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[PC, GOG] Cyberpunk 2077 $32.29 @ CDKeys


Continues to get cheaper, down from $36.39 a month ago.

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  • +10

    It'll eventually be worth this price I'm sure, kinda.

    • +29

      Ehhh, I know it's a popular circlejerk to hate on it, but I got it on launch and played through on PS5. Finished all endings and got 60-70 hours of enjoyment out of it.

      Yes it's riddled with bugs and had occasional crashes every few hours but was playable fine and enjoyed it. No regrets.

      • Same here, but on the Original Xbox One console.

        Did have a chuckle when I fell through the floor and into the depths of uncoded hell without trying however.

      • +1

        Honestly I had a pretty flawless experience on my PC and thought it was brilliant. GOG shows 200+ hours but only half or so were gameplay. Still pretty good value though.

      • +3

        I bought it on launch, I have an extremely high end PC and it was technically very underwhelming and riddled with bugs. I didn't refund but I've never went back, still waiting for this patch that is supposed to bring it to launch state.

      • +2

        I found the storyline uninteresting and needlessly convoluted.

      • it is a good game.
        But I felt it is more like a item collecting game… like it.
        so different people like the same game for different reason.

      • +2

        imo, the game itself is just boring so i don't really care about the bugs, i started playing fallout NV and am getting much more enjoyment out of a 11 year game in the same genre. But if you like cyberpunk good for you, i wish i could

    • +2

      I’m guessing not. CDPR’s reputation isn’t worth enough to go through the expense of fixing this. They were giving their developers bird tokens and shit, all kinda of craziness leaked in the aftermath of this game. If it were that easy to fix thoroughly broken studios or to make good studios from scratch, then there wouldn’t be so many bad games in the world.

      • +2

        wtf are

        bird tokens

        • +1

          You get hungry after your 26-hour shift, you can have a sparrow. But seriously….

          "The bonus system CD Projekt used for developers working on Cyberpunk 2077 was complicated. Every month, team leaders at the company gave out tokens styled after the studio’s logo, a red bird, to members of their team they felt deserved honors, according to three current and former employees. Those tokens would have then been transferred into bonuses if the game met certain criteria, like critical acclaim and a timely release." - Bloomberg

      • +1

        I'm wondering why giving employees a physical item is seem as a bad thing? All of it would have been captured in their employee pay systems and the cdpr tokens would just be something physical as a form of recognition?

        I don't want to get into cdpr good vs bad or any of the other nonsense they got up to during development, or if the game is good etc. I'm honestly just wondering why a physical item is seen as bad vs sending an email saying thanks for delivering x, if the game meets these KPI targets you'll get extra money?

        • +2

          It’s like some communist show of power, and the added pressure management blindly puts on who they think are key employees. Being handed a red bird token is like being not tapped on the shoulder after being lined up during one of Saddam Hussein’s purges. The implication. Also hoe hands off and impersonal it is. Maybe they know something about actually getting the job done that involves workers who are not them, where is the opportunity to explain this when being a token is being slipped into your palm? And why would you want to explain it when you could be handed even more tokens for making everyone think you are key to getting it shipped on time in any state. Cut yourself out of profit sharing, may as well ask employees to cut off their own thumbs.

          • @AustriaBargain: Agreed, reminds me of the mind-f**kery Amazon AWS employ at their corporate offices to make everyone feel disposable and constantly on-edge.

          • @AustriaBargain: Ok, so you've never worked in a corporate environment. enough said.

  • -2

    they need to remove the 3 then it'll be worth the price

  • +2

    Have the game breaking bugs been fixed yet?

    • +27

      it will be. In 2077

      • +1

        thanks just set myself a reminder for 2077

        • +5

          Funnily enough, you'll be able to play Skyrim on a fidget spinner by then too.

    • don't think there were that many on PC? Even at launch

      • +2

        Have you played the game? I re-downloaded it yesterday, and it still contains so many bugs. The review below sums the issues up in detail.

        The graphics look pretty and I achieve 60+ FPS @ 4k on my system, but boy gameplay sucks.

        They'd have to scrap the entire project and start from scratch to fix it..

        • Hahahahahaha geezus………and here I was only hearing about the bugs and glitches, but there was more to it than just them….. i like that 44:05 shadow mark…hahahaha Also that next video explains that they really only had two years development time……not 8 as is implied by the first trailer teaser…..

    • +3

      Yeah. No game breaking bugs now (that I've seen), but still a fair few bugs. Still worth a play through though. Played through it twice and thinking of doing a 3rd run. It's an amazing game, unfortunately they rushed it out well before it was ready.

