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Prorack S-Wing Roof Racks Pair 1200mm S16 $208.99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Link is to the S16 size - check what size you need.


25% off with catalogue plus $30 off with code on purchases over $150.

I used PayPal and still got the $30 discount.

Want a set of roof racks that don't make your car sound like a musical instrument? With up to 70% less wind drag than other roof racks, the Prorack S-Wing presents an unrivalled balance of strength and driver comfort. With a huge 75kg maximum load rating, these roof racks also give you a great range of flexibility for your next adventure. Coupled with a Prorack through bar fitting kit, these racks also become quick and easy to both attach, and remove. Remember to always be aware of your vehicle's maximum roof load, as well as the maximum load of your roof racks, to ensure happy and safe travels. If you're not sure of the length of bar required for your application, or still need to find the right fitting kit? Try our easy to use roof rack finder!

S15 (1100mm) - https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/prorack-prorack-s-wing-r...

S17 (1350mm) - https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/prorack-prorack-s-wing-r...

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    Thanks OP. Been waiting so pulled the trigger.


    How hard is it to install on a 2018 Cerato, or costs involved to get it done?


      Can't speak specifically for your car, but I bought a set for a previous car (Commodore) and it was straightforward to put on and take off.
      Just follow instructions and it was fine.
      Mind you, these still whistle at speed.
      And if you don't have the foam insert it will whistle more (my set was missing some, these guys sent some down from Qld in a postpak)

      They are a softer aluminium/metal - I had Thule bike racks on them and they would leave some minor markings.


      Supercheap will fit for $80 - https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/services/in-store-services...

      No idea on difficulty level for your vehicle sorry. My i30 Wagon will be piece of pie - direct fit with K698 fitting kit to factory location


        That's a good option. Does this mean I don't have to buy the $72 fitting kit then?


          Yes you'll need to fitting kit. Should be easy to fit though.


          100% will require the fitting kit regardless whether SCA fit or you DIY. Fitting kit is a core requirement - you get the rails and legs but don't get the feet as they are vehicle specific


            @slimdealin: It's pretty straight forward with the instructions that come with the fitting kits.


              @impoze: Some vehicles have those annoying clamps that go between the body/door - not as easy depending on the brand of roof rack


    Paid $239 in December 2019 for this - no problems with it so far.
    Fitting kit (K328) for our car (VW Golf) was $69.99 (RRP)
    You can't hear them on our car.
    Install was easy. DIY


    Bought some a few years back for a Kia Carnival. Easy to fit, and quiet.