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eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera (White) $169.99 Delivered (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


I believe this is the cheapest its ever been. Too bad the black one isn't the same price.

Would go well with the other AFTERPAY deal eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless w/ Homebase 2 (Battery-Powered).

Thanks Rkven with suggestion to use gift card as payment for additional 10% (has been reduced to 8%) off, making it $152.99 $156.39.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • great price. the motion detection is quite hit and miss on this though.

    • its pretty good - for a while I had this and an Arlo p2 covering same spot, generally they captured the same but this did miss one or 2 the Carlo got and vice versa.

      • I have this and the eufy 2c covering roughly the same area. sometimes this straight up doesn't record where as the 2c cam picks everything up.

  • +2

    Can we use giftcard as payment option? anyone tried out. if so, we could save another upto 10%

  • This looks good. Does anyone know if it’s compatible with Alexa?

    Also, chuckwow mentioned it would go well with the wireless doorbell with Homebase deal (which I got). It seems to me this uses local storage on the camera unit rather than connecting to Homebase. Any benefit I’m missing?

  • Anyone have experiencing running eufy devices with homeassistant?

    • +1

      Yes, works perfectly with Google Hub Max, and plays videos as well, although takes sometime to lead when you ask for it via voice commands.

  • Hey guys and girls this is totally worth it! I've had oner for 6 months (which compliments my wireless ones) and its really amazing. Crystal clear, great light and facial recognition etc. Just buy it!

    • how does this work with the home base?

      • Indeed it does

    • +1

      this does not have facial recognition, at least the one I have.

      • It zooms in on the face and takes a close up photo - I guess "facial rec. lite"

      • Same here. Only my eufy wireless cams can do facial recognition but not this floodlight model.

    • I've had it for 6 months too.. but it doesn't have facial recognition.

  • Love mine. Fast motion detection, extremely powerful light (can be dimmed/brightened) and excellent video quality

  • Anyone know if I can connect this to my existing 3 camera homebase?

    • Yes, you can connect it to your existing homebase.

    • this one doesn't need a homebase. has a 4gb internal memory.
      because of that, you can't do automation like with other cameras.

    • The floodlight camera does not connect to the Homebase, but you do manage it with the same app. I have two floodlights and a set of 2C cameras with Homebase, and the Eufy Security app treats them as three separate systems. There are some minor announces (like having to manage three separate geofencing triggers) but it's not too bad and I like the having a mix of on-device and Homebase storage.

  • +4

    I did a bit of research into wired security cameras and decided to go with this for a similar price.

    Pros are higher res camera (2k), zoom functionality but more importantly support for 24hr continuous recording and uploading to my synology NAS. Also has local mSD card storage which uploads to the app. Has a spotlight, brighter IR leds (30m night vision) and ethernet port to boot.

    Eufycam is better than Arlo in that it doesn't need a subscription, but Reolink is on another level of flexibility.

    • Is the device easy to install as a DIY?

      • +1

        Yes. Just need a power cable +/- a LAN cable if you want. With the dual antennas, I had no issues installing it outside my front door.
        Comes with anchors and screws.

        • Thanks. So in terms of saving recorded data, it saves to local micro sd card then uploads to app on your phone via wifi?? So you can theoretically save it for a long period of time? Also there's no subscription fee as such? Many thanks

          • +2

            @choister: Yes to both. There is also a free 1gb cloud storage with paid plans for more if you require, but I can't comment on how good that is as I've never used it.

            Mine is hooked up to my Synology NAS via wifi and I've set it to overwrite after 2 weeks of continious recordings. You can still get smart alerts of people/cars on your phone which makes it handy for posties etc. The alert system is pretty accurate (very few false positives) and fast (~5-6 second delay) and I often catch/convince the postie to leave signed for parcels with the intercom system :)

            A huge step up from the Arlo system I previously had which was more expensive to buy and required expensive subscription plans for even basic functions.

        • so you have to obviously get a sparky to run a powerpoint somewhere to plug in the ac adaptor, is that correct?

          • @ecanem: No the plug is indoors. I just run the cabling 2-3m to the ceiling eave outside where it's mounted.

    • This is the other model I was considering, which isn't available yet. It has less zoom and worse IR night vision but adds panning/tilting (auto/manual) and can record continuously onto the mSD cards without a NAS/NVR/FTTP.

    • +1

      I hate myself for buying a Arlo set but that was 18 months go.

      • Same here! Activity zones = paid, limited storage which is not expandable, IR night vision is rubbish, proprietary dinky microUSB cable, app with inconsistent geolocation, unable to set schedules, no NAS support, list goes on…

        At least I got mine during the Amazon price matching bungle, but still its not worth it. Reolink and Eufy are all over Arlo on flexibility.

