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40% off Sumatra Coffee Beans & Free Express Post - 1kg Bag $30.57 & 500g Bag $18.93 @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Deal Starts Tuesday 16th at 5am & Ends Midnight Tuesday 16th or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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  • Love these beans!

  • +1

    Fastest delivery on any order Iโ€™ve ever made. And that from QLD to VIC, on two occasions.

    Well done.

    But please also consider having cheaper/other regular price offerings in future where express delivery is not required.

    Might get another pack of this coffee even though I just got delivered a pack of the other blends.

    • Hey there ahara. Thanks so much for your feedback.

      • How in the heck do you get it out so fast!? I ordered yesterday arvo and it's already at my place in SA…

    • I agree, I don't need the express delivery either. Love airjo coffee!

      • I think it definitely allows them to stand out of the other offerings, but maybe some customers prefer the lower ongoing/consistent pricing (but with slower delivery)

        Maybe there is a minor price difference with shipping regular with AusPost. Hope Iโ€™m wrong though.

        The $50+ Regular price is a bit too steep for my liking, sorry.

        Just some friendly feedback OP. Quality is great IMHO.

        • You guys๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just buy the 500g offerings! In this case Sumatra for $18.93 with free express delivery. If you don't want free express delivery you can just donate the cost to Airjo, plus maybe need to wait a week or even two for delivery from Qld to Vic hahaha.

        • Express delivery when purchased in bulk is hardly more expensive than regular post - I don't think you're gonna see a big price drop.

  • This or Lime Blue for milk based coffees? So many coffee deals it's hard to gauge which to try.

    • Agreed. But best offer is the one that is attainable. Not sure why rep wanted everyone to wait till tomorrow?? Might try Lime coffee instead this time because offer is still current.

  • +1

    Rep, will you offer decaf coffee at any stage? I am a recent convert to your coffee and now I find myself craving one after dinner.

    Have tried Sumatra and looking forward to the Twilight which is coming… My partner and I adore the Sumatra, am seriously tossing up whether to jump on this deal too!

    • Hey kati thanks so much for your feedback. No decaf on the short term horizon but I know what you mean about those post dinner cravings…….


  • Great coffee. Best you can buy

    • Thanks so much as01 - super pleased you are happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Highly recommend these guys, both their coffee and service has been great!

  • -1

    Hey coffee lovers, what is the grind size you noramlly use for coffee machines (l have Sunbeam Barista Max) for a normal cappuccino, I got the enterprise blend last time, love the smell, but I still struggle to get the optimum grind setting.

    • Hey there mahasona. Thanks for trying the Enterprise. Reach out to me on DM or email [email protected] and we can work through setup specifically for you if that helps.


      • Hi Dan
        Sure will do

    • +1

      @mahsona: I've been using Enterprise almost a year now. and I love it.
      I am using Breville 877 and I set grind size to 5 and I am happy with it.
      Basically, if you change bean you have to play with it for awhile to find the best taste for you.
      Enjoy mate.

    • Regarding this bean (Sumatra), I have a breville barista express pro and use grind size 6 for 12 seconds for mine.

  • Bought one during last deal and will buy another one tomorrow.

  • Is this good for cold brew?

    • Wanting to know this as well :)

      • Good quality beans, good however you make it. With cold brew though, you might as well use cheaper or stale beans since a lot of the flavours are muted when cold-extracted and -served.

  • Fantastic coffee, ordered 3 times, last time fresh roasted coffee delivery in Melbourne was next day! Fantastic service! Thanks guys.

  • Honestly best coffee ive ever had. Will get some tomorrow

    • Great stuff dylanando - thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Are these coffee good with milk?

    • Great with milk mt2000 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

      • Thank you.

        I now officially an Airjo club for the first time. Hope I do enjoyed them.

        I can't wait :)

        • Great to hear mt2000 - thanks so much - keen to hear your feedback.


  • +1

    Just purchased a bag to go with my Barista Express coffee machine, anyone know the grind settings to go with these beans? Cheers!

