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Win 1 of 50,000 Prizes @ Ben & Jerry's Easter Hunt 2021



Closing Date 06/04/2021


Description Scoops, tickets etc
No. of Prizes 50000
Total Prize Pool $222,682.80

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods App, Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Similar to the 2019 competition

To enter the Easter Hunt Competition, eligible individuals must, during the Promotional Period:

  • Have access to a smart phone with internet or mobile data access.
  • Go to www.benjerryhunt.com.
  • Register with a valid email address. This will involve a quick email confirmation to complete registration.
  • After you have registered you will receive instructions and you can begin collecting Vatoms (i.e. hidden digital objects) across various locations in Australia & New Zealand for your chance to win prizes. Please note, you will not be able to collect Vatoms if you haven’t registered.
  • You will be able to collect up to 4 Vatoms per day.
  • Once a Vatom is collected, it will be stored in your wallet.
  • Every collected Vatom corresponds to a prize which could be redeemed at any Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Australia.
    All Vatoms will expire at 11:59pm AEST on 4th May 2021, following which the Vatom will be removed from your wallet if left unredeemed.
    You will be able to redeem up to 2 Vatoms per day in participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops (where applicable).


(a) 7,890 x Single Scoop of Netflix & Chill’d in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40);
(b) 3,930 x Single Scoop of Chip Happens in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40);
(c) 3,930 x Single Scoop of Cherry Garcia in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40);
(d) 1,560 x Boots on the Moon Handpacked Pint (valued at AU$14.99);
(e) 30 x 1 Year Free Ice Cream (in the form of 52 pints of icecream – voucher provided every week for a year) (valued at AU$779.48);
(f) 60 x 1 Medium Cake of Chocolate Therapy (valued at AU$139.90);
(g) 30 x 1 Free Catering Event (for up to 30 people) (valued at AU$210)
(h) 40 x Merlin SEA Life Double Passes (valued at AU$48);
(i) 40 x HOYTS Cinema Double Passes (valued at AU$50).
(j) 13,000 x Free Upgrade to a dipped cone with any cup purchase (valued at AU$0.50);
(k) 5,000 x Free additional scoop of Berry Berry Sorbet ice cream with any ice cream purchase (valued at AU$2);
(l) 5,000 x Free brownie with any ice cream purchase (valued at AU$4); and
(m) 5,000 x Free cookie with any ice cream purchase (valued at AU$4).

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closed Comments

  • +3

    Already won 3 scoops in cones and a cone upgrade.

    • Thats probably nearly $20 value with their prices tbh

      • +1

        Yep. $6.40x3 + $0.50. $19.70

  • i don't see any eggs on the map, all gone already?

    • +1

      They drop at midday aest

      • cool thanks!

    • I found they drop randomly and resprawn often too.

  • I am guessing most of the more expensive prizes will be from opening easter eggs?

    • +1

      All prizes are from opening easter eggs

      • I have seen a cone and brownie you can pickup. Not all just easter eggs

        • Oh, fair enough.

        • +2

          Must be from people who opened the egg then drop them on the map

        • Ah yeah if it was Sat pm in the city that's me. I'm dropping things I find that require a purchase.

    • could the expensive prizes be in a more exotic location?

      anyone has experience from previous hunt?

      • +1

        I've asked, nah it's random. I've been to 3 stores.

  • Check for a text if you've played beofre, won a pint before I even started playing.

    • So did I, but it didn't show up :/

      • Maybe me using the link for 3 different accounts means you didn't get yours :(


        • +1

          Nope, just signed up with a new account instead and it turned up lol

  • +1

    The Ben & Jerry's Easter Hunt is on! We've dropped a FREE tub of ice cream to your virtual wallet. Head to https://go.benjerryhunt.com/uxuwt7 to redeem!

    Try this link when u register. Same link was sent to two mobile numbers.

  • +1

    So fun! The new gaia online hunt but with real prizes.

    Won lots of free scoops and 2 pints. Sad we can only redeem 2 prizes a day, cause it'll be awesome to swap 4 scoops for a pint, if we could.

  • +2

    its past 12pm and no eggs on the map ?

    • OK. So it wasn't just me that didn't see anything.

    • Today there were no eggs - I was near 3 locations throughout the course of the day and say nothing… on the weekend there was loads and they kept respawning.

  • +2

    1 x Single Scoop of Chip Happens in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40)
    2 x Single Scoop of Cherry Garcia in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40)

    Today 👍

    • +1

      I never really liked any B & J flavors (not a big fan of chocolate), but wait until you get Netflix n Chill, so morish and good mmmm. But with 3 scoops you must have made up for yesterday's drought haha, good work.

      Being able to claim 2x a day I wanna see you leave B & J with both hands holding a waffle.

      • Today was my first day of claiming actually, as I hadn't been in the area until today, we only have 1 B&J in SA. Claimed my free pint today, the person had no idea what to do but we worked it out. I'll have to try and detour in future to redeem some more, before the month is out.

  • I've changed the comp to instant win FYI, so you can mark yourself as winners now, rather than having to wait until the competition is over.

    After you click 'mark as entered' you'll see the 'mark as winner' option.

  • I had felt like there's way more prizes than 2 years ago; with 5x the number of vatoms and being able to pick up 4 per day instead of 3 I guess that is true.

    • I would say more prizes yes, but less freebies. Before you could see what you were picking up and only get the good ones.

      • I mean that there's more freebies, but that may be because you can't just cherry-pick the freebie vatoms.

        • Yeah, I was consistently getting the freebies last time. This one I go days without, because as you said can't cherry-pick.

  • so I've had a nice run so far.
    went by chatswood this afternoon to get my txt msg pint and also found a boots on the moon pint (claimed both), my partner got a free netflix and chill scoop.

    after trying both I have to say the chips ahoy is nice but a bit odd (the potato chips are just odd). but the over the moon, damn the ice cream is richer and nicer, the toffee and cookie dough is great but I would not be paying $15.

    • 50% normally via eatclub, at least my local anyway

  • Love salted caramel blondie and chunky munky! yum!

  • +2

    Winning every day! My apartment is within 40 metres of a shop - lucky me :D

    • Have you won any tix or non-ice cream prizes?

      • The best I got was a handpicked tub of ice-cream. No non-ice cream prizes.

  • +1

    Have I just been slow or the last 2x days there been no eggs?

    • None here today, I didn't check yesterday. I did see some Sunday.

    • I am in NSW and haven’t seen any eggs since last Sunday

    • Yes, no eggs since Sunday :(

  • New eggs just dropped :D

    • +1
      • Friend just tested it 5 minutes ago, there was only 1 egg in SA and it was a Chip Happens pint!

        Having said that, I just checked the map on my web browser and can't see any eggs now. So not sure if they are still available?

        • I got 4 chip happens pints. Yum

    • No eggs in WA :(

  • +5

    Despite me not being able to get any eggs the last 2-3 days, someone in Sydney is having fun at least.

    • LOL I just dropped what I didn't want at main station.

      Been checking afternoons/evenings latey and nothing…
      Gotta try around 12pm.

  • +1

    There's a BJ in Sydney harbour

  • +1

    Thank you for posting! Won 2 scoops in cones and got the first pint.
    Was in NSW but no Easter Eggs nearby after 12pm. There was one in Bondi area and a collection of cones that was just in the middle of water… that may require a ferry hmm…

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