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Earn 1 MasterChef Cookware 2021 Credit for Every $20 Spent (flybuys Membership Required) @ Coles


FREE MasterChef Cookware with Cookware Credits*, only at Coles!

For every $20 spent in one transaction after any applicable discounts and exclusions set out below (“Qualifying Spend”) at any Coles Supermarket store or on Coles Online between 00:01am AEDT 24th March 2021 to 11.59pm AEDT 13th July 2021 (“Campaign Period”), Coles will provide customers with one Credit, provided the customer is a Flybuys member and has scanned their Flybuys card in store or entered their Flybuys member number online at the time of purchase. Excludes Coles Express, eBay and UberEats purchases. The offer is available while stocks last only.

  • MasterChef Saucepan 18cm - 40 credits
  • MasterChef Steamer 24cm - 40 credits
  • MasterChef Frypan 20cm - 50 credits
  • MasterChef Frypan 26cm - 70 credits
  • MasterChef Casserole Pan 24cm with Lid - 80 credits
  • MasterChef Stirfry Pan 28cm with Lid - 90 credits
  • MasterChef Stockpot 24cm with Lid - 100 credits

Targeted early points collection:

As a special thank-you for participating in the MasterChef knife promotion, we’re giving you early access to earn credits for our new MasterChef Cookware collection from today!

The MasterChef Cookware range will launch in-store from Wed 24 Mar 2021. Any credits you earn from today until Wed 24 Mar 2021 will be allocated to your Flybuys account by Fri 2 April 2021. Credits will not appear on your receipt until Wed 24 Mar 2021.

You’ll earn one MasterChef Cookware credit for every $20 you spend in one transaction at Coles or Coles Online when you scan your Flybuys card.

Then redeem your credits for MasterChef Cookware, with the option to collect even faster by using half credits and half pay!

There are 7 MasterChef cookware pieces to collect so you'll be frying, steaming and sautéing in no time!

Start collecting your MasterChef Cookware credits today, only at Coles.

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  • +5

    There are 7 to collect: https://i.imgur.com/Z84c83W.png

    Basically spend $1,400 at Coles to get 70 credits to get a 26cm Frypan for free. I'm sure it'll help someone. 🤷‍♂️

    • +2

      More people who dump $300+ at coles in a week than you'd imagine.

      We're a family of 4 and spend about $150 a week on average meat included. The only way i can get to that number and have a varied and nutritious diet is smaller shops at a variety of stores though

    • We hit 70 points on Saturday, got the 26cm. It worked for us.
      What helped accelerate point accrual were the "bonus points" for certain brands. We suspect the Red Label smallgoods points were applied to more products than intended, at our Coles anyway.

  • Mine starts today.

  • +11

    k unts.. what about the unused points from the last hunt???

    I wasted approx 40 points coz knives were unavailable.

    • +1

      Same deal, had points but unable to use as no stock.

      • Yea me too, not going to bother with this

    • +2

      ACCC should force them to redeem all the knife credits before they do another promotion.

      • what about converting these points to dollars?

  • +11

    Bloody pointless and literally last promotion ended up having to let the points lapse cause they ran out of stock well before the promotion end date.

    • +7

      At least with the woolies container offer, you had the choice at the end, to convert container points to rewards points.

      • +5

        Wish I knew that

        • I found Woolies restocked containers few times too!
          Dunno about the knives, the Coles online order min. is $50 which sucks to bump to $60 (3 credits)

          Whereas WW online min. $30 bump up to $40 (2 creds) a bit more comfortable for me. ($20 saved)

      • +2

        While this is true, they only gave 20 points per credit and only if you had more than 20.
        So instead of getting a glass container, you got $2 worth of points if you had 20 credits.

        Better than nothing, but I feel it could've been a bit more?

  • All the coles’ I went to had at least 1-2 left till the last days of the promos for the knives

  • +1

    The difference this time is that you can collect for free with credits or with half the credits and pay the balance in dollars, eg 18cm saucepan is free with 40 credits or 20 credits plus $20. Still too much effort/expensive.

    • Going to be rough for those that save 70 credits who found out they were all bought out.. not a good move

  • +2

    I don't think there will be much stock of these. They are much bigger than the knives and did have room to put them anywhere.

  • +9

    They should have allowed knife points to rollover into this as a gesture of goodwill.
    Instead they squeezed customers out the door

  • lol, everyone took months to get 30 credits ($900 shop - actually more than $900, because shops are rounded down to nearest $30). Now they increase the things to much higher credit values, so even more will collect without redeeming (or those that do redeem will do the 'half points, half money' - so its basically a sale)

  • +2

    Screw this, they always run out of stock until you get some decent points

    • +2

      This is a serial scam with Colesworth .. in the last FOUR giveaways (glasses, knives, containers, whatever) I have gone to cash in my points only to be told "no stock, none coming' and in each instance there was at least two weeks to run in the promotion window. This is blatant deception, they use the promotion to suck people in without any intention of providing sufficient stock to meet the demand and THEY DO IT REPEATEDLY!!

      • Yes I agree. Been trying for weeks to redeem a free cookware…no stock…even though promo goes to 13 July I think. What a scam. Coles should offer a credit for stamps unable to be used. Many people have spent extra to get stamps that are now seemingly worthless!!!!

