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20% off Coffee Beans + Delivery @ Campos Coffee


To celebrate the launch of our new packaging & the upcoming long weekend, we’re offering 20% off coffee from our website. Enter LONGWEEKEND21 at checkout. But don’t miss out, offer ends at midnight on 21/3! *AEDT T&Cs Apply

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Campos Coffee

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    Man I do not like their new packaging at all. Loved the artwork on the old stuff.
    That said, their top end stuff is REALLY REALLY good. Pricey, but good lord, it's great stuff.
    I've tried so many roasters over the years, small to large, and Campos is the only one that keeps a high level of consistency


      Totally agree… something about it just looks off. I think its the huge text/label on each bag.


    Anyone using the breville pro with these beans ? What grind size do you recommend for these

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      You should invest in some coffee scales- ones that you can sit under you cups while extracting the shot so you can gauge the weight of the shot. I actually bought the one that Campos sells.
      You can also use it to weight your coffee.
      I use the double shot basket with 20-21 grams of coffee. Then I pull a shot of 40 odd grams. You set the grind size so that that pull takes 25-30 seconds.
      If it's below 25, tighten up the grind. If it's above 30, loosen it.
      Now as for the grind setting - one issue is that each machine is different. I found I had to re-adjust things once I gave it a good clean. But my current settings are a grind size of 8 and the timer set to 16.2 seconds. This gives me 20 odd grams of coffee that pulls in about 27 seconds.
      Have fun.




        Thank you sir, wish there was more of these recipes around for each roaster! Much appreciated, especially with a new bean.


        Yeah That was my problem my grind size was too low. Had troubles pulling a shot. I'll follow your tip about the scale Thank you !

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    I found some Campos at Woolworths a couple of months back with an apparent roast date in the future.

    Can't get much fresher than that!


    The maximum spend for this coupon is $200.00.

    Ouch…. Trying to order 6x1kg package (shared among family and friends)


    Even though my order qualifies for free shipping, it seems applying the coupon code adds a $5.50 shipping fee. A bit disappointing, was looking forward to checking out some of their beans.


      try again in incognito mode maybe.


    Got the bean delivered last Friday.

    Anyone find that this batch is more acidic than before?