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Corsair SF450 Platinum Power Supply $145 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great little power supply for your mini itx builds. I believe $145 is an all time low for this. Enjoy!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Showing as $139 +Delivery (Free with Prime) at the Corsair Store @AmazonAU

    • I see 145

    • Must have sold out? Don't see any sellers with that name (Corsair Store).

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        You're right, the price has gone up to $145 again, was definitely showing as $139 before, which was correlated by the same price being shown on PCPartPicker, where I found it originally.

        It's not listed as being sold by the Corsair Store, but rather, there is a link directly under the price taking you to the 'Corsair Store' that shows everything Corsair listed by Amazon, where this was also listed.

        Regardless, no longer a valid price, as it's now gone up. :'(

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    I have this PSU running a Ryzen 5 2600 + RX 5700xt no worries. The 600w at $181 (choose on drop-down on Amazon page at main deal link) is also a great price if you need a little more headroom.

    • Really? I have a 5700xt and it says minimum requirements are 600w.

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        The recommended specs are always high to allow for overclocking / crappy power supplies

        (That said I always buy more PSU than I 'need..)

        • What Merlict said… I have a 10700K and 3080 Strix running on a SF750 which is below PSU recommended spec. Runs just fine. SF platinum series will also burst above their rated wattages no problem. Optimum tech has already covered all of this. :)

          • @wellzi: People run overclocked 9900k and rtx 3090 on 650w psu no problem. Just have to make sure you have a quality unit I guess. Manufacturer over spec because most people buy cheap crap ones.

            • @Agret: Yeah I was running on a 650 as well no problem but upgraded to 750 because an opportunity arose. Your point about 650 on 9900K/3090 just further proves it's about the manufacturer as you say. :)

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        Yeah, the PSU recommendations made by GPU manufactuers tend to have zero basis in reality. Read any GPU review that includes total system power consumption, and you'll see they're never anywhere close to the recommended wattage. For example, the Anandtech review of the 5700XT shows max system power draw of about 280W, and that's with an i9-9900K CPU. You have to get into something like a 3080 or 3090 before you start getting up to 500W with a single GPU setup.

        The only reason I went with an SF750 for my mITX build is because the fan doesn't even run until the load gets over something like 250W, which means it almost never runs with my midrange 3600/1070 setup.

        • Similar - I bought an SF750 to run in my eGPU box after the factory PSU died. All it’s powering is a single RX580. Benefit is the PSU fan never comes on so it runs almost silently (that and being hugely futureproofed).

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        I dunno. Works fine. I don't overclock which helps I guess.
        Also this PSU delivers it's full 450w on the 12v main rail + about an addition 116w combined on the minor rails. Some cheaper PSU's add these numbers to advertise their wattage.
        In fact it's still at over 90% efficiency at 500w.
        Same less savoury manufacturers WOULD advertise this as 600w…
        Hence why AMD has to recommend 600w+ to cover for potentially low grade PSUs

        It's a very good unit, although having said all that, I do wish I'd got the 600w model to have more upgradability, I just couldn't justify the much higher price at the time

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        I'm with sharky_k on this one. I have a Ryzen 5 3600 with a RX5700XT and the whole desk with monitor, speakers, amazon echo, qi charging pad and usb hub are all connected to a single smart outlet that records energy draw and it all pulls less than 400W total at load. I imagine the PC itself must only top out at about 280W.

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    FYI, SF 600 around $155

    • If so, that's a fantastic price. From where?

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      For the gold version, not the platinum.

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    I don't think it makes sense to buy this PSU these days (wattage too low for any potential upgrade).

    • This is for SFX cases, which people often use to build tiny media / work machines where you don't need tons of power

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      PC components are more power efficient than they've ever been. If you mean that it doesn't make sense to buy a relatively low-wattage PSU to use with a top-end GPU, then yes - but that's always been the case.

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    Aww man, I just bought a Cooler Master 550w. This would have been perfect for my Ryzen 3 3100 & 1660Ti.

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