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Unlimited 125GB 6-Month Prepaid Mobile Plan $75 (Was $150) @ amaysim


Was looking for a prepaid sim without contract. Moving from Aldi(Telstra) to Amaysim(Optus). This plan looked really good. 6 months expiry, 125GB, unlimited local and international calls to 28 countries. I use Shopback for cashback and received $35 cashback tracked email half an hour later (available to withdraw by 19/05/21). Same offer available at Cashrewards as well. Effectively $40 for 6 months and you can cancel anytime. Sim must be activated by 31/03/2021. Cheers

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  • Can you cancel the plan after 6 months?

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      Yeah. It’s a prepaid you can cancel anytime

  • +1

    how soon need to activate?

    • +2

      By 31/03

  • +6

    Shame about no Wi-Fi Calling

    • +4

      Wait so you can't FaceTime/Google Duo on mobile data?

      • +8

        No, that's not wifi calling. You can do what you're talking about.

        • +6

          ok sheesh not sure why i copped the neg but thanks

    • Did help support state no WIFI calling or is it listed on their website? It is a deal breaker for me.

    • Where is that mentioned? Thanks in advance

  • +1

    My Boost plan doesn't expire until April so would want to activate this at the last possible moment.

    Can I buy it now and activate the sim/port my number at the end of the month? From the looks of the site I need to do it now…

    • +2

      Yeah that’s what I’ll be doing. My Aldi expires on 24/03

      • this is also my plan, cant see why not

  • Good deal, I also ordered $6 for 3 renewals with $4.2 CR cashback.

    • +1

      Can you "add that on" to the 6 months plan?

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    Shame already with amaysim

    • Not sure if the offer excludes existing customers. I did a dummy purchase and logged into my account, the $75 discount still showing. I might do this end of March.

  • 75/6 is $12.5pm. How did OP get $40 pm? Or is that the value of the plan AFTER the 6 month promo?

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      $40/6 months after the $35 cashback.

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      I used shopback which is a cashback service. You can also use cashrewards. if you go through these and complete order you receive a cashback of $35 after some time. Cheers

      • +11

        I used CashRewards because they actually pay the cashback unlike ShopBack.

        • +1

          Agree. Several times SB have declined to pay. Particularly with those 50% cash back from Pizza Hut deals. Paid once, didn't twice.

          CB have never not paid when they get the details. Even if they pay it from their own funds (well that's what they say anyway).

          • +2

            @tonydav: Currently using this plan, from Black Friday sale last Nov with $60 Cashback from ShopBack that was approved in Feb for cash out. Net cost of $15.

      • How can I use SHOPBACK with this offer

  • +1

    I just renewed my Boost last week 😢

  • Just order one, instant cash back from Cashrewards. I enter my current phone number for checkout, so will I lose my number soon or until I active the SIM card when it arrives ? Thanks

    • +6

      your number will transfer after your Sim arrives and you proceed through activation steps

      • That’s perfect, thanks !

  • Doesn't look like they'll send you a sim card. Will just do it and the end of the month. Cheers

    • +1

      Got an email said your sim is on its way

      • Thanks for the info. Just bought it

  • +1

    Awesome deal, can’t go wrong with $40 for 6 months. My Boost expires by the end of March. Thanks OP!

  • Is the cashback only applicable if you sign up with amaysim with a brand new email?

    Currently i'm with kogan but have used Amaysim in the past. When i try to use my email it says email already registered with Amaysim

    • +1

      i used my existing acount and got the cash back email as well.
      Just pick the existing user option during set up

    • just login to your existing Amaysim account and you won't see any active services with them(if you don't have any or moved out of Amaysim). Then order as a new service. You can choose to keep your current number or order a new one. hope this helps

  • Does amaysim have visual voicemail for iOS?

    I couldn't find any answer that wasn't 5 years old

    • With Amaysim you have to dial 321 to access your voicemail. It doesn't have wifi calling. Call waiting is turned off by default but you can turn it on in app but still you can't put one call on hold and pick another one, you'll have to end one call. No conference call, you can join conference call but can't start one from your end.

      • Is it your experience that Amaysim does not allow WIFI calling or is it mentioned on their website?

  • +5

    If you don't shop at Woolworths then this is probably the best value sim. Those who do shop at Woolworths they have a $150/year sim where you get 10% cashback once a month at Woolworths for 12 months (up to $50 cashback per month).


