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    Microphones are not half price.

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    Marshall micro stack is pretty sweet.

    1 Watt of gut-wrenching power.

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      Does it go to 11?

      • Unfortunately not. Only extra special loud amps go to 11.

    • Rapid battery drainage.

    • Removed

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    Dear experts,

    Which guitar to start with for my 10 years old daughter?

    Thanks in advance :)

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      What's your budget? Generally, better to go for second hand Squier (Fender sub-brand) or Yamaha Pacifica.

      • Around $100

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          Look for 3/4 guitar for that age. Kids can struggle to reach the far end of the neck. Artist is good value if you are on a budget.
          They are also on eBay if you have the eBay discount vouchers, that will take a good chunk off.
          3/4 guitar https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Artist-CB3-3-4-Size-Classical-Ny...

          • @Buy2Much: Agree. Bought one for my son. Really good value.

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            @Buy2Much: I'm a grown man and I still play the 3/4 yamaha. It's just more comfortable…

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              @dexxl: FWIW, Ed Sheeran uses 3/4 guitars.

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                @Buy2Much: yeah but they sound crap (compared to a full size) and look daft. He 100% wouldnt be recording with the little martin, just uses it for plugged in live looping duties. By all reports the taylor GS mini is the superior "small" guitar, or just use a 000

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                  @WillisAU: I have a GS mini and it sounds way better than the cheaper full size acoustic guitar with better "playability" IMO. Sounds like a gem when plugged in as well with the stock electronics. In saying that full price for it is a bit hard to recommend but if you can find one second hand, I can strongly recommend it.

                  • @CheapCoffee: How is the action on yours? mine seems ridiculously high still after sanding down the saddle and changing the strings to light/med. agreed that it has the resonance of a larger guitar. my favourite travel sized guitar is a sigma which is a copy of the little martin without the stratabond neck

                  • @CheapCoffee: yeah I'd love a GS mini. My comment was about ed sheerans "little martin". I've tried one and its quite thin sounding, doesnt pull off the same magic as the gs mini

                    • @WillisAU: Have you tried the cort earth mini. When I was looking for travel guitars a decade ago that was what I went for. Sounds great for the size. I still play it today.
                      Admittedly I was on a poor student budget…

          • @Buy2Much: Got a solid top with pickup and cutout from artist and have no complaints. I know these are China made, and don't have Fender or Martin on the neck, but for what they are, theyre really good value

          • @Buy2Much: +1 for Artist they have some really good stuff for the price.

            • @DATApush3r: I have an artist LP60 and really happy with the quality of the instrument.

      • My first thought too. Bought my daughter a full-sized Squire HSS Strat in a package with a Fender Mustang II V2 40W modelling amp when she was 11 or 12 and we still have them (and use them regularly). All up, I think we paid around $250-300 but that was a few years ago.

        She's moved on to a Les Paul Gold Top now but still uses the Strat from time to time. The Mustang amp was probably a bit of overkill for someone just past beginner stage but, at the price, it wasn't worth going for anything less and it's still good enough for most situations in which she finds herself playing, including public performances.

        If you're thinking acoustic, then go for a Yamaha steel string. A 3/4 might be a good idea, not just because of the size but because the strings are more loose and don't require as much finger strength to fret.

        Edit: On second thoughts, for a first acoustic a3/4 nylon string (classical) might be a better choise. She might find the string spacing easier to learn on and the fretting strength required is lower again. Once she's ready to move onto a full-sized guitar, then stick to a steel string unless she's specifically interested in playing classical guitar.

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      get yamaha 1/2 size or 3/4 depending on her height.
      There is a better resell market for the Yamaha 1/2 and 3/4 guitars as you upgrade through the sizes or if she quits.
      If you buy these lesser known brands, you will never be able to flog it off on ebay/gumtree and is as good as trash.

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      There is a LTD strat under $400 at JBHIFI atm, LTD SN200. it is much better than Squier and Yamaha Pacifica at the price bracket. Just get the fixed bridge for your daughter. I would recommend it to you as it is a quality instrument.

      • Yeah, the LTD is half price, for the money get that - I checked with other stores and its a real discount.

        If it wasnt half price I would recommend Pacifica as well.

        • It probably is a higher quality guitar than Squier Classic Vibe and Pacfica 300 series. For $400 brand new, you wouldn't get anything less for that.

    • My advice to anyone purchasing for kids to learn on is let them pick the one your kid likes the look of the most. When the discipline kicks on, they'll either leave it sitting in the corner doing nothing, or have something they think is freakin cool sitting in the corner and be compelled to pick it up again.

