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[LatitudePay] $20 off $60+ Online Spend @ The Good Guys


Can combine with

15% off (Exclusions Apply) @ The Good Guys (Online Only)

*To redeem $20 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Single use only. Online only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $60. Offer ends 11:59pm 23/03/2021.

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  • Does it work on tgg commercial site as well?

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    Is anyone else getting an error message with latitude pay?

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      yes I am getting that message too. thought it was just me….

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      same here. sent them an angry email

    • What is the error?

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        “We’re sorry. unfortunately you can’t currently use Latitude Pay”

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          Yes, Ive received it too….. The pronoun "you" made me think it was unique to my account. Clearly not.

          Has anyone not received this message?

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      Me too - I tried several different browsers, and even cleared out the few purchases that still had remaining payments in my account.
      When making a manual payment, all would return to normal in my account (available funds returned etc) but then the error is still there when checking out from TGG.
      I don't like our chances of getting a response from LatitudePay before tonight's Good Guys promo finishes!

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        Zero chance of getting a reply before 6am.

        My available credit sits at zero for some reason, yet every payment in the past has had funds available, and only have $60 owing.

    • I had the error too, but assumed at the time it was due to my credit card being expired and forgetting to update before purchase. I have emailed them now. Their call centre doesn't open to 9am, so will miss out on the 15% discount code that finishes at 6am (as assume they will not respond to my email very quickly, based on previous experience). Maybe not worth the hassle.

  • Update - Worked for me @ 11:20pm

    Got the 15% OFF + the $20 bonus with Latitude Pay checkout

  • Can we pay part gift card and the remaining 60$ to latitude pay?

    • Yes.

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    WTF I tried to pay with latitude pay, got the error message. Now when I log into my latitude pay account it says:
    "Unfortunately you can't currently use LatitudePay. Please contact us at [email protected]"

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      You’re not alone with this… not that it helps much! It will be interesting to see what their response is.

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        Unfortunately by the time we hear back the 15% off would've been over already :(
        I'm just salty that I spent an extra 15 minutes trying to find something ~$5 to get my spend over $60 only for this to happen

    • It worked for me. Not sure why so many of you are getting an error.

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    Also blocked from using a clean LatitudePay account. Not much point in having a promo if you lock the coffers.

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      I've only used Latitude for small purchases during the $20 promos. I'm wondering if this is their way to block unprofitable customers like me.

  • Dose anyone know if use latitudepay to shop in The Good Guys online through Shopback app, could I get the 5% cashback? Thank you for your advice!

    • Most likely won't get the Shopback cashback

  • Anyone hear back from Latitude due to check out error?

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    I got the following message:

    We experienced a system error that is now resolved. I apologise for any inconvenience.

    Your account has been unblocked and you have an available credit of $XXX! You can go ahead and reattempt the purchase.

    Again, apologies for any inconvenience experienced! Please reply to this email if you require further assistance.

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      Well precious little use it is to us now that the The Good Guys 15% off sale has finished.

    • Received same automated response

    • Account restored and 15% off and $20 off promo ended. so annoyed!

      • I had the same issue and sent an email to LatitudePay the next day to complain. Apparently there was a system glitch that was incorrectly blocking accounts.

        To my surprise, LatitudePay honoured both TGG promotion as well as the $20 discount via manual adjustment :)

        • I sent a co plaint that night before the promotion had even ended. The again 2 days later. Just got an email back. I didn’t ask but they still put in the email that they cannot honour the discount. :(

          • @UndeclaredFreak: They just sent me a $50 off $100 spend offer (any store) as compensation for their error. Not bad.

            • @ash2000: @ash2000 I received the same email. Did you have issues using it? I’ve attempted to make orders but no indication of discount at checkout so I didn’t follow through.

              • @UndeclaredFreak: I don't think it happens straight away. I have made a $100 purchase, and also (unlike usual latitude promos) it didn't deduct straight away. The email seems to indicate it will happen at the end of April. As long as you keep hold of the email and spend $100 you'll be safe.

  • $20 not applying on latitude checkout screen

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