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[NSW,QLD,VIC,WA,SA] 1 Free Pint of "Chip Happens" @ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops


Free ice-cream!

Courtesy of the 2021 Easter Hunt, I received this sms and so did others, and the url wasn't unique.

Sign up with the linked url and you'll have a free pint to collect

Don't delay though, I'm sure they'll pick up on the error soon enough…

Just for jv, these are worth about $12 each at the supermarkets (on special at Coles right now for $8)

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      So you redeemed some free ice cream. Maybe deserves an upvote then?

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    Hmmm, can't say I'm too impressed with the flavours I've tried so far. The Netflix and Chill'd was especially gross!

    • I wonder is it all the stores have that flavor.

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      Today I tried the Netflix, and chilled, I can say that is a disaster.

  • Started getting cyptocurrency advertising spam after getting this deal so better use a disposable address.

    • I signed up with two different emails as the first didn’t work, neither have received spam.

  • Anyone know if this comes out of the stores own pockets or corporate?…feel bad if it's the stores

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      Head office. The owner of the store i went told me. He was very welcoming for us to claim the pint.

      • Perfect 😊 feel better now claiming one

    • I had a feeling it was the store, because I got a very stringy scoop of ice cream in a cone last weekend. The scoop fell all the way into the middle of the cone, with barely any poking out.

  • Is it just me or all the easter eggs give a free cone? I picked up 4 eggs in the city today and 4 free cones!

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      I got 2 free cones and 2 free scoops of the Netflix and chill flavoured + a pint of Chip happens.

  • Any vatoms spawned today? None in Perth CBD.

    • Where are these things visible. Only outside Ben and Jerrys stores?

      • Normally ~10 eggs get spawned outside each B&J store at 1200 local time.

        • I think this might have changed? I checked at 15:00 yesterday and there were no eggs visible in Vic, today at 09:00 there are plenty of them.

      • The eggs can usually be seen on the map clustered closely around the Ben and Jerry’s stores (you don’t have to be anywhere near the store for them to appear on the map).
        You won’t see any if none have spawned yet (too early or just a day without any) or they have all been collected for the day… there weren’t many around WA stores today so not sure if other states were the same?

  • Does anyone know if this has expired? Can we still redeem this?

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      You can redeem any collected vatoms up until early May, I think it was the 4th. It’s in the t&c