      On a practical note - Full size guitars can be hard for small hands, but they'll grow into them if thats the only option.

      Also - steel vs nylon strings - steel strings are quite tough on fingers, but they sound better. Most people start with nylon and move to steel fairly soon after they realise its loads of fun.

    • It depends on what kind of music she's interested in.
      IMHO It'd be best for you to ask a more experienced friend to find you something second hand.

  • I have absolutely no idea of guitars but wanted to learn and buy a basic one to start with. Obviously the dream is electronic one but is the below one good to begin with? Looks decent reviews.


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      Don't do it - get a Yamaha.

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        Yamaha - the slow guitar.

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          Damn Jack and his slow guitars!

        • I dont know what you mean by that?

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      I'm not a knowledgeable person, but when looking myself I ended up with a Yamaha F310.
      Probably a bit more money that the one you linked, but still overall inexpensive.
      I think I paid well under $300 new, might or might not be a good option, other options might be good.
      This is the unit…
      Getting a half decent storage bag was nice, link mentions a tuner, mine didn't include one almost 10 years ago.
      Mobile phone tuning apps are probably fine these days anyway.

      • Thanks for the detailed response.

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      I would. As an absolute beginner it's plenty good enough.

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      If you do get that, make sure you take it to a tech and get a full setup done on it. This will include making sure the action is set correctly (string height from the fretboard). If this is high, it will be difficult to press the string into the fret. They will also make sure it's intonated correctly and will stay in tune.

      As Virtual81 said below, the Yamaha F310 is great and comes in a pack with everything you need.

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      Best beginner acoustic is Yamaha FG800, even pros love this guitar

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      I got one of these just now.
      At that price even if only to wet your whistle it will be fine. Not sure spending hundreds for a child or first timer is worth it!

    • Electric are easier to start on, acoustic are just harder to push the strings down. I just started learning this week and …. finger pain…

      ESP are good guitars, this one appears to be great value: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/esp-ltd-snapper-200-coppe...

      I'm more into [playing] metal so prefer something with different pickups (2 Humbucker pickups). I'm told with a good pedal you will be able to get any sound.

      Other thing is guitar pics (start with softest you can get), a cable (I had to buy one with a right hand connection as I play guitar on the edge of the couch and the connector on guitar is angled down), a tuner, and an amp.

      JB only has 1 amp, and would probably shop elsewhere for this…

      Tuner: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/tribute-tri-tn2-clip-on-t...
      Cable: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/stadium-slg3m-instrument-...

      Other stuff:
      Stand: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/stadium-gsmini-guitar-sta...
      Capo: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/tribute-tri-cp1-guitar-ca...

  • Are the ukelele good for beginners?

    • I would not recommend them at all. These cheapo ones go out of tune very easily and sound awful.
      I cant give a better recommendation atm just dont get these.

      The thing is you can get a decent beginner one for about $50

      • Can you please recommend some brand at that price? I was thinking ti buy the tribute electric soorano guitar. Is it bad? Thanks.

    • Spend a bit more or get a second hand one; otherwise it sounds rubbish and you'll get discouraged.

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    The LTD Snapper guitars are very good value at these prices, good alternative to a Yamaha Pacifica and Squier Classic Vibe.

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    Thanks OP, snapped up the snow white snapper!

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    Elixer strings reduced from $38 to $19, half price BS
    Can buy it anywhere for $19

    • Yep cheaper all the time on ebay and free delivery

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        Yep, but there are some good bargains in there mixed in with this overpriced rubbish

  • no love for bass guitars :(

  • Does anyone know if this particular LTD Snapper model has humbucker pickups? There are 3 variants and it is not entirely clear (from a beginners POV anyway) what the differences are. I'm looking to upgrade from a $150 Monterey for rock/metal.

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      Zoom in on the pic, looks like a humbucker to me

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      Basically mainly the pickup differences, the one you interested has SSH configuration, where's the other 2 colourways have SSS configuration, if you like heavier/more versatibility you would be better off buying the white one, humbucker gives you more tone girth, SSS is good as well for lighter(clean) music. If I were you I would bought off the white snapper, it is a beautiful guitar.

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    Sounds like JB are getting out of the musical instrument business…this is playing out a lot like their exit from the car audio business.

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      Oh yeah? Let me know when the Korgs go half off!

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        Yep. Unlike their guitar line up, their keyboard line up actually have some decent stuff!

