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10% off Physical Catch Gift Cards (Delivered or In-Store) @ Australia Post


Greetings everyone, Australia Post have 10% off Catch Gift Cards starting from next week which is awesome :)

Spotted in the most recent catalogue. Available online or in-store. Limit of 10 cards per customer.

This stacks perfectly with some of the recent deals which have come about, such as:

10x flybuys Points or 20x (Club Catch Members) on Your First Linked Purchase @ Catch
[UNiDAYS] Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 120GB/60GB - Unlimited Talk and Text $108/ $89.10 Delivered @ Catch

For example, a Club Catch member could get a Nintendo Switch for $404.10 (+ Bonus 8980 Flybuys Points / $44.90 Flybuys Dollars) which seems like a great deal.

Note: Can only use up to 5 Gift Cards per transaction on Catch. So if you want a larger item, make sure to get $100 cards.

Can also stack with 1.5% Cashback via Cashrewards at Australia Post.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • oooh i might get a set of new joycons .

    Since theyre on special for $108, ill get a $100 gift card. it works out to be $98 which isnt too bad.


  • In case they have those zippay promotions again or something similar, can we split pay we gift cards for the benefits of both?

    • Nop, you cant use zippay if you have any giftcards redeemed. Store credits are okay though if you have converted them via the return process.

  • Gift cards cannot be purchased from the Australia Post online shop using the mobile payment platform AliPay.

    Another loophole closed : (

  • Got this offer last year with a further 5% cashback from Shopback. Hopefully we get a stack with them again.

  • Can you use vouchers with cash back.

    Eg use a catch gift card plus receive 5% cash back with ShopBack. It’s hard to work out the terms (it says cash back will be calculated after gift card use… does that mean… the bit that you pay without gift card?).

    • Happy to be corrected, but I don't think you will get any cashback. I recall I tried this as well and it tracked as $0.00 cashback.

  • Are they only available in $50 and $100 denominations?

  • Anyone found it worthwhile being a Club Catch member? How does it compare to say Prime membership if you got that with Amazon? I haven't found Catch to be particularly inexpensive. I have only used it if I wanted/needed something and couldn't get it elsewhere. Would be interested in others opinions :) cheers

    • It’s free shipping only if you have $45 minimum with Club Catch. Not remotely comparable to Amazon.

    • I find it totally not worth it. $45 min spend for free shipping, what the heck! Prime is worth it for Prime Video alone…

      • Thanks for the opinions. I thought as much re Catch.The postage for different items turns me off the site as well as many of their prices. I find amazon prime excellent.

        • +1 vote

          If you order dry supermarket items in bulk it may be worth it. One order will pay for the membership.

          $45 min spend before coupons (eg. Unidays) applied for free delivery.

          For orders under $45 you can pick up at Target for 1/2 price delivery.

  • I've not tried for the Catch cards through AusPost. Should I be worried about them selling out before the end of the promotional period?

  • Anyone know if you can click & collect with Auspost? Not wanting to wait for delivery but cannot go in tomorrow and want to make sure I don't miss out. Cheers.

  • Seems like you can buy more than 10?!

  • Hi Dowey, is there any 20% off Catch Cards?

  • What do people buy from Catch??? Yes I am living under a rock!!!

    • One of my friend is a big fan of it and buys daily necessities and many other things.

    • They operate largely as a marketplace for third party sellers these days, a lot like Amazon and eBay.

      Often there is something I'm looking for and the best deal has been through catch with cashbacks, gift card deals, and e-mail offers (I keep getting sent codes for $15 off $60 spend). Previously it was a Weber Go-Anywhere BBQ, now it's a projector screen.

  • I'm a bit concerned how long it would take for the giftcards to be delivered.

  • How long does the cards typically take to activate? I just purchased some from Auspost, and on the receipt it says to allow 24 hours for activation. I have just given the card a go and it currently throws up the 'card not valid' error.

  • I'll have $120 in Catch Gift cards soon (from taking out insurance through them). No idea what to spend them on. Except for a few Nivea cosmetics nothing appears to be outstanding value by OzBargain standards.

    Kind of starting to regret the whole thing now. Same insurance cover would have cost $21 less with Budget Direct. To get $120 instead of $80 I had to join Club Catch, likely going to cost $13 for 2 paid months. The small print isn't completely clear on this, but likely I'll have to spend the $120 in one hit within 90 days.

    At a loss what to buy. What items that every household needs are cheap there? Other than a decade's worth of dishwasher tabs…

  • Ordered my joycons for $98 delivered w00t

  • is this card no to be send out by email ? Or wait for few days for th physical cards ?

  • Lady at Post Office today told me that the $100 cards are only sold at 'business Aust Post Outlets' or online.

    • I order some Monday still not here so bought some in store today they said 24 hrs before activation .
      Rushed to Coles only $50's in stock will probably buy some online 8% off Instantly from : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/discounted_egift_cards

      • received mine yesterday (very slow delivery). do you know how to activate them? there were no instructions that came with the cards from asupost. Never again i'll buy gift card from ausPost

        • Called auspost on 1800 331 794 and the person on the other end activated cards for me (they should have arrived activated as per the person, so something got missed in the process). Anyways, it was all sorted out for me. Leaving the comments here if it helps anyone else in similar situation.

  • Is this still valid?