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LEGO City Town Centre 60292 $99 ($79 with $20 Little Birdie Voucher) Delivered @ Amazon AU


LEGO City town centre $79, great price for a fairly new set. Note: you have to use Little Birdie voucher https://www.littlebirdie.com.au/ (usual price $99, with voucher is $79)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You could make a post for every single discounted set (there are always many on Amazon), and then include Little Birdie. :/

    • Yea probably could, still thou better discount then any other retailer atm

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      Are you refering to this mob?

    • People were doing that with HN and Latitude Pay, even when the item wasn't on special.

  • The pizzeria reminds me of lego island game

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    The only decent new lego city set is the tractor. The rest are awful.

    • +1

      I think the new road plate sets are great (for kids), just overpriced.

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        Yes, they are a nice idea, just a shame they've put them into so many sets pushing up the price and making the quality of vehicles and buildings quite poor for the price tag.

    • Love the city townhouse. Very swooshable and a fun family build.

    • Agree. I buy Lego for my kid to actually play with, and for that purpose the pricing and quality of the new sets just absolutely sucks. Like you, I picked out the tractor as the only decent one (the campervan is ok but basically just a riff on the old ice cream truck).

      This set is pretty much 3 sets that could justifiably be $20 each crammed into one set, yet with a price that is double what it should be. The main building is just a facade, which is particularly sucky.

      For kids I find the creator 3-in-1 sets the best value by far. The cheaper space sets were good in the last set of releases, too.

  • Any other lego sets from Amazon that are discounted? Thanks

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      Central Perk and Ideas Fossils are good at $75 before coupon

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        This set really $160 normally?

        • +1

          That's a legit RRP, some City sets are super overpriced.

          • -1

            @Merlict: Yer and I’m into lego too but didn’t think it was this price

        • +2

          They've boosted the RRPs this season.
          And this is after they had a 19% increase in profits over the past financial year! Lego are COVID winners.

        • Fairly dumb not starting at a everyday type price for city being 40% below RRP = $96 . Decent deal area 10-20 % below that .

  • Time to list this one as EXPIRED - price is now $119. By the way does anyone think the car wash on it's own doesn't look quite right? Most car washes are attached to petrol stations, especially small ones like this one. The only ones that are stand alone are the bigger ones for multiple cars at once, or the self serve ones (which this isn't).

    • Thanks, yeah it does look quite strange, maybe they’re going to expand in the future…

      • Seems like I spoke too soon! It's back at $99 now.

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