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[Afterpay] Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga G4 Win10P $1279, X1 Carbon Gen 7 $1199, HP Elitebook 830 G6 $918 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


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  • HP Elitebook 830 G6 $918
    (I5-8365U, VPRO, 8GB/256GB, W10P, 13.3'', 3 YEARS ON SITE SERVICE) 7NU89PA

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    I wouldn't recommend a laptop with 8GB of RAM even at half this price. Windows 10 and a couple of Chrome tabs will almost max this out.

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      Windows 10 and a couple of Chrome tabs will almost max this out.

      Man the 'Chrome uses so much ram' has gone way too far lol. I have 18 tabs open right now and it's using 4 gigabytes including Windows overhead

      • I'm guessing that's on a PC, not a touchscreen laptop which consumes more RAM at idle for the drivers.

        No programs opened, just restarted, and a clean install of Windows 10 to remove bloatware = 33% of 16GB used. Opening two firefox tabs takes that to 40%


        8GB on Windows will be practicaly unusable in a few years.

      • -2

        My 10 year old laptop works fine with 4GB RAM with many tabs open. I also use Adobe Acrobat everyday with no issue. "8GB RAM is a no go" sounds like an urban myth to me.

        • On Windows 10? If so, then check the task manager - RAM usage will be at 100%.

          • @DisabledUser130521: Yep. No issues with the programs I use

            • @xiangtan: I guess that depends on your usage and expectations. When I was writing a thesis in 2015, I'd max out 8GB just in browser tabs and was forced to upgrade. Non-responsive programs might be acceptable on a decade-old laptop, but not on a brand new $1300 device used for work or study. It doesn't mean it's an urban myth.

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    Op any more iPhone 12 Pro Max?

  • Can't apply the code even if I select Afterpay as payment method. It says "Please change your details or select a different payment method"

    • can you share the Item# or product URL, I can double check.

    • +1

      Different calibre

  • @rep
    your store is not accepting Afterpay

    • yes we do accept Afterpay see this

      • is it applicable to all item? was trying to buy a Xiaomi phone but could not select Afterpay. Please assist

        • unfortunately this afterpay offer does not apply to the phone categories

          • @AHUANG: haiyaaa,.. come on lahh,….. can laaahh =(
            OK understand

  • Most phones have this much RAM. Though depending on your needs you could run a script to strip Win10 of a lot of bloat and it may be good enough