    • I have the pro but assume it's pretty much the same. I use grind size 6 for 12 seconds :)

      • +1

        Thanks mate! I'll have a crack. :)

  • Bought, thanks. How long should I wait after the roast date before consuming?

    • usually a week isn't it?

    • Thanks for your order rusteh - as veron says here, the beans will start to reach super tastiness after a few days and then continue to evolve from there. You can certainly rip straight into them no problem but if you can wait a few more days things just get better.

      Hope that helps and thanks again.

  • Great coffee and service ๐Ÿ‘

    • Thank you ohyesss…. we sincerely appreciate the feedback.

  • How does it compare with Enterprise?

    • Hey Veron, slightly lighter roast than the Enterprise and a little fruitier shot. Delicious as an espresso shot and strong enough to cut through milk if that's your thing.

      There may be some coffee lovers here that have had both and can contribute their own comparison?

      Hope that helps.


      • Hey Dan,

        Thanks for that. I can give it a try.

        Btw, do you have any coffee which is stronger and more flavor than Enterprise. Enterprise is the best for me but I've just need another option to try ;-)

        Cheers mate.

        • I am normally an Enterprise in the morning but lately have been on the Saratoga and really enjoying it. Highly recommend and as always keen to hear what you think.

  • Bought these for first time in last deal.

    Quite enjoying these! Probably in top 3 of the beans I've used at home over the years.

  • Thanks OP, looking forward to trying. Been buying from MyCuppa for ages, but looking to try something new.

    • Hey there moreBeanz - thanks so much - we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to wow you :)
      Super keen to hear how they go for you.


  • These are good beans. They taste complex and rich as espresso and are also good in a cappuccino.

    Thanks Airjo for doing another 40% off deal just as mine are running out from the last one!

    • Thanks so much Meconium………appreciate the review and feedback.

  • Had Enterprise last two times, and loved it, now due to try something else. Looking forward to it.

    • +1

      Hey gbak - so good to hear you have enjoyed the Enterprise and very keen to hear how these compare for you.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


  • All these positive comments made me do it !
    Popped for a kg bag to compliment my new Jura machine.
    Thanks OP. Love a good coffee. ๐Ÿ‘

    • +1

      We are certainly feeling the love in OzBargain land ModdySwag that's for sure.
      Thanks for giving us a shot - super keen to hear what you think.


  • Love these beans, Express delivery, Reasonable price and Jibba Jelly beans after an expresso… love it!

    • Now there's some super satisfaction!! - Really appreciate you sharing DS and pleased you are enjoying the coffee.

      Genuine thanks….


  • After reading all the positive reviews, I have decided to give it a go. Placed my order. Looking forward to trying it !

    • +1

      Great to hear Sergito89. Please let us know how it goes for you. Sincerely appreciate the chance.


      • Wow! Ordered yesterdary and I ve got the beans this morning!! Now.. that s called efficiency. Thanks!

        I have got a rookie question though. When is it best to use the beans? Do I just wait a week after the roasting date or straight away? Thanks !

        • +1

          Great to see that Sergitio89 - and great question - you can do both - it will be delicious now and then further develop flavour over the next week.
          Use the opportunity to taste the difference for yourself and you can develop your own informed opinion :)

          Keen to hear about it when you're done.

          Hope that helps.


  • Ordered and delivered in just shy of 24 hrs.
    Amazing !
    Can't wait to start experimenting.
    Live the jibbas as well guys !

    • Fantastic Moddy Swag!!!! - can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey Dan, I missed out on this deal :( - any chance you can do another 500g bag at the sale price? Let me know cheers! :)

  • Any sale for 1kg beans?

  • My VIC delivery has been stuck at Brisbane airport since Wednesday, anyone else in the same boat?

    • Hey TZK - if you can let me know your order number I can chase up Auspost for you and see if I can help.


      • Sent you a message, thanks.

  • When is the next deal coming in ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Possibly next week ;)

      In the meantime you can score 20% off using code SAVE20

      Hope that helps -


      • +1

        Cheers mate. Happy to wait