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm if CD Key/ GOG requires a separate launcher like Steam to play?

    PC version of this game is nearly bug free now. I would love to play it on Epic or Steam but price is still quite high.

    • +1

      Likewise, I'm waiting for Steam

    • +2

      GOG has it's own launcher. Just install it any play?

    • It does have a seperate launcher but I managed to link it to steam and it launches from there. You do have to have GOG launcher running in the background, I allow it to start when I boot my pc.

  • +2

    They should've just made Witcher 4.

    • +2

      and made it buggy to kill that franchise with a movie coming? stay away!

    • It's too bad the team that made the Witcher games have largely moved on from CDPR.

  • +3

    Reminds me of a "straight to video" movie flop. Then the video store slaps on a $2 per week sticker.

    • +1

      but only on one row of copies out of 10 rows so you get suckered.

    • What are these Video Stores you talk of?

  • +7

    Love this game. Really enjoying it. Def worth it at this price.

  • -1

    Why is this unfinished, half-baked game not free yet?

    • +3

      Imagine applying this logic to other IRL aspects of life.

      • +2

        Would you buy a chair that has broken legs?

        • They would probably support it with stacks of Cyberpunk disc cases they picked up for $9 at EB games bargain bin.

        • It’s more like the fabric pattern doesn’t line up. The game isn’t broken, which no legs would infer. You can play the game and finish it.

          • @onlinepred: fabric pattern doesn't line up is more about the complains people have about the game's poor AI or the pedestrians simple walking back and forth algorithm… annoying, but still useable/playable…

            a lot of people are still experiencing "broken chair leg" experience with this game (game-breaking)… i'm however quite lucky that after a certain patch the problems are gone…

            it's like if you sit on a chair with broken leg, you're anxious when you're gonna fall… when i had the game-breaking bugs, i spammed the quicksave key a lot cause i was anxious when the next crash was going to happen…

            • @4iedemon: Physically hurt yourself falling off a chair, or just restart a game. Basically the same thing….

              • @onlinepred: you're missing the point… the idea is about a defect that severely affect the usage of the product itself instead of cosmetic or "annoying to look at"

                • @4iedemon: Sorry mate, I understand what you are trying to say, I just think it’s stupid to try and use analogies unless someone asked for it. A chair isn’t like a game. The game came out and was playable, there was some bugs that stopped players progression, they were patched, there were more bugs etc etc. it’s software, it’s entertainment, the value lies on if it entertains you for a period of time.

                  • @onlinepred: thats true, but then this would be similar to the recalled IKEA furnitures as well, not many people considered them to be dangerous if they secure the MALM dressers to the wall or don't have any toddlers in the house… the defect may not severely affect everyone at the same level but enough for it to be recalled…

                    with this game, the defects were indeed sort of recalled (open for refunds) for consoles and PC as well due to the majority of users having actual game breaking bugs that made it unplayable… when i had the issue, it would crash every 5 minutes… like i said, i no longer have the issue as its fixed for me now after the recent patches but there are other people still experiencing this issue at 'game-breaking' level… the 'game-breaking' issues people experienced with Cyberpunk weren't as simple as unable to proceed with quests etc (can be fixed by reloading previous saves)… it was actual crashes to the point i crashed during cutscenes repeatedly and couldn't progress to the next save point…

                    • @4iedemon: So your Ikea furniture crashed? I really hope you were just pulling my strings trying to use another stupid analogy haha

                      • @onlinepred: analogy was about the recall/refunds… i know you understood, you're just pulling my 'broken chair' legs!

                        • @4iedemon: I understood your analogy, but the point was that you didn't need one, as I understood the situation in the first place ;-)

                          Giving an analogy either means you are not capable of explaining the actual thing, or you believe the person is incapable of understanding the actual thing.

                          • @onlinepred: well, the analogy wasnt targeted to you initally anyway…

  • +1

    Waiting for a decent steam price

    • +1

      yeah like $17

  • +21

    It'll be in the $9 bargain bin at EB games by Christmas :)

  • +14

    1.5 TB in hotfixes and patches so far

    • +1

      Sounds more like a hot mess

  • Probably worth it at this price. Getting closer to 'acceptable'.

  • +10

    I hope this one mistake doesn’t destroy CDPR, they done good things for gaming.

  • +1

    Just waiting for a steam key at a good price, not a huge fan of GOG Galaxy yet.