    • Just wondering, with the 2-way audio, can you also see the person you're talking to? Ie, delivery person at the front door etc.

      • Yes. That's the whole point of it :)

    • +2

      I have a mix of Eufy and Reolink PoE cameras. For me the advantage of the Eufy floodlight camera is the sensor light - I wanted a sensor light and the camera was a nice bonus. If you don't need the light I agree there are probably better camera options.

      • +1

        The new model RLC-511WA has both! Don't need it to be super bright. Mainly as a deterrent.

  • Does this require an electrician to install?

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      Requires 240V power source, professional installation recommended

    • +1

      Yes most definitely

    • +2

      Spec says this is wired and will need to be installed by an electrician…..

    • +1

      yes I got mine done through air tasker licences electrician for $120.

      • Some guy on YouTube said you need a junction box for this cam. Forgive me for I don't know a lot about these things… but is that something you had to consider or did the sparky sort it out?

        • +1

          He did it all.

          • @Captain Hindsight: Thanks mate. How are you finding the cam so far? Storage size enough? Is the app pretty seamless?

            • @Telex: yeah I prefer it to Arlo which has got worse IMO and kept having annoying ads pop up. Mine does about 20 videos a day and I can see back to feb 7.

      • Based on YouTube videos it looks like the US model is designed to fit over a recessed round junction box. I suspect that might be a common way to install floodlights over there, but I've never seen it in Australia. My two Eufy floodlight cameras (from a previous Supercheap deal) have quite a deep base that seems to be equivalent to the recessed junction box I've seen in US videos. It does mean that they stick out a bit from the wall but no additional parts were required to replace existing floodlights on my house.

    • Yes. If you're replacing an existing floodlight it's trivially easy but it's mains powered so should be one by an electrician.

  • Got one. Thanks OP. I just paid for a $5 membership which got me $10 off - which is in reality another $5 lol

  • the shape of this thing bothers me

    • +1

      Robotic uterus! 🤖

  • how long it takes for the entertainment 10% off gift card to come through?

  • +1

    Isn't it cheaper to buy from Supercheap Auto eBay with the 20% off then pay with discounted giftcards? It'd then be $160-discount from giftcards.

    • you can get 10% super cheap gift card instead of 3%-5% ebay gift card

      • +2

        Ebay $199.99 - 20% & 5% Swap GC = $151.99
        SCA $199.99 - $30 & 8% GC = 156.39

        Go with Ebay.

        • Thanks gcar but where's the 20% from?

          edit: looks like 20% is from using afterpay only on ebay & don't think you can stack G/C on top of afterpay

          • +1

            @Telex: Select pay with afterpay > add afterpay 20% discount code > add swap ebay gift card for total amount.

            No need to pay with afterpay :)

            • @gcar304: Thanks gcar, you're a star! :))

        • Damn it, didn’t even think about that, I thought super cheap website is 20% off too , lol , good on you

        • +1

          Went with Ebay with Afterpay coupon but paid in full with 8x $20 swap GC via Shopback
          199 - 40 - (160-12.8 @8%) = 147.2

  • Where to get the 8% off gift card?

  • Looks like Cryptos Drone from Apex Legends

  • Do you actually need to pay with Afterpay in order to use this code? Or does the code just work with anything above $150 and takes $30 off?

    Not really that keen to sign up to another payment scheme…

    • No I used the code and paid with credit card..

      • Thanks!

  • It's got 4gb internal memory, but can you download the footage to mobile or PC?

    • I bought one last night and it was ready for Click and Collect this morning. I installed myself replacing an existing floodlight. I've set up a motion zone and when there is movement in the zone it stores the video locally as an event.

      I can open the app and then download the footage to my mobile. It even has an easy share functionality so I can quickly download the footage and share over messenger etc. The alarm is very loud and the 2-way speaker works well.

      The microphone is impressive I was a few meters away and it could pick up what I was saying well enough to play back over the recorded video.

      Very happy and thinking of getting another!

      • Awesome! Thanks mate

  • Great build quality. Easy to install replacing an existing light. One thing I wish I did take the time to look up was HomeKit. I have other eufy cams and have them setup in HomeKit..regretfully i got silly and assumed…. hooked the thing up. Opened my HomeKit app. Then realised it’s not compatible. Silly me : ) but overall it’s a solid unit. Motion detection works well. The sensor is spot on and lights up very well.

    • Can you elaborate? is it not compatible with the HomeKit app that other Eufy cams are on?

      • Correct. This does not work with HomeKit.
        It only works with the eufy app.

  • "Coupon code "AFTERPAY" cannot currently be added to your cart."
    Is it over ?

  • I'm getting the error "Coupon code "AFTERPAY" cannot currently be added to your cart."

    Can anyone still use the code?

  • I cannot.

  • Damn I paid 199 at bunnings 2 months ago

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