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$20 Cashback on $20 Spend at eBay through ShopBack


Shopback has a deal. Seems to be targeted. Spend $20 on eBay through shopback and get $20 cashback!

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Referral: random (4031)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +19

    I got spend $30 for $3 😢

    • +2


    • I stupidly clicked the $3 deal last night. The late bird, who swaps grounds regularly, gets the biggest worms!

      • the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

        In my case I have neither worms nor cheese. Shopback hates me it seems :/

  • +3

    Anyway this might be for the first time user deal.

  • Targeted to you for first eBay purchase??

  • +1

    Suppose the item must be tracked, so can't be stacked with after pay deal.

  • Got that and did it last night, still waiting for it to track (also, not first time user)

    • Just did that too, not first time user. Hopefully can get tracked soon

    • Anyone has it tracked? Made a purchase yesterday and still not tracked for me as well

      • I bought it at 10pm Saturdayz but now 2pm Sunday still not tracked. A bit worry

    • Tracked and reward pending now

  • What's the good deal for $20 spend?

    • +1

      Maybe dan Murphy?

      • Do you know if Dan Murphy's ebay store allows click and collect? Thanks.

  • What to buy for $20?

  • Spend $30 get $3 :(

  • Will it work on e-gift cards?

  • Can it be stacked with the afterpay deal. Hasn't been tracked yet more than 12 hours.

    • +1

      No, I bought the Samsung buds using Afterpay code, it didn't track. After that I bought some tea without using a code and it has tracked and did the $20.
      Edit: it took about 16 hours for mine to track.

  • Does anyone know what does available while redemption last? I have already clicked on start button yesterday. So if I make a purchase today before 11:59pm am I going to be eligible? Thanks in advance.

  • Also can anyone confirm if using ebay gift cards ok?

    • You can pay with gift cards. I did and it tracked with the $20 bonus.

      • Thank you very much. I found that in the T&C. How long does it take for the transaction to track in your case? I just placed an order via Dan Murphy's ebay. Chose click and collect but kept on telling me something went wrong. Eventually went through but had to click through ebay a few times. Do you have any experience if it is ok that items already in the cart when click through again?

        • I haven't used it a lot so I'm not sure, mine took about 16 hours to track. It says it doesn't work if they were already in your cart when you clicked through from Shopback, but if you added them after clicking through from Shopback hopefully it will be okay. If not you might be able to contact support to see if they can sort it out.

          • @Miss B: Thanks again. I did put the items in the cart after clicking through and had shopback banner at the bottom of the screen. But since I selected click and collect ebay kept on giving me error message so I had to click through again and paid for them. Couldn't work out what exactly the problem was but eventually order did go through. I hope it will track. I took screenshots all the way with shopback banner showing every step of the way although I probably won't bother to contact support. They are hopeless.

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