Woolworths Mobile Prepaid $150 - 12 Months Expiry, 84GB Data, Unl. National Talk&Text, 10% off Groceries Monthly @ Woolworths


With the popular Boost $150 deal gone, this is the best alternative.
It is also using Telstra 3/4G, allows data rollover, but no international calls are included.
The icing on the cake with this deal is:

10% off your grocery shop every month. Save up to $50 a month. That could help cover the cost of your phone bill.
Link your Everyday Rewards card to your Woolworths Mobile account and enjoy offers such as 10% off your grocery shop once a month.

If you spend $500 on grocery each month at Woolworths, the savings pay for this plan within 3 months!

More icing on the cake, use the referral code below to get your $10 Wish card! P.S. I am not a referrer (no Woolworths mobile plan over 90 days yet) so won't receive any referrer bonus, just pointing out extra saving for the referee as well as benefiting a random OB referrer.

But wait, there's more, get a further $20 from ShopBack on this plan (thanks csider for pointing out)!


Referral Links

Referral: random (61)

The referrer and referee will both receive a $10 WISH eGift Card. Referral codes can only be shared after 90 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 5 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • you need a big freeze and a big freezer to shop $500 worth of groceries at once though :). anyway, still good to save just $10 per month with $100 spend which is equivalent to $120 off that $150 mobile bill aka paying $30 per year, bargain still :)

    • I am sure you can store the other half in the shed (hand sanitiser, toilet and tissues paper) ;-)

    • Gift cards counted?

    • I have a $30p/m plan with Woolworths mobile and we save $25-35 per month with it. We just do it as a big stock up shop each month where we buy more non-perishables than we normally would but the same amount of fresh stuff (tinned stuff, crackers, sauces. jars etc), and then the normal weekly shop fills the fridge.

  • Edit: NVM. Already mentioned in OP.

  • also, can we purchase this with discounted eGift?

  • this is the best alternative.

    When the $40 Belong starter pack is on special for $20 use option 2 stay for 12 months & it will cost $110 with 91GB. Even if you bought it for $40 it would still be cheaper than this.

    Plus you don't have to pay a large amount upfront. $20 pays for the first 3 months with 82GB, then $10 with 1GB every month you choose to stay after that.

    Some members are sim slutting between this & Kogan $14.90 plan every 90 days for the win ($69.80 with 284GB for 12 months).

  • 10% off ONE grocery shop per month.
    Not a bad offer

    • And the new rules mean you can choose when to apply it. I've got it at the moment. You scan your EDR card and a pop-up appears asking would you like to use your 10% off for this month? You can accept or decline and use it later.

      • Does this mean the 10% is applied on one transaction for the month or can it be reused for multiple times for a month.

        • +2 votes

          Once per month, it will ask if you want to apply it or not for that transaction.

        • It's usually for a certain week within the calendar month, and you need to scan your rewards card to use it before it expires at the end of the week (i.e. Sunday)

          • @profeeder55: That’s not true. You can use it anytime within the month. The dates might be set to start on a Monday and end on a Sunday but it’s not restricted to a certain week.

            The 10% discount is available for the entire month.

            see FAQ

            • @sween64: I stand corrected. Wasn't aware of this FAQ from my current contract with them, as the e-mails that I receive each month previously always mentioned that you can choose to redeem it anytime in that week.

  • Can the 10% off deal be activated for people who signed up to the 6-month plans earlier in the year (About 6-7months ago)?

    • anyone been on Woolies Mobile for more than 60 days is eligible to get 10% off shop per month, so, if you have been with them for 6-7months and still with them, I don't see why not :)

      • Awesome, wasn't sure if it was some incentive for newer people or if the plan physically changed 6 months ago to incorporate that

        • you must have linked your Woolies Rewards (now is Everyday Rewards) the last 60 days at least for this eligibility though

      • I saw this eligibility criteria, but I started getting the offer the next calendar month after I signed up, so was only about 2 weeks in.

  • Another option is the Catch deal - Optus… but cheaper….

  • Can the 10% off stack with staff discount, and can it be used ong Opal?

