1

          you have to wait for physical sim to be with you to make switch

          • @Pushp28: Great, bought one, thanks. My current plan still has 2 months left. The new card needs to be activated within 1 month. So I will only waste 1 month of my current plan.

            • @Bob Lou: It asks to transfer existing number when going to purchase. Am I able to choose new number now when and then port in my existing number when I do activate the sim?

              • @whey4000: Sorry, I'm not sure about this. I just typed in my existing number, it's not transferred yet, after placing the order, you can log in to their website, it says you will need to verify your ID first before they can proceed transfer.

        • +1

          I see an option to 'Activate SIM' after buying via transfer your number option, so it probably gets activated only once we hit that button.

      • thanks!

      • +2

        Always a bit worried about this… as there are many items which track successfully but then get rejected as it doesnt meet conditions.

      • Just because its tracked doesnt mean it'll be paid? Need someone to actually confirm it will be paid.

    • very confusing… anyway, this is what i do

      before that i turn off my kaspersky private browsing (both extension and software), also anti banner extension OFF
      using google chrome
      port out from kogan 90 days..

      1) purchased the SIM and choose port in, and fill in my old number on the space provided
      2) after payment, it brought me to amaysim account page. asking me a verify my ID, done
      3) in your dashboard, there is an option to activate, when i clicked on it… it just bring me back to my account page, not sure if it is activated or notg, i will assume it is NOT (because when i click on dashboard, the ACTIVATE button still there) and i have not yet received my SIM
      4) cashrewards showed AU$60 pending (hopefully it is approved)

      5) enable back kasperky private browing and anti banner

  • Got one, thanks…..

  • +1

    Bought last week and my Cashrewards hasn’t been tracked…
    I’m yet to get the SIM card, any chance I can cancel and get these?

    • I would like to know that too.

  • +1

    Can I choose a new number when purchasing the plan but later port-in using my existing number?

  • +2

    Bought last week but my cashback has not been tracked yet.

    • Same and same. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't received tracking. Oddly people are report tracking received immediately here.

  • +2

    Fantastic deal.

  • Nothing opens when i click the link.

  • Thanks TA, placed an order

  • Bought one last week with the $35 cashback. Argh…

    I guess if they are advertising this then there's no chance that they don't honour the $35 one.

  • +2

    tracked immediately for me, Chrome mobile

    • Using a device thats designed to track your every move (Android Phone with Chrome) helps

  • +1

    Looks like Amaysim is so desperate

    I wish similar cashback could be done for Boost

  • +2


    Just bought it yesterday with the $35 cashback.

    • I just bought this plan about an hour ago and got the 35 cashback. (profanity) me.

    • Ditto. Has it tracked yet?

      • +1


  • Having an amaysim number can I start a new one ( with this offer ) and keep both ?

  • Thank you!

    Tracks instantly with CR app

  • +2

    can I choose 'pick a number' and then transfer my number at a later stage?

  • The sim is always pre-activated when shipped. Don't forget to ask Amaysim to reset the start date.

  • +1

    got one

    cashback tracked on google chrome browser.


  • Nice offer. Thanks TA

  • I was with Amaysim 2 years ago and have account with them

    but no number with them —- am I ok?

    • Ame question here.

      Also, when I try to log in with my old account it comes up with error and I can't continue. I've rest password successfully too but same error.

      • in fact, I just created one new account

    • Old account is OK. Just need a new number, port-in number is fine too.
      Got cashback instantly

  • Any 12 month ones?

  • Can we cancel yesterday order ?

  • bought about 20min ago. the offer was definitely activated. but haven't been tracked yet.

    • I bought Saturday night and I haven't received tracking yet.

      • I have always had problems with Cashrewards. This is why I have been using Shopback more now.
        Let's see if and when mine will be tracked.

        • I used their app and inbuilt browser to make the purchase, I thought that would be the safest. Certainly doesn't instil confidence.

          • @ash2000: still not tracked. don't think it's gonna happen. I wonder if I can cancel it. I even had the desktop plugin confirmed the $60 cashback activation. I'm very disappointed with Cashrewards' tracking.

