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Fitbit Sense $299 in-Store @ BIG W


BIG W seemed to have a sale on Fitbit products. Fitbit Sense which appears to be the flagship device was a claimed 40% off down to $299. A quick search online shows this is approx $100 off RRP.

For anyone interested it does everything every other fitbit does plus two extra things over the fitbit versa 3. ECG (heart rate monitor for abnormal beat and a stress indicator).

Comes in two colours, graphite or white.

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  • Does it check the oxygen blood level?

    • According to toms review online: "the Sense has not just an FDA-approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen reading but the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature".

      • I haven't seen any so far doing it in Australia.

        • Correct. No ecg for foreseeable future in aus

      • What phone do you use? Bloody good camera.

    • Is that SpO2? then yes but only while sleeping.

  • In-store only? It was not on BigWs website

  • -3

    Big W thinks if there are four apples and you take one, then you now have 40% of the apples.

  • +7

    I have the Sense and do like it. However the ECG does not yet work in Aus, hasn't been given regulatory approval. There's ways around it but you'll need to set all your account details to US.

  • Is this sale on nation-wide?

    • +1

      It seems to be. My local Big W didn't have the price up but when I asked to check the price it came up as $299.

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    Are the latest models still having issues with syncing? As in, very slow to sync?

    I've had 3 fitbits and they all take 13.5 years to sync on my Android phone. Have also tried 3 different phones and sync is painful.

    • +2

      Absolutely no issues syncing with my Sense and Pixel 5.

  • does this do the blood oxygen thing?

    • It does a sleeping only relative measurement, the Garmin venu does an absolute anytime and not paywalled

  • fitbit or garmin for running?

    • +3

      Garmin venue sq is main alternative for runners. Garmin does not hide stuff behind paywall like Fitbit does plus venue has proper always on screen so you can run etc to hear rate. Fitbit is like Apple Watch 3-5 have to raise to wake which makes them useless for trail running etc

      • paywall? what is this paywall?

        • +1

          These are some features only available to paid premium subscription users of fitbit I believe

      • Is the Garmin Venu Sq too small for for a man's hand which is above average size? On the website it appears it's a ladies watch?

    • Garmin. All I've had I have retired after 5+ years in still working condition.

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    Should be able to get 5% off at OW, considering they're selling it at full RRP.

    • +1

      Problem is that this is not advertised on catalogue or on website, how would one go and pricematch?

      • +3

        anyone bought it should post a receipt photo on here and we can then show OW for pricematch :)

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    i've owned 2 fitbits and don't generally recommend them. finicky sync. durability always questionable

    • Absolutely agree. had two as well and my current one has a blank screen and half the functions don't work.

    • +1

      Fitbit Charge 3 No. 1 died within 1yr warranty. Replacement still going with reduced battery life (wear and tear)
      Fitbit Versa 1 - Died within warranty period. Versa 2 they sent as a replacement still going

      I'd say Fitbit had reliability issues, but it's improved a lot. Also, their warranty support is top notch!

      • +2

        I can agree with @vrsac that Fitbit Australia's support is great.
        Had 2 Fitbit Charge 3 trackers, paid $99 each from JB 2019 Xmas sale .
        1 died in Aug 2020 and after warranty was claimed and accepted Fitbit gave me a store credit of $199 (which was RRP of the device at the time). I used the credit to get a Charge 4 for an additional $50.
        The wife's Charge 3 had a cracked screen about 3 months later and Fitbit sent her a replacement Charge 4 FOC.
        btw, if you own a Fitbit and the band breaks for any reason, send them an email with a photo & they will send you a replacement band FOC.

        • My Fitbit charge 2 had display issues and they were horrible to deal with. I only got a refund after threatening to take them to the ACCC…

          • @neddy: Screen input became unresponsive on my versa 2 got a replacement free of charge

        • wow, i've bought like 3 or 4 replacement bands for my charge 2 (still going strong), wish I knew about the free replacement band!

    • I've repeatedly purchased fitbits because I like the style and wanted to use the same app as friends, and always had issues with syncing, on numerous phones.
      Finally gave the brand up after my Versa just wouldn't stay connected properly.
      Using a cheaper Garmin now and no issues at all.

  • +4

    I have a Fitbit versa and I won’t be buying anymore Fitbits in the future. With that being said I have had no issues with it syncing. I had older fitbits and always had sync issues. Agree with the durability, had to replace the band’s numerous times. The chargers on all mine haven’t been the best either. I don’t really feel I need anymore fitness oriented watches, I mainly got this for easily tap to pay and that works fine.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that. I've had my Versa 1 as a daily beater for 3 years and is still going strong. Wear to work, gym, sleep, everywhere (and yes I wash it!). I bought a different band off ebay and never had a problem either.

  • +3

    Having just tried a few, I don’t recommend these Fitbit. They are laggy, paywalled, no proper always on screen during exercise. They are a sluggish smartwatch first fitness device second.

    Garmin venu sq Sameish price and much much better and reliable exercise watch, thou not quite as nice a build quality or screen as versa 3 or sense and no speakerphone.

  • Personally, I wouldn't deal with Fitbit. They're trying monetize way too much functionality and their QC is horrendous. I bought a charge 3 when they were on runout sales for $99. Had constant syncing issues which apparently weren't even fixed on the charge 4.

  • Anyone thinking about getting this should keep in mind that Fitbit is now owned by Google. Think about whether you trust Google with your health data.

    • +2

      Would prefer Google than Xiaomi and s***

  • I was really looking forward to the Withings Scanwatch but the testing results from reviewers show it is pretty much a Beta product with highly inaccurate data. Was hoping Sense was better but no ECG is Aus. Really don't want to get an Apple Watch 6 due to daily charging…hmmm.

    • where did you see this? Have you seen the quantified scientist reviews on youtube?

  • Worked for me at Blacktown BigW.
    Thank you!

    • Could you please PM me a copy of your receipt? I don't have any in stock in my local Big W so I'm going to try Officeworks instead

      • There is no PM build in here

    • Could I also get a copy of your receipt? Cheers.

    • Could I also get a copy of your receipt? Cheers.

  • I have a xiaomi mi Band 5. Paid 35. My first smart "watch". Love it. Is it worth almost 10x better? Legitimately asking.

  • Was able to get The Good Guys to price match over phone (they had to call BigW who then confirmed the sale). Tried Harvey Norman price match with no luck. Not sure if will work but I also got an SMS from TGG saying if I spent over $300 today (I added the extended warranty…..) they will provide $50 store credit.

  • Hurstville has a few in store (white and graphite), call and they are happy to reserve for you.

  • +4

    After 2 Fitbits, I won't buy another… Paywalled features, unreliable and terrible support.

  • +1

    Don't buy it guys ! I bought one for my wife and she never liked it. it's slow, poor interface, to get more info you need to subscribe, watch interface is tacky! absolute waste of money.

    • exactly my thoughts…for a Samsung Galaxy Watch…which I returned a long time ago and replaced with first with Fitbit Charge 3 then Fitbit Versa 1 and finally Vers 2.
      Samsung watch could never do hearbeat reading properly due to a design fault. What a horrible mess it was returning it! Fitbit is the best!

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