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Google Nest WiFi Mesh Router 3 Pack (Router + 2 Points) $448 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Not the cheapest offer but a great deal indeed.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    • Do you know for how long the offer? Wanna check with my partner before buying one :(

      • Coupon code 'PAPDY20' ends on the 21st March, so 3 days.

        • Thank you so much. Because of you, I saved another $100. You're the best :D

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    not a good day for HN

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    RichardL beat me to it.
    I have the two pack it's great.

  • This is a great product but it doesn't support WPS and I couldn't connect my wireless printer to it. Had to leave the 2.4ghz active on my actual modem.

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      You can usually set it up directly via USB then convert it to a Wireless connection by specifying the connection details in the software (whilst it's still connected via USB), then disconnect it and have it connect to any hotspot. (I assume it's a HP printer?)

      WPS (both as a concept and its current implementation) is ridden with serious security flaws, so I'm actually quite happy it has no support for it.

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    I have this in my apartment and my parents. It works, but not after a hell of a lot of hassle. Just a warning if you have devices that use Ethernet (eg a NAS, Phillips Hue or Flic hub etc) that only the Router has one, not the two points. Also, you may experience terrible connection dropouts if you have the wrong sort of modem (in my case, a FritzBox), so you may need to splash for a new modem if you have issues.

    They also are not miracle workers - if you have a lot if internal concrete walls, you may still struggle with coverage. Lots of trial and error with placement required.

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/TP-Link-TL-SG105-5-Port-Gigabit-De...

      I used the above to hardwire my ethernet devices. Make sure it's a unmanaged network switch.

      • Just curious, why unmanaged? I have a managed switch I haven't unboxed yet. Won't it work, or just unnecessary?

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          Will work with a managed switch. But it's a pain in the ass if you're not experienced and just want plug and play.
          Something to do with VLAN tagging, then changing a whole bunch of parameters on the Nest WIFI and switch.

          Just get a unmanaged switch and let the Nest Wifi take care of everything.

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    Not the cheapest offer but a great deal indeed.

    We're definitely from opposite tangents if you consider this a great deal when it's more than $100 cheaper on eBay.

    • I didn't know there was a cheaper offer on Ebay. Bought the router and 2 points from Ebay after the comments. Great community btw. Love you all :)

  • ~$105 cheaper at Bing Lee eBay!

  • Also - does anyone have a nest wifi wall mount holder and can recommend one? This way, I can just plug them on to the wall and don't have to worry about the cables dangling. Please and thank you.

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    Failed 1st post.

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      Lol true but appreciate the effort they put in to share something with the community in the hopes to help others.

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    These are OK. Handy for the fact that you get a Google assistant speaker at each point. But in my opinion not worth the money even at this price. Especially when you can get the Tenda MW6 3-pack for under $150, which has 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports on each node and supports Ethernet backhaul. Yes, I'm sure the Nest will outperform the Tenda hands down, but in real world use most people will have a bottleneck at the internet gateway that will negate any speed advantages the Nest might have.

  • Hi guys, i have this already but want to add extra WiFi points to my network. Is there a 3 pack just for WiFi points? I don't need the router.

    Does the router double up as a WiFi point as well?

  • Looks like $448 is the new standard price. Office works has them this pack for exact same price —> Google Nest WiFi 3 Pack - 1 Base and 2 Points and JB has them for $449 I know, no deal at $1 more.

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