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Channellock GL10 250mm Multigrip Pliers $16.13 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings (Selected Stores)


I bought these a bit over a year ago from Amazon paid like $16.80 but it was a USA import.
The Channellock GL10s are made in MERICA, they have good quality harden teeth offering good grip heaps better than the cheap multi-grips. They also stay in place better because of the groove system when choosing a size and don't slide around as much as cheap multi-grips making them easier to use one handed.

Same price at Amazon currently $16.13 which is lowest price ever according to Camel. At Bunnings the normal price is $37.95.

.Ergonomic offset jaws for greater leverage
.Special jaw design accommodates many different shapes for greater versatility
.Patented PermaLock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure
.Patented reinforcing edge minimises stress breakage

With a special ergonomic offset jaw design allowing greater leverage and accommodating a variety of shapes, these tongue & groove pliers offer versatile performance and durable construction.

I posted about these a while back.

Note: Bunnings web site will not display the product page if it is not in stock at your chosen store.

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    Is it capable for "channel unlock" ? 😀

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    The Channellock GL10s are made in MERICA

    where is this?

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      Small town in Afghanistan known for its high quality manufacturing of pliers.

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    I am slowly making myself a tool set buying US, Australian, German products only. This will go good

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      Suggest adding bacho shift and ratchet spanners to this list

      • Bahco not made in Sweden

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      Add Japanese and Swedish too and you won't go wrong

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        And Finnish.

    • -4

      Why no Chinese?

    • +1

      Try KNIPEX

    • +1

      Are australian tools considered quality? What australian tools are good?

      • One company that makes at least some of their tools in Melbourne is Warren & Brown, known best for their high quality deflecting beam torque wrenches.

        Trade Tools manufactures some of their compressors in Brisbane. I’m told they are awesome.

        Sutton Tools manufactures drill bits and other cutting tools in Australia and I can say from my own usage that they are excellent.

        I’m sure there are others too.

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        Dawn vices and clamps

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    $15.72 now on Amazon

    • Free delivery over $49.

      • Free with Prime.

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          No it's not. Free with prime international orders over $49.

  • Item does not seem to be anywhere on the Bunnings site. Got a link?

    • Click on 'Go to deal'

      • It might be location based. Link doesn't work for me either.

      • I did. Just takes me to a generic page

      • I get the same, FYI I'm in SA

        • Works for me in Victoria.

      • +1

        Didn't work for me in MERICA.

    • Google "Bunnings I/N: 6015601"

      • Still nothing

        • Where are you located?

  • Amazon just dropped their price to $15.72.
    Just realised its plus postage.

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    From one of Amazon reviews, it has a warning:
    This product can expose you to chemicals which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and can cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    The warning is also on the Walmart website.

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      Probably contains some lead, I think they're over the top in their use of warnings.

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        I have seen those warnings as well, problem being they put them on so many things its hard to tell what are real dangers and what are not

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      They have to put that on literally everything

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      That’s how you know it’s good.

    • Be glad you dont live in California to get the cancer.

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    This has squirrel grip like my ex wife.

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      …. and “Ergonomic offset jaws for greater leverage”?

      • muwahahaaa…and no teeth

  • "PermaLock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure"


  • The old "knuckle busters" lol

  • 15.72 at Amazon

  • Price should be nationwide, its this price on the App.
    Picked some up this morning in SA.

    • where ?

      • Most stores are showing in stock or low stock.

  • Item Number (IN): 6015601

    Just picked up two at North Lakes (QLD). Two left.

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    These may be a few dollars more than generic brands. But these will out last you, your family, also probably civilization

  • I remember seeing ‘how it’s made’ do a segment on Channel Lock, was pretty interesting. My grand-pappy has lots of these tools, and they’re old as him. Just can’t justify it. Damn it all.

  • Thanks OP , Got one from Bunnings Melton

  • It looks like it is a discontinued line as the stores that do have channel lock pliers have a 300/305 and 405mm so they just don't carry the 250mm any more..

    I'd have loved to get one (given the others are $50+!) but nothing shows up in any local Bunnings store so..

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    Few left at Bunnings Penrith 17/3/21. Still had full price sticker on shelf so was surprised got it for $16 at checkout.

  • 2 left at Rouse Hill in the tool shop on the shelf, there’s a lock so have to ask staff to unlock.