  • Awesome, picked up one of the Marshall Mini Amps, thanks OP :)

    • are these plug in or do they run off batteries?

      • I believe these are battery operated

      • They can be run off batteries for busking etc. But they have a power option too. See bottom input in this pic. I think it's a standard pedal power.

  • Any recommendations for a keyboard? My nephew is learning piano. He's 6, and budget around $300

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      If it's a long term thing then he really needs something with weighted keys, I don't think it's possible to find a new one for $300. Look around for secondhand Yamaha P series, Roland FP, Casio Privia PX, even the older models have a good key action and are built to last a long time.

      • Hi Ononono, how's the Yamaha NP (NP-12) series? I'm trying to get my daugher to start piano lesson. Is it good enough for a 5 years old? Thanks

        • That model has non-weighted keys, for a 5 year old it will be fine to start with so you can see if she'll stick with it. However like I said above, if she's gonna continue learning seriously you'll want to upgrade pretty soon.

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Probs not gonna get a guitar here but are the replacement guitar strings decent?
    Need steel ones for acoustic full size.

    • elixir strings at $19 is very decent. Unsure why they're selling them in JB, maybe because they are long lasting.

    • +1

      Strings are a lot about feel for me more than anything. My go to are D'Addario EJ26. Sound and feel great, and are relatively cheap.

      • Nice, I will grab a set to try. I do like Elixir but accept that they are relatively expensive.

  • thanks OP, bought the copper ESP sn200. spewing i didn’t see this earlier, would’ve liked the white too

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    Thanks Op.
    Everyone, I'm looking to learn electric guitar (I own and can play Accoustic guitar at the moment), is this one https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/platinum-mpt60tsb-electri... for $149 a descent/good value? or https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/platinum-mpt50bld-electri... or https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/esp-ltd-f-junior-kit-blac...? thanks in advance

    • +2

      One of those is a kids guitar and the other two are the same just a different finish.

      • ah ic. These Platinum brand ones, are they good?

        • I would like to know this as well

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    Wish they can do a deal on digital piano!

  • Are the ukeleles posted here any good ??

  • hi, does anyone know when the promotion ends? thanks! x

  • Any bass guitars? Not from what I could see?

  • FWIW, the LTD Snappers are Made in USA.

    • I don't mean to be rude, but are you on crack sure? They are made in Vietnam, and the one I bought and received from this deal is an absolute dog. Not to say that the country of origin should impart any expectation of quality, but it does.

      Sounds like you got one, can you check the back of the headstock and confirm country of manufacture?

      If someone uninitiated had received a guitar like the one I got I would feel sorry for them; I can't accurately diagnose the issue without the proper tools and I've been playing for a while. basically fret buzz for days. Plus shonky tuners, fret board cracks, fret sprout (arguably acceptable) and more.

      I will return mine.

      • I got the white one with the humbucker pickups. I'll have a look tonight at let you know which country it's from.

        Haven't had the chance to really play it yet but hoping it will be an upgrade from my $150 Monterey. I noticed on the LTD the cut-out for the humbucker pickups is like oversized and the 2 pickups are sitting in that hole kind of loosely, there is a clear gap around both pickups - is this normal?

        • That should be nothing to worry about. take a look at some pics of humbuckers (installed) online to compare. or post yours here so we can take a look.

      • It has a "Made in USA" D'Addario XL tag tied to the handle, but it does not have any ESP logo on it. Googling it turn out D'Addario make acoustic strings… so yeah you are right, the guitar was made in VN.

        I will return mine.

        Did you call them or submit a return request online? I think they gave me a faulty one so will return mine too.

      • Yeah mine says made in Vietnam. Why is everyone returning them??

        • Mine has a faulty tremolo port so I returned it. Other than that the build quality and look are quite good for the price. Sounds ok too but I am no expert, upgrading from a cheaper guitar.

          • @Buy2Much: Id be curious to know how well these hold their tuning after pitch bending.

            • @Jenny Death: Already returned. JB's return process is quite fast and easy.

              • @Buy2Much: Haven't got around to returning mine yet. Did you do it in-store?

                • +1

                  @Deebo Baggins: I submitted a return request with details on their web site, selected the store closest to me. Within an hour someone from the store called me up, I explained and chose the option to take it to the store to return. You can choose a courier pick up if you want but I don't want to lose my day sitting around waiting.
                  P.S. I would have kept it if it was not for the faulty tremolo arm issue.

            • @Jenny Death: mine is reasonably good at that. Still returning for other issues.

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