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Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Screwdriver Set US$17.59 (~A$22.66) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Been on the hunt for one of these sets for a while. Saw the other deal for the electric powered set but noticed that doesn't have magnetised screw tips, so decided to check the price on the non electric set and found it to be on sale for a decent price.

Code provided by store rep below. Although if it invalidates cashback, I think it's still cheaper to buy through Shopback without the code. It's good if you don't want to deal with Shopback though.

Mod Note: Based on Banggood Page/Images, it doesn't appear to be Wiha Branding.

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    This looks like the same set that was on Kogan, they were never delivered after 6 months.

    • +2

      Same, I inquired about it twice and got two $10 'sorry' vouchers which I never use.

    • Same, pretty annoyed with kogan.. should not have promised to ship within 1-2 months the first time it was delayed…

      Thanks op. Ordered one!

  • I got my set of these from Shopro but they never seem to have any deals like they used to. Anyway, the set is great.

  • +5

    does this have Band 28?

    • ahhh, the good old days of OB :)

    • It doesn't but you can use it as a replacement for finish tablets.

  • Damn, was about to buy it right when it expired.

  • Deal for only for 30 mins lol

    • It said 'flash sale, 5 days left' 🤷‍♂️ Guess it had a very small quantity limit :(

      • Nah its all good! Thanks

    • +3

      can use code:BGAXM6, the price is $17.59,AU Stock Delivered

      • You're saying I could've saved 40 US cents? 😢

        Edit: Actually, assuming the code invalidates cashback, I think it's still better value to just buy without the code through Shopback instead.

      • Is this a Wiha?

  • Got one. Thanks!

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    Can also be had for $22 on Ebay from AU seller, less for Plus members. Got a laptop SSD upgrade on to-do list so good excuse to buy :)

    • Care to share the link?

    • +1

      Last time I saw this on Ebay for that price, it was a knock off. It was very very similar. YMMV.

      • Having another peek at the Ebay item I grabbed, the only difference I can pick up is the lack of the Mi logo on lid. Fingers crossed they are actually 60hrc steel bits and not recycled tin cans :) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254857899937

  • Was there a small Xiaomi soldering iron anyone can point me to?

    • I'd rather get a pinecil, although it's currently oos.

    • try this 1 instead, awesome iron if your into electronics, not so much if ur just using it to solder wires etc. Will work fine for that but its overkill..

  • +1

    Love this kit. Always use it when I can.

  • ok 3rd set of these make great gifts for geeky friends

  • Thx OP always wanted a set

  • Good price. Bought this from JayCar before for ~28$
    Edit: Actually there are more bits on mine. Good quality if it's the same stuff

  • Thanks OP bought second set. Alos applied the VIP new user coupon

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Does this set have magnetized bits or just a magnetized case?

    I believe this set does NOT have Y0, which is required to open iPhone 7 and the newer models

    Is this set same as the Wiha set

  • Coupon expired :(

  • +1

    Looks like this isn't the Wiha. There's no Wiha branding on the case or the bits. https://www.catch.com.au/product/xiaomi-mi-wiha-precision-sc...

    • yeah I'm not sure if Banggood is selling a Xiaomi counterfeit

  • Received this today its labelled as Xiaomi but doesn't say its Wiha…..the spring doesn't work as well as I got the Wiha set before from Shoppro that worked extremely well.

    Not sure if this is a genuine product or not no QR code to check……

    • They might be real Xiaomi, but not Wiha branding anymore.

      I'm assuming Xiaomi didn't want to pay a licensing fee to Wiha, so re-released it without the Wiha branding (and possibly lower quality).

      • It's possible they just didn't pay license and not illegitimate to use the same method that made the wiha version

        This version is much less quality than wiha…

        It's not Wiha so Banggood selling cheap version