    • +1 vote

      does not stack. (source: Whirlpool company rep's thread)

      however staff get 50% off starter sim packs in store. and you can pay the additional $100 (minus 10% staff discount) online during registration to choose the 365 day plan.

      so starter pack for $25 + $90 online for a total of $115 for 84GB data with 365 day expiry.

      However I only just now saw the refer a friend option which would have been another $10 voucher. I've been signed up 31 days and just done it now, so I doubt if they'll let me squeeze in.

      note : technically associated as I'm ALH employee.

      • Cool, so are you saying I can walk in and buy a $30 started pack, then choose the $150 365 plan online and just pay the $120 gap ? I asked this in store just now and they said the 365 day deal was online only and I'd have to order that sim, which doesn't seem like it'd be strictly necessary

        • +1 vote

          yep. the woolworths mobile rep on whirlpool suggested it. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9q6k4xm3?p=253#r67127... its possible store staff members don't know about it. it is not obvious that it is possible on the website until you are part way through the registration process.

          normal advice is to get a $10 sim in store and upgrade during the registration process. saves waiting for posted sim to arrive. as i was able to get 50% discount in store, made sense for me to get the most expensive starter pack.

  • The problem is that if you spend a lot with the 10% off groceries you are going to get very few offers of Everyday Rewards bonus points. Get round this by creating extra accounts.

    • yep, you can creat a new Rewards account to get 1,500 point, and use code PICKUP10 or similar to get $10 off $100 online shop for first order if they let you stack on top of this 10% discount.

    • +3 votes

      i don't think i've ever got an offer of bonus points or whatever. I didn't even own rewards card until it was linked to my staff discounts. what am i doing wrong? not a big enough order?(am single) too regular a customer? (most of my shopping is actually at IGA but stop on way home to get gas and milk at a woolies servo) staff member? (work for their pubs)

  • The pity (and deal breaker) is no WiFi calling (which Boost has). But otherwise a good deal because the 10% up to $50 is a pretty decent saving.

  • any prepaid sim with 5G?

  • But isn't Woolies Mobile not full Telstra and instead Telstra Wholesale network?
    Afaik only Boost and Telstra have proper access to Telstra's full network.

    • Boost does not do 5G………….yet

      • 5G is overated IMHO. 4G LTE can download up to 300Mbps. I can get 290Mbps on Boost (Telstra 4G). To put in perspective, Netflix 4k requires only 25Mbps.

      • Don't really see a point for 5G yet personally. Only a few 5G phones on the market and only a few very localised places where you can pick up 5G. 4G is fast enough for when I'm out and my wifi is fast enough for when I'm home.

        However if you never leave the city it might be worth it.

    • Correct. Woolworths is Telstra Wholesale.

  • better wait for Boost's official launch of $200, I don't believe it would come with just 30GB, what if it is supposed to be 30GB/month ;)?

    • -5 votes

      what if it is supposed to be 30GB/month ;)?

      what if it is supposed to be $200/month ;)?


      i hope telstra says "sike"….

  • I thought it may change a bit but didn't realise the boost $150 dissapeared. I topped up wife and myself in June so got lucky.
    This does look like next best option for those to want Telstra coverage

  • Looks like the 6gb extra small for only $10 is a better offer or is there something I'm missing in the fine print?

    • it used to be $20 per month. but at $10 it is pretty decent. 30 day expiry? not sure how much rollover data you can store.

      it is currently close to parity as you pay $120 per year for 72GB +5GB in August. the rollover data would be critical.

      note: technically associated as I work for ALH

    • I assume that will go back to $20 for Month 2?

  • How can I get 10% off at Tasmania, since woolies here doesn't have Everyday Rewards.

  • That's a perfect deal for toilet paper hoarders

  • Anyone know if this stacks another 10% off if you already get 10% for being a Woolworths insurance customer?

    • no, at least 6 months ago, I didnt get it. better get another card, and reg your mobile and insurance account under different rewards number.

  • I just port in last week, and saw this post about referring a friend get the $20 egift card.
    I just entered the referral code in the app, but it said I will get a $10 egift card after staying active for 3 months.
    Oh well, better than nothing.

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