    • Hey what is the difference or what do people mean with the different launchers? And is on better or something ?

      • +1

        just different companies with different launchers, that's all. I think it just comes down to a preference thing, I'm still quite used to steam and would prefer to have the game on that instead of GOG, but I'll wait for the price to drop for now.

      • +4

        GOG is better as it's DRM-free but most people with large collections prefer them all on Steam.

      • +2

        I don't care, free games come out on other platforms to promote them away from steam. I've got Steam, Epic, Origin, uPlay, Riot and GOG. I like GOG because it scrapes the other platforms and displays all your games.

  • +9

    It's not about the price, it's about when they fix all the bugs. I wouldn't play now even if it's free because I have a backlog of interesting games.

    • +1

      I even could deal with all the bugs if the game actually came with the groundbreaking "next-generation" content it originally advertised. Bugs can be fixed, but the world is lifeless with or without bugs.

  • -1

    damn taht PC price is good. im waiting for basically ANY discount on xbox

  • Only just got the Remastered Halo and Bioshock packs, this doesnt stack up well against those old but polished games

  • +3

    Ashamed to admit that I totally fell for the hype and broke the golden rule by preordering the game (through GoG). Such a huge disappointment and no amount of patches are going to fix the fact that many of the features that were ‘previewed’ through the Night City Wire vids by CDPR aren’t in the game. It’ll never be what was promised. This price is still too high IMO for a pretty lifeless open world RPG that is still riddled with bugs.

    • -1

      That’s what they said about many games. And then they became great.

      • +1

        By the same token, lots of studios and publishers promise to fix games and then they don’t. Anthem springs to mind. CDPR can’t be taken at their word so we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime I wouldn’t recommend buying the game in its current state and when we know it’ll be discounted further.

        • +1

          Really subjective. I played over 100 hours and enjoyed it thoroughly. Will it be a better game in time, probably yes, but many can still have loads of fun with it right now.

          • @onlinepred: True, It’s all subjective. If people bought it now expecting it to be an 6/10 game they might be pleasantly surprised and think it’s ok or even good value for the price.

            Sad that such a promising game is reduced to that though.

            • +1

              @TassieTom: Yep agreed. I was expecting huge things, got disappointed, then forgot about that and just played it and loads of fun. At no point am I agreeing with how they did this btw, just saying how it is.

  • +1

    Bought this at Russian price at launch. Played 15mins and now sitting there. Cbf for it really. All the hype for nothing.

    • I preordered for my series x. Refunded it after a few days of playing it non stop, started playing at midnight with preload. I wouldn’t usually buy shit, forgettable games and I don’t usually bother refunding but I felt cheated. CDPR knew they were lying to us all when they shipped this game.

  • +6

    Have no idea how this game got 9/10. Finished it, felt more like a 6.5/10. So many bugs and does nothing new. Can't believe how amazing GTA 4 and 5 were at the time in comparison.

    I had such high hopes for this game. $10 range.

      • +2

        Cdkeys is not much better. They are probably just reselling Russian keys. Hardly an official retailer.

        It's also unfair that cdproject released a half baked game while cashing in on all the presale money.

        Essentially everyone who bought the game should have been paid to be their alpha testers.

        • +1

          Totally agree.
          Should never have been released in the state it got released in.
          Game should have been PC only from the beginning.
          And even the PC version was shocking on release.
          The release state was alpha by definition - incomplete missing many features.
          Still calling it a $10 game right now is a bit harsh, but it's not a $60 or $80 game by any means.
          I got in on the Russian VPN price and still felt ripped off at release, but now I'd call it a sub $60 game AT MOST!
          The $90 retail price is a joke.

  • +5

    Bought 'Detroit: Become Human' for PC yesterday instead for $2 less on CDKEYS. You know, a game where your choices actually matter instead of pretending to matter.

    • +3

      Loved that game.

    • shows as $24 on cdkeys, how did you get it for <$2?

  • FWIW I enjoyed my playthrough on PC and I only paid like $35 with the VPN trick on GOG. There were some bugs but nothing game breaking. I haven't been back to play it again but might do it eventually after the new content + patches come.


  • +4

    I wouldn't even pay $15 for an open world game touted as "the next generation of gaming", that doesn't even have the bare minimum of water physics. It's not even about the bugs. Bugs can be fixed. Even GTA San Andreas had interactive water physics and it was released in 2004.

    • +3

      Also it was meant to come with three complete and distinct paths/experiences, but it didn’t even ship with one.

  • +1

    has this game still got bugs?

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