        • Check / ask again. Most stores beeen restocked
          (In Victoria)

  • -1

    Is this a bargain?
    It seems to be that you have to spend an awful lot of money to be able to redeem anything.
    It is a bonus for those that spend large amounts anyway, but that is all.

  • Will be like the Knives. Spend ages accumulating credits that you can't spend. Fool me once, shame on you.

  • Are the non-stick?

    • they*

      • +1

        Did you really come back here a week later to check on your post and correct a typo?

        • I came back to review the new comments, and sure why not while I'm here.

  • Spent $128 today for weekly shop, should get 6 points off the bat

    • Only 7 more similar weekly shops for a saucepan then!

  • +1

    Massive hurdle to get one where you could buy it somewhere else cheaper in the case of half points + Pay. The handles on the pots look dodgy AF from the pictures.

    Also the stock issues are they going to continually restock due to shelf space for these things?

    At least its a decent points collection period this time.

  • we've only got 28 credits rn… kinda hard - a month left to go

    • Better than me; I’m only at 25

      • 3 cred difference (which is about one shop for me) - been doing $60 collections during this promo

  • Not interested in the low quality cookware - about as useful as the woolies glass containers. Shame you can’t redeem the points for flybuys

    • I do not know about these but the Masterchef knife I got is amazing, better than my Globals.

      • +1

        Totally agree, the knife I got feels sturdy and is super sharp

        • We got a couple of the small paring knives and quite like them too. Had a quick look at the cookware in store and there’s simply no appeal. Might redeem at the end of the promotion and take it straight to an op shop

          • @roonie: I wanted to get the small knives but they were gone so I got a large 20 cm blade one. Good idea about Op shop.

  • picked up an order yesterday, amazingly the masterchef shelves were bare!?

    i asked if coles were going to get more in, they said "check tomorrow, might be restocking tonight"

  • Which item/s are everyone aiming for to use?

    (I was aiming for the 40cred saucepan as the baseline; don't need the steamer)

  • Is there any store with the $40/$50 stock in NSW still?

    • Cant even find any stock in few of my local store

  • +3

    They do it on purpose every time
    1 week out from the end of the promotion and they've already cleared the display shelves and replaced them with other stuff
    It's pretty poor form in my opinion
    Perhaps they should offer something else for all the points people will have stored up and won't be able to use - again

  • I finally managed to collect enough credit a couple of weeks ago. But none of the store I visit stock them anymore.

    Seriously, it was hard for me to save up these much credit and I made a conscious effort to collect

    All the staff told me is: IT'S OUT OF STOCK. TOO BAD
    Only few of them actually apologise but there is nothing they can do. The campaign is good at sucking people in but so poorly ran

  • Finally got few points to redeem and shocked to see that all the stores I have visited recently doesn't have any single piece left ( some even 2 weeks before the promotion going to end). Even staff members told me that no new stock will be coming and surprisingly they are still having these banners of MasterChef cookware in each aisle of store promoting the offer. Such a pathetic promotion from Coles.

  • +1

    My coles just received a whole pallet of all the items. I been to a few coles looking to get one of the higher points items to be avail. With all stores saying the same thing. I asked the girl unloading the items she said it came In Unexpectedly today and most stores would’ve received the same.


    • i went to a local on 9th and only casseroles

  • +2

    For those in Victoria, there's plenty more in tooronga village. Just picked up 2 of the 20cm ones.

    • wish i saw this earlier

    • +1

      Tooronga Village is next door to Coles HQ and always seems to be well stocked. It was the same with the knives.

      • Oh?? Might go on a roadtrip then..
        Or if anyone in the area can confirm?

        (I was going to hit 10-20 Coles LOL

        Still hurting from the knife I missed)

        • +2

          Might have had 50 items last night

          • @roonie: I’d much rather have $100 in store credits than a “$100” pot

  • Any stores in Adelaide South have stock?

    • +1

      Finally got the free one for 40 stamps…..don't think I will bother in future with Coles promos….

  • Dandenong Plaza last night only had about 6x 24cm Casserole pots (80cr) left.

    • +1

      Dandy Plaza tonight has about 12 of the 40CR saucepans and various ones in front of the home aisle!

      (I might've missed it the first time and misled by the limited pots at service desk.)

      (Glen Iris was friendly but said they only had strainer/steamer for 40Cr and no idea of restock)

      My general advice: Call ahead for stock/daily, and def ask in-store (as they might keep it elsewhere).

      • Call ahead/around*

        Should've aimed for the 50cr Frypan tbh :(/ 40 was all I could manage this time

  • Went to my local coles this afternoon. All sold out. Tough. Was the response I got. South Brisbane.

  • They've seemed to have extended it for another 7 days form app?

    • Sadly no stock where I am so extending it does nothing.

      • Did you try calling your nearest 5-10 Coles on GoogleMaps?

        I did that during my 'relaxing time' in the car.
        For me it was probably the 5th one I rang (some don't pick up) said they had it then I headed out there - still better than physically going to see each store.

        If I knew there was an extra week then would've saved up another 10credits instead. Mum said she didn't want this pot LOL frypan>saucepan

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