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[Afterpay] Samsung 980 PRO 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD $468 ($424 after $44 Cashback) @ BPC Technology eBay


I think it is by far the cheapest I've seen in Australian local market. (It does not mention import so I assume its an Australian local stock with warranty)

Samsung 980 PRO 2TB for $585 before discount. Apply the code you get 20% discount to $468.

You can then claim the cashback from Samsung here: https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-cashback-2021/

The ebay store is a participating store BUDGET PC

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    Local stock 👍

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    when your storage costs more than a base console

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      Video game consoles are sold at a loss nowadays, meaning both Sony and Microsoft are selling their latest gen stuff for cheaper than they are produced. We're all getting a bargain on the consoles but where they sting you is in the optional accessories and games.

      It's basically the cheap inkjet printer but expensive ink business model.

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        That's crazy to think that any company would sell their technology for a loss lol, I am quite certain the margins on all products are very healthy.

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          The costs of logistics, warranty service, R&D, marketing and even product packaging adds up. It's not just the costs of the hardware itself that you have to consider.


          South_Onion 6 months ago
          It is a pretty well known fact that companies lose money on consoles. It costs them more to manufacture a console than what they sell it for. They make their profits off of game sales.


          Over a long period of time, they'll eventually make profits when there's economies of scale but the recently released PS5 console and Xbox series are most likely loss leaders at the very beginning.


        yeah i know. but still crazy to think about

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    Bought 860 eco 4TB, after cashback only $313…


    Bought 1 of this, now have to wait for the next cashback to get a 2nd one for my Asus Hyper M.2 expansion card.


    Still haven't got the refund on my 970 RMA but this is too good to pass up.


    Have I missed something? This seems a massive price drop all of a sudden for the pro per TB or have prices all round dropped?


      The price hasn’t dropped, it’s just the limited time Afterpay discount.