    • Yep that’s a better deal for me. The amaysim deal has more data for 6 months but I don’t need that much data.

      • +5

        Or just buy this and shop @ Aldi for the win.

        • +1

          I've shopped at both for years and have noticed in the last year that the price gap has shunk to basically no real difference, but the quality of Aldi products are substandard compared to my local Woolies. Woolies has also introduced a lot more home brand products which I find better than Aldi, for instance their peanut butter has slightly less sugar and more of a peanut taste than Aldi's brand.

          Also most the products I enjoyed shopping at Aldi for have disappeared and other products such as bread for instance at Aldi has become terrible. I also much prefer the meat/deli at Woolies compared to the extended shelf life meats that Aldi offer - Aldi chicken is dry. Woolworths introduced 4x salmon fillets for $13 to counter Aldi's 4 for 12.

          With the Woolies 10% off once a month it's going to be easy to save $6-8 a month, which makes the yearly sim card cost me $70.

          • +1

            @studentl0an: 100% agree. Aldi's tactics have been to reduce the quality or completely eliminate many products. I stopped shopping there because of that. I went there a couple of weeks ago for the first time in ages and I noticed the total bill was not far off woolies at all. Maybe their customer base still thinks it's better value but it's now more or less the same.

    • this is expired though right?

      • No I signed up to it a few days ago actually.

    • +2

      I have woolies car insurance for that. Was the cheapest insurance after Price Beat & $100 of points for me.

      Find I rarely use the 10% off offer unless making large purchases. Unfortunately the discount & Rewards card offers never seem to align. Tried adding to other cards without success. This week have 5400 bonus points on $100 shop on another Rewards card.

  • +1

    Just signed up now. Moved from Coles Mobile

  • Thanks, bought a sim, will be activating at the end of the month when my boost expires, cashrewards tracked the $35 straight away.

    • Hi mate, how did you buy the sim without activating? Did you select "pick a new number"? Then when you want to activate at the end of the month can you still transfer your number across? thanks

  • +1

    Who's used both Kogan and Amaysim in melb?

    Kogan still have their $14.90 deal for 3 months

    Hopefully a new decent deal will be available after that to churn to

  • I spoke to the rep and apparently even though you need to fill in your number transfer details when buying the sim, you don't have to activate it until the end of the promotion period (31 March). I'm a little sketchy about the whole thing despite this so might wait another couple of weeks in case the transfer does happen immediately, but if anyone else here want to take a punt on the rep's advice then go for it

    • +2

      I purchased the sim plan this afternoon and typing this on Boost network, so I think the rep is correct.

  • +3

    Cheers OP, I only had a few GB left on my Boost plan so was starting to get itchy for a new deal - this is great value thanks!

  • Thanks, Great timing :)

  • +7

    Even if your cashback tracked, don't count on them paying out the cashback since this is a "promo" that isn't explicitly included. People from the last amaysim deal did not get theirs honoured https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585609?page=2#comment

    • +1

      it's alright still a good deal at $12 a month and I need international calling as well. Better than $25 I'm paying with Aldi right now

    • was that shopback or cashrewards? cashrewards is normally pretty good

      • Last time was Shopback. Though I've had an equal amount of stinging rejections from both Shopback and Cashrewards so I have no loyalty to either.

    • Yeah, highly doubt the cashback will be paid out - but as mentioned, even at $12/month, still pretty strong value for 20GB of data.

    • +4

      Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

      Use only promo codes from ShopBack
      Exclusive Partner Promos (Groupon & Others), refer a friend offers, promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

      Code 96VWMF is not listed on either site!

      • But we didn’t manually enter the code, it was pre-filled

        • Doesn't matter. A promotion code is still used that is not on the cashback system!

          Cashback is determined by Amaysim. They know a discount (code) has already been applied by them.

        • +1

          There's a similar code listed on CR that has the same deal @ A$80 after cash back. I would be stunned if CR honoured this - they're as bad as ShopBack these days when it comes to accepting legitimate transactions, let alone ones that don't follow terms.

          • +2

            @Tyrx: It's up to Amaysim to send the payment through the system to CR / SB. If Amaysim doesn't pay up, we don't get paid. They set the rules.
            It's not up to the Cashrewards businesses to decide on payment.

