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[Afterpay] Bugaboo Fox2 Mineral Complete Black/Washed Black $1339.20 Delivered (C&C) @ Baby Bunting eBay


Been looking around and deciding between this and uppababy vista. Decided at this price was a no brainer.
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  • I'm an expecting mum and haven't done too much research but what justifies the pram in $1k+ range? I notice around the shops the expensive brands are super popular! What am I missing out on

    • Its a nice pram, good quality, very easy to maneuver.

      We had the bugaboo cameleon for our 1st and bugaboo bee for our 2nd. Both were purchased 2nd hand.

      Overall we like the Bee more as you can fold it in one piece.

      I wouldn't pay for it full price because its too expensive. But you can get good condition 2nd hand for $500ish and i think its worth. Resell value is very good too.

    • bragging rights in mothers group.

      • This is pretty much it. You can find a stroller equally as good at half the price.

      • Yep, but tbh, most parents don't even care what pram you have.

        We went with the BOB revolution pro and it's built like a tank, way stronger than even the $2500 prams! Can be had for $550.

    • Personally it's up to the individual. We tried all ranges of prams and we're happy to pay the extra for ease of use, stability and lightweight.

      If you haven't I'd suggest you go pram shopping and speak to siblings/friends that have kids and prams. Ours suggested to pay the extra few hundred purely on ease of use. We understand others are happy to save a few hundred and cope with a bit of extra effort.

    • Tend to be some or all of the following.

      Easier to operate
      More rugged wheels (better for offroading)
      More accessories (have water bottle holders of the same brand, or skateboards, etc)
      Or just more features - eg, ability to convert from 1 baby to 2 babies in the same pram… or, ability to convert from 1 to 2 baby and still have some basket space at the base (uppababy vista 2 for example).
      More durable - ive got no doubt my pram will last 5 years.
      Looks nicer.
      Bragging rights.

      We did the research, and chose uppbaby vista2 based on some of the above, and got a "great" price … and we mainly chose it over the Fox because it retains storage space evenwith 2 kids.

      The redsbaby seems like the best mid-range option, by every report ive seen.

      • Sounds like we went through similar thought process! Got the Uppababy Vista too. I prefer the Bugaboo fold but for two kids the Vista a no brainer…and I swear by the big basket now :)

      • I would say,

        These prams don't have rugged wheels at all.
        A pram like the BOB revolution Pro has rugged wheels.

        More durable - doubt you can get anything close to a BOB revolution Pro! They're built like tanks.

    • Great for toxic rich mums, Bragging rights, putting other peasant moms down, etc

    • There's plenty of prams for under $500 from Valco, Steelcraft, redsbaby, Baby jogger, mountain buggy that are highly reviewed.

      People pay over $1k similar to how flagship mobiles used to be under $1k and now it's $2k++ and byo charger.

      Go check the baby shops and try the sub $500 and the $1k+ brands. See what you're comfortable with. Shops like baby kingdom staff will take the time to show you how to fold, unfold and tell you what they like about the prams. Common to pay 20% off sticker price as they often have sales.

    • Go for redsbaby

    • Weight….most of the cheaper ones are heavy. So if you’re petite and/or want to avoid back problems lifting in and out of the car, Bugaboo and Uppababy are some of the lightest.

      Ease of handling. Massive difference so if you do pram walks a lot you will feel it.

      Ease of folding and general quality.

      I tested prams over all price points and didn’t care one bit about brand but ended up with the Uppababy Vista. No regrets.

  • I got the redsbaby metro3 recently. Does the job

  • Ferrari.

    Lynx is $950 though

  • Cost more than my car. Rip

  • If my afterpay limit is only $1k, does ebay give the option to pay the remainder with credit card and still be able to apply the 20% discount?

  • Child 1 - expensive pram
    Child 2 - Phil n Teds double
    Child 3 - McLaren umbrella
    Child 4 - Target umbrella

  • Go with the Baybee Rover you will not be disappointed. It has everything you need and more. No need to spend more.



  • You can get used Bugaboo Cameleon pram's that have been well looked after for $400-500 on Marketplace or Scumtree

  • What an absolute crock of shit buying something like this. $1k+ for a pram. Absolute joke.

  • We bought the cheap maxi cosi pram that was advertised as deal on Amazon for $100 or so. It wasn’t quite safe for the newborn with small wheels and quite wobbly over rough surfaces. Switched to redsbaby and the money was worth buying for. Excellent value for money and on par with some of the flagship pricier prams.

  • Only negative is the small basket. Had no idea how useful a big basket would be until I got the Uppababy Vista over this. Also Vista has taller toddler seat if you have a tall kid. Bugaboo still a great pram though.

  • Buy from gumtree

  • Uppababy Vista is so much better than this. All my friends who bought Bugaboo's constantly comment to me that they wish they'd got a Vista due to the basket size and ability to convert to a double if required.