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Ticket to Ride: Europe $49 + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


Hi All,

First time poster so please go easy! Was in Kmart yesterday and noticed they now stock Ticket to Ride Europe for $49. Seems a fairly good price and you know it won't be a fake copy unlike on eBay.


Also they have Ticket to Ride London for $25: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/ticket-to-ride-london-game/...

This wasn't an on special price either just their standard RRP.

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    They were also stocking Catan and pandemic for $49 last time I was in.

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    • I saw that, it sounded really cheap for Catan, I figured it was a basic one compared to the one that, say, Amazon stock. I say this having done little research, but I may grab the $49 one if it’s actually a good buy.

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        Yeah, it's the real version. The "Family Edition" is the one not to buy. Only two map layouts and the expansions don't work.
        Go for the Kmart one and get the expansions if you like it but want more depth and strategy

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      Highly recommend Catan. Have been playing it basically weekly at the moment. The Seafarers expansion is great and if you have friends the 5-6 player expansion is good, even just to have it to make a bigger map. It's also $49 at Target last I saw.

      • You can get Catan for VR now too. Hope they bring more boardgames to VR, though still good to have a physical version.

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          Just to play online solo? Got VR for Skyrim, got motion sickness and took it back haha.

  • Thanks OP - I understand there are lots of variations of this game. Is this a good ‘starter’ version ?

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      Yeah this is a good version 👍🏽

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      Not OP but yes this and TTR are both good starter versions
      This is slightly more complicated than the original TTR, but the cards are full sized and not miniature ones like TTR

      You need either TTR or this version to play many of the expansions which don’t come with trains or tickets

      This TTRE is ranked higher than TTR on BGG

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      I haven't owned any of them (this deal will soon fix that!) but experts in game shops I've spoken to have said this is the better version as it has extra features like tunnels. And as has been already mentioned you need this or the original to play the expansion packs.

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      This is the good one to start with. The original US map has an issue with a dominant strategy (hoard cards, rush for 6 car routes, end the game as quickly as possible). If one player knows it and the others don't, they're going to clean up.

    • The Europe stations normally help with the oh F moment

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      I like it better than the original version. The cards are bigger and the gameplay is better.

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      Ticket to Ride and TtR:Europe are the only bases for the full game (unless you want the newly available ritzy Europe Anniversary edition). There are many expansions for these, most with different maps. Europe had some additional optional rules that offer a little more than the original base game.

      New York and London are distinctly simpler and shorter games.

      It looks like these will be regular lines. You may want to wait for a % off sale later in the year, like the July toy sale.

      • TTR Germany can be used as base game too.

      • Or they could soon increase their price to $69 to match big W if they find it flying off their shelves

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      This is my favourite version. Get this one.

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    Several years ago my wife and I were travelling on a train from Austria to Italy. We are the only two people in the business class carriage. A man, who looked like a ticket inspector, opened the door to our booth and said something in German to me. I replied with "Pardon?", he looked at us both, closed the sliding door and continued on to the next carriage. Til this day I have no idea what he said. No one checked any of our tickets in our whole trip in Europe.

    TL:DR Sometimes you don't need a Ticket to Ride Europe

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      You were lucky, it was probably "Papieren? Fahrkarte?" and on hearing you reply in English he rushed off to get the armed guards! They were probably otherwise engaged chasing somebody on the roof of the train.

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    Ticket to Ride is a classic, but these days I find the longer version outstays its welcome a bit. Just a bit too long for how simple it is, compared to the likes of Splendor and so on.

    for half the price, TTR London (shorter version of the classic formula) is a much better buy IMO.

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      Funny how the only time a train experience in London could be considered "faster" is through a game.

    • To each their own. My family still loves the original. They are sufficiently different you could have both.

  • Haven't played this version but seems like good fun and a good buy!

  • I wish they'd make the Alexa skill available in Australia.

    • Its easy just change your Amazon country in the content and devices section and add a random us address

      • I swear I've tried all that? But it just wouldn't change.

  • Anyone got feedback if this particular set plays well with just 2 players ?

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      Yes it does. All of the TtR series adapts for different player counts by rules limiting the paths where there are 2 tracks.

      • Sweet, thanks! Might pick one up shortly if I can find one !

  • A great game, and a good price

  • Get card sleeves if you want to keep these in good condition.

  • Just grabbed one and played with my 10-year old over 2 hours. She loved it. Reckon adding another player would mix things up a bit. WIll share this "bargain" with friends.

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