            • @lousy: If they (CR) have any decency they'll give you the full $60 if you've missed it by 20 minutes.

              If you tried to cancel it, you'd need to do it with Amaysim, by the time you receive confirmation, this deal will be over.

            • @lousy:

              don't think it's gonna happen

              You're not the only one. So I'm sure they'll make good in the long run. Sadly, you can't request an investigation until 7 days after the purchase.

      • +1

        I have to follow up about 50% of my cashback offers even if they track. They usually reject them 1st time then when I submit a ticket they come through. It's almost not worth it.

    • I bought 1 hour ago and get the tracking email from cashrewards immediately

      • Did you buy within the app or via the website?

  • perfect timing …. bought 1 and got tracked… thanks OP

  • Can add new service onto existing Amaysim account ?

  • Port in allowed?

  • There is a code in the cashrewards for amaysim, do I need to input it?

    • No select the plan it should auto apply

      • Thank You

  • Tracked instantly

  • +1

    I am getting this error( Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again.) cannot complete my order. Can somebody help?

    • I got this error when trying to port in a number that is pending to be ported in for another amaysim service

    • click on "change payment method" and select the same payment method again. it worked for me

      • i am not getting that option. Did you buy on mobile?

        • yes, used the cashrewards app

          • @U30004: didnt work

            • @Modesty: thats odd, just try a different email address/card

              • +1

                @U30004: Had to contact amaysim, they had my number in the account from a year ago I think. They removed that number now and it worked now. Thanks for your help.

    • Me too

      • Dont use amex

        • Maybe due to using my existing amaysim number. Tried my wife's number who is on a different provider and it worked. Good thing is that's also ending soon

    • I had this error. My solution for anyone else - I had a pending port from years ago. Online chat removed it. Worked fine after that.

  • It’s showing up in my click history on the app but not pending approval. Has it not worked?

  • Got one and tracked, cheers

  • +2

    It says this term only applies to the $60 CB (the 2nd one). So i'm not sure if port-in counts, as that's an existing number, so you may need to choose a new one from Amaysim? Normally, "CB is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers purchasing a new SIM".

  • Currently with Amaysim, which operator would be the cheapest to port out to port back to Amaysim?

  • Purchased through Cashrewards app 30mins ago and not tracked yet… 😬

    • What DNS servers are you using for the phone?

      • 🤷‍♂️ Kogan mobile. Had another purchase not track weeks ago, waiting on CR to investigate. Would appreciate if someone could beat them to the punch if it's just a settings change on my end.

  • Thanks TA. I don't need it but extra 125GB data will come in handy. For only $15 nothing to lose.

  • Got a 2GB Amaysim SIM ready to be activated…does that mean I cannot be a new customer if I want the same number?

  • Do I port my number now when purchasing or pick a new number?

    My current Boost plan is expiring at the end of the month. So want to finish that up before activating Amaysim.

    Will I be able to port my number later when I’m ready if I select a new number now?

    • how'd you go? im interested in this as well, as i dont want to change my number until the end of the month

      • Still waiting for someone in the know to reply

        • yeah its poorly worded. offer is not available for existing mobile number,

          is that existing amaysim number or port ins? if its works like it does when you buy a sim card at the shops, you can just use that to get it ported in later.

  • Got one and tracked :)

  • +2

    TA, this one is confusing "New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers."…so port ins are eligible or not?

    • -1

      Don’t you have your answer in your quote !

  • +2

    Getting "Loading merchant data" and redirection from CR to Amaysim does not work

    • +1

      I tried to port in from Telstra 5 times but failed every time. Worked when I select a new number.

      However, I am not sure if they allow you to port in your number during activation.

      • +1

        same on mobile phone, getting "Our shopping cart isn't working right now …"

    • +1

      have you tried to log out and back in again? that worked for me

  • +2

    "New mobile services only - offer is not available for existing mobile numbers."

    This seems to say that it has to be a brand new number. Anyone has a definite answer?

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