            • +1

              @Rather be Travelling: I wouldn't blame CR for the vendor rejecting this cashback - it's clearly against the terms. I do however blame CR for rolling over and not taking action against vendors that reject claims which do meet conditions. I'm not talking about technical issues with tracking either.

              • @Tyrx: Both Cashrewards and Shopback have been abysmal at tracking Uniqlo cash backs.

            • +2
      • Code is now showing on cashrewards

        Edit: I see TA arrange it for us.

        • +1

          TA sorted out that uncertainty - which makes this a great offer!

  • Anyone knows how long does delivery take?

    • 5-10 business days. IME, it’s usually the full 10 business days.

    • I guess it depends on your location.

    • Ordered $6 Amaysim SIM on Fri 19/2.
      Received email - dispatched on 24/2.
      Account activated on that day.
      Received in Brisbane on Fri 26/2.

      BUT, was sent the wrong SIM!!
      Unless porting, SIM arrives preactivated.
      SIM could not be Activated!!

      Received the right SIM today - but had swapped the SIM in account on Saturday.
      Activation date in account reset.
      I couldn't wait for Amaysim to correct their stuff up!

  • +2

    Going to do this - currently on Boost, plan ends this month.

    Churn to this Amaysim deal - $75 - 125gb
    Buy Kogan's $14.90 3 month deal (do a search on OZB, you will find it) - 60gb

    After 6 months of Amysim, churn to Kogan (has an expiry of 2022)

    So for 9 months (which takes me to the end of the year, my mobile plan will be paid off for $84.90 - 185gb

    Im happy with that

    • Kogan 90d 60GB $14.90

      A good plan!
      Seems your total may be low.
      ($75+$14.90= $89.90)

      Currently am on 3mth Deal with 210GB for total of $10.
      Will consider adding the Kogan 3mth after that. Thanks.

      • +1

        hahaha sorry, my maths is bad….$75 + 14.90 is $89.90 NOT $84.90 like i said :)

      • Which 3mth deal with 210GB?

        • Ozsale mobile Deals - $10 per month for 3 months of 70GB. Join up with a referral from active Ozsale number to get $20 credit to pay for next 2 months.

          Customer Service is terrible, with conflicting advice. Still waiting for my $20 referral - yet to hassle through with chat. Withdrew my Referral as wouldn't recommend.

          This Deal is much less hassle @$40!

  • Can I port out of amaysim, and then port back in to get this deal? (I'm an existing customer)

  • Im already with Amaysim and would like to get this offer. When I go to buy this it wants me to transfer my number. I hesitate coz Im already with them :-)

    What will happen. Dont seem able to buy it without transfering my number.

  • +1

    Reading through the conversations above about getting cashback from either Cashrewards or Shopback, it sounds like they can decide to not honour the cashback based on the clause that @the INFIDEL has pointed out.

    However, OP's post mentioned that Shopback sent a tracked cashback email following the purchase.

    Can I ask if anyone tried cashback via Cashrewards and received an email successfully?

    • I got the tracking email from Cashrewards 3 minutes after making the purchase. Guess we'll wait and see if they honour it..

    • +1

      Tracking estimate does not check you met the conditions of the offer. Amaysim determines that & may say no.

      Update: TA for has organised for $35 cashback with CR!

  • Should be fine for cash reward, default to $75 no codes needed.

    • The offer clearly lists the promo discount code when you buy.

  • Can I buy now and activate later, before 31 March 2021?

    • Comments on this thread suggest so

  • At checkout it asks for number and current provider. I assume this isn’t used to commence a transfer? That would only happen once the new Amaysim is activated?? Thanks

    • +1

      Correct. The transfer won't start until you receive the SIM and go to activate it.

      • Thanks mate.

      • Can confirm that - have done that many times with Amaysim.

  • Both CR & SB can get away without paying the cashback. I had a bitter experience with CR. I got the cashback tracking from CR for the Amaysim deal a long time back but then Amaysim rejected it for no reason and I never got the cashback from CR. The same thing happened to my mate as well. So it’s a bit of a risk but YMMV.

    • +2

      If your amaysim purchase tracked (no claim) and was later declined, one of the following happened… (1) you cancelled the service, (2) you didn't activate the service within 30 days of buying, (3) you made more than one amaysim cashback purchase in the month, or (4) you used an unlisted code.

      • Neither of the 4 points you listed above was related in my case. I don’t know what happened but never received the cash back.

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