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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $799.20, S20 FE 4G $679.20 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


The deal through the Education store is back on for $799.20 or the 4g version for $679.20

FYI the 5g version has a snapdragon processor while the 4g has a Exynos - might explain the price difference and swayed me to the 5g.

Also if you sign up to receive there email you get an extra $50 of $350 minimum spend bringing it down to $749.20 for 5g or $629.20 for 4g.

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  • Anyone know if the touchscreen issue is fixed. Web search has forums and news from mid January saying another update was released

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      I will suggest go for other or wait for S21 FE

      • Base S21 basically is the S21FE

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      It will never be fully fixed. Some users report it completely gone with the latest update. Others saying it's become worse.

      Also, if the last deal is anything to go by, getting the $50 voucher is an absolute mission.

    • whats the "touch screen issue"?

      i haven't had an update since 1 Jan security update. But no issues either. IMHO if you read endless forum posts you'll never buy anything.

      • This one is well documented. It's good that you aren't having issues but plenty of people are.

    • Touch screen issues on mine are fixed with the January update based on the touch screen test app.

  • No issues on mine. Take the chance

  • People that have issues naturally go online and comment/complain about it.

    Possibly over representing the number.

    You may have issues, you most likely won't.

    • Normally I'd agree with you, but this particular issue seems to be over represented.

      • That's because you've commented everywhere :)

        If it was really significant Samsung would have taken action.

        I'm aware of people who have the phone, no issues.

        • Lol. This forum represents about 0.0001% of S20FE users. I'm not referencing this forum in any way. I, too, am aware of people who have the phone without issues. I'm also aware of people who have the phone who want to throw it at a wall.

          If it was really significant Samsung would have taken action

          They did. They've pushed out a number updates to try and fix it. The fact is that it hasn't completely fixed the problem for everyone. Therefore it has to be a hardware issue.

          Be a fanboi if you want, but people deserve to know about this.

          • @wombat81: What do you do define significant?

            5%? 25%? 50%?

            If the number was high it wouldn't be sold anymore.

            Ok, you've had bad luck, many thousands of others likely haven't.

            You hear of users who come out complaining, and like you they are vocal. You don't hear of the 10s of thousands of users who are perfectly happy.

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              @scuderiarmani: Significant enough for me to not buy one. I agree with your point that most people only jump online to complain. But this issue seems more widespread than the usual grumbles to me, and I've researched it a lot and have kept up to date on Samsungs fixes since it was released. I know people in real life who have issues and there's been lots of talk on lots of forums. If Samsung had been able to fix it with the first software update, I would have been content, but it's taken quite a few updates and it's still not fully resolved.

              I have an S9 and really wanted to upgrade to a S20 FE, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger because the issue keeps popping up.

              So I just ordered a S21+ through the ed store via the current trade in deal. Works out roughly the same price as the FE. While I miss out on the Snapdragon processor, it should be at least as fast, battery should be slightly better. No SD card is a bit of a bummer, but I've found myself rarely using it in the last 2 years, so I don't think it'll be an issue.

              Honestly, I'm glad your S20 FE doesn't have issues, and you're right, there definitely are thousands of units out there without issues, but I'm just not prepared to hand over my hard earned for something that, in my opinion, has a higher than average chance of being faulty.

              Sorry I've posted about it a few times on this forum but, as I said, I think people deserve to know the existence of this issue. It's obviously up to them to do the research and decide if it's a concern.

              Enjoy your weekend.

  • I just bought Samsung S21 256Gb for $674.20 after trade in my old samsung S7 (lower if you have $50 discount voucher)

    • how much is the trade in value for s7 and how much was the bonus? I have s9+ will it be traded for more?

      • $25 (S7) + $300 (bonus trade in)

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          but i cant find $300 bonus deal? is it in store?

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          how to get $300 trade in bones.
          how how how?

          • @Avi001: The $300 trade in is for the online Samsung education store. The $500 trade in is for the normal Samsung online store. The price on the normal store is $1249 - $500 - phone trade in value. the price on the education store is $999 - $300 - phone trade in value. I recently purchased the s21 on the education store with the trade in, it ends up being $50 cheaper than the normal store.

    • Where's the deal?

    • Is that with samsung or other mobile store

    • Deleted comment

    • Just wanna say thanks for this comment. I was able to pull the trigger on a S21+ 256gb for $707.41 after the $50 discount and trading in my S9.

  • Good to idea to get old Samsung devices for 100$ or so and use for trade in

  • I did post the deal, but was deleted by mod due to inadequate info.

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