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Buffalo 2TB HDD USB3.0 for $139 @Myer CBD (Vic)


My first post, time to return the favour. Just bought a Buffalo 2TB external HDD USB3.0 for $139 @Myer Cbd(Vic). The model is hd-lbu3 compatible with mac and pc also can be used on usb 2.0. The price is retail and not a markdown.

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      This brand has been around for a while. A friend has one and we have a few at work, basic but pretty good little units.


      A respectable brand, better known for "proper" storage devices like NAS.

      I use a Buffalo USB 2.0 drive on my Wii. When new it was a "high-end" device that was one of the first that had auto power-on (detects a connection to the USB port to switch itself on and off)


    From what I've read they use Samsung drives in these.


      i took apart a different model buffalo 2Tb drive which I purchased about a year ago and they use the Seagate Barracuda 5900rpm drives.
      hope this helps


    compatible with mac and pc also can be used on usb 2.0

    Just for others reading this, neither of these things are "features"

    a) Any Mac with a USB port can use a portable USB hard drive. In other words, there aren't any USB Drives that are compatible with Windows but not compatible with a Mac. The Mac doesn't need anything special.

    Macs can read from but cannot (as standard) write to a NTFS formatted drive, which is the standard format on a Windows internal gard drive. Windows machines cannot read or write to a HFS formatted drive, which is the standard format for Mac internal hard drives.

    Either can read the other if you add some extra software. The only disk format that both can natively support is the old FAT32 format, which has a limitation of 4GB per file. That means that any file (eg: a blueray movie) larger than 4GB cannot be saved on the drive.

    Any portable hard drive that claims "compatible with MAC" is simply pre-formatted to FAT32, which is actually considered a negative on both Macs and Windows. But luckily it takes only seconds to reformat to a proper format like HFS or NTFS.

    Regarding USB 3.0 - all devices are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. The USB plug is the same shape, so you just plug it in and go.

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      most companies throw that on there feature list of users that are not aware, ie if my grand dad walked into a store and saw it was labelled mac and pc he would pick it up no problems since he owns a mac and he sometimes copies photos to a hard drive to give to my uncle who has a pc. BUT if it didnt have this listed he wouldnt buy it or would have to ask someone in the shop (and generally there not much help anyway). So i dont see why the deal is with having a crack since they labeled it a feature.


    I've brought buffalo brand before, it says 'By Uniden' on my box.

    So i guess uniden has something to do with it.



      OT: Oh my dear Uniden 5.8GHz cordless phones still work after nearly five years of abuse…

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    mods please delete this double post. was trying to reply above.


    What is inside? A 7200rpm as the previous model?