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Fenici 40cm Pedestal Fan with Remote Control White $15.20 + Delivery / Free Pick up @ BIG W

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Big w is clearing some budget fans. Pretty cheap price for a basic fan with remote.

If you don’t need the remote, this one is $10.40 which is even cheaper than the $12 one at Kmart : https://www.bigw.com.au/product/fenici-pedestal-fan-40cm-bla…

This one is also pretty cheap at $10 if you prefer a smaller fan : https://www.bigw.com.au/product/prinetti-round-box-fan-30cm/…

Instantly cool any corner of your home with the Fenici 40 cm Pedestal Fan with Remote Control. This free-standing fan features an adjustable height and three different speed settings to help you achieve the exact cooling configuration you want each time. This fan can be set for focused or oscillating air flow to help you cool the entire room or control the air flow in one spot. A timer off function and simple remote control make this fan the perfect choice for warmer nights.

Product Features:

3 Fan speeds
Oscillation Function
Adjustable tilt head
7.5 hour timer
Adjustable height up to 125cm

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  • Kmart is clearing some budget fans.??

    All the online prices in the links show as dearer.
    Fenici 40cm Pedestal $19
    Fenici Pedestal Fan 40cm - Black $13
    Small fan $12.50

    • My bad, i meant big w is clearing some budget fans…oh on my end the price on the website is cheaper, I am in Vic

      • +1

        It's still a bit warm elsewhere - so prices & availability will differ😉

        • Yeah looks like every state has huge differences in price for these fans. Comes up as $39 for me. Other fans listed are a few dollars more too. Should put state in title

  • +2

    It's fan selling season - prices will drop, but stock will be rarer.

    $14 for Target 40cm pedestal remote control fan - very similar to this Deal's $15.20 Fenici 40cm Pedestal Fan With Remote Control, but a different colour.

    Last week $19. Now $14. Bought for $10 in June. Think some found for $5!

    Using the Target version. Very happy with it.

    • Does that one have the swing clips around the circumference on the mesh guard for cleaning access or is it screwed together?

      • +1

        Yes but single screw at bottom - can remove guard easily without unscrewing.

        • Ok cool, thanks. 👍

  • I spent a couple of hours after work traipsing round Big W, Kmart, Target etc. trying to buy a couple of fans. None had any in stock, even though their web sites said they did. Major pain as our aircon died at the weekend and we needed them to help our kids sleep.

  • Shows $19 + Delivery. From vic

  • +2

    The heavy'ish circular based fans are well worth the money over these crossed versions.

  • +1

    I have this sitting right in front of me as I type this. It's a piece of absolute garbage.

    If you desperately need a fan and can't pay any more than this, it will do the job of being a fan.

    However, it's incredibly cheaply made (of course). The plastic is so thin on the upright part holding the buttons that it glows bright orange at night whenever the led lights are on (i.e. when it's turned on). The cross pieces making up the stand at the bottom flex like plastic whenever you move it around. I'd be surprised if they could cut any more corners and still have this thing work.

    As soon as I could, I relegated it to the garage the gym.

    • Yip I concur. I don't know how this unstable POS passed ozzy standards, someone's paying someone more than $10!

    • The Target one appears to have same controls & lights.
      But the plastic case is mainly black, so only the indicator lights show. Covered those up with black tape.
      Using in bedroom - no light shows.

      Has a heavy round base - very stable.
      I am impressed with it - cost $10.

  • Last weekend I picked up a pedestal fan 40cm without remote from Bunnings clearance for $5

  • +1

    I've had a bad history with cheap pedestal fans.
    They last 1 or 2 summers and then something goes wrong.
    I'd suggest avoiding these absolute 'all corners cut' units.
    The tip is full of them.

  • $19 now?

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