This was posted 6 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Hack] Free Delivery to Most Restaurants with $20 Minimum Spend @ Uber Eats


You can almost always get free delivery to your favourite restaurants by following these steps:

  1. Change the delivery address to the desired restaurant.
  2. Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here. Restaurants here refresh every 8-15 minutes.
  3. Once your restaurant pops up, place your order and go to the check out page.
  4. You will see at the checkout page a red message saying "you seem far from this address". Change the address to your actual address.
  5. You will be able to finish the order and still access the free delivery promotion.

I have tried this multiple times and have had success.

Hope this will help some people.

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  • +110

    …aaaaaand now it'll be fixed.

    • +10

      & timmy will lol

      • +2

        Tears on my eyes laughing :) +1 from me. First I did not understand what you are saying.

        • +1

          I still don't understand

          • +1

            @Andard: South Park reference I think?

    • +9

      They may be leaving this in existence because stats show they are still getting a net increase in revenue vs closing the loophole, and most people who will use ubereats anyway are still too lazy or don’t know about it.

      What better way to access the wallets of the tightarse hordes than make us feel like we are winning with a “secret hack” discount!

    • +2

      Why would you want something delivered to a restaurant anyway.

      • +1

        Cuz you want to pick up but don't want to step inside the place..

  • +40

    This is why we can't have nice things 😅

    • +1

      You will get extra sauce by doing this

      • Or free delivery to most restaurants.

  • +16

    Been doing this for the last couple of years, works well - still cant believe they havent closed this loophole.

    Not all resturants will pop up in the free delivery for >$20 spend section but a lot do.

    • -4

      Interesting that you've been doing it for years when the promo had been around less than two years.

      • +3

        Really? could have sworn i started doing this start-mid 2019, maybe just under 2 years then

        Edit - just checked and the first time i did it was 20 months ago, so 4 months shy of a couple of years.

        • +8

          Thanks for letting us know way back then

      • just curious, how you guys found out about this hack?

        • Feels like OP found it by accident. Just like most inventions.
          To repeat his error, do:
          1. Change the delivery address to the desired restaurant.
          2. Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here. Restaurants here refresh every 8-15 minutes.
          3. Once your restaurant pops up, place your order and go to the check out page.
          You will see at the checkout page a red message saying "you seem far from this address". Change the address to your actual address.
          4. Shout “Wdf just happened? Free delivery? Reeeeeeeeeee……” & slap self 5 times to ensure this is real life.

    • Maybe because they knew benefit outweighed the cost and effort.

  • +3

    I'm really curious to know how do people find loopholes like these?

    • +12

      I stumbled across it by accident… I get Ubereats delivered to multiple addresses and one day I placed an order without changing the address… got to check out, changed the address and viola, loophole discovered

      • I literally found this the other day and was like hmmm, I wonder if this works how I think it works. Thanks for confirming.

      • You found out how to make the battery

      • +2

        Viola? Can you give us a tune?

    • +6

      apple on the head

    • Sees that a restaurant near their house offers free delivery and knows that you can change address.

      OP answer was my second guess.

    • +2

      While on the toilet looking at uberEats or OzBargain

  • +29

    Given the way that UberEATS exploit local restaurants and their delivery "contractors", I dont feel bad if someone uses this hack to game their system.

    • +3

      you still are reinforcing a dodgy system of expolitation by using their ordering system, in an effort to save $5

      • +1

        To be fair, I have never used them personally, nor have I used any of their competitors. I wouldn't support this sort of company. But if someone uses them regularly, at least this way they are making less profit.

        • -3

          A +vote is support

      • I am really interested in this point, and to clarify am all for stopping worker exploitation but… isn’t the alternative that the driver is out of work and has no income at all? Bringing down Uber doesn’t immediately/automatically mean the person has a better job with fairer conditions. Or am I missing something?

        PS Damn the man!

        • +3

          Agreed, its a difficult situation, that needs a better solution. UberEATS is a solution of getting people to make money when they are out of work, but not when these people become exploited, working for well below minimum wage.

          In this case, I feel that government regulators need to step in. When workers are working as if they are employees but are classified like contractors, that indicates there is a gap in legislation. Not only that but casualisation of workers is becoming a huge issue, and a means for companies to get around hard fought worker rights such as superannuation, sick leave, etc. These are all tough problems that need to be solved, but I have no faith in the current LNP government addressing them.

    • -1

      When you use uber eats, who does your payment go to? Restaurant and/or uber eats?

      If you're not seeing the restaurant on your credit card statement, ie: you pay uber eats and they pay the restaurant, then the restaurant is the one footing the free delivery bill.

      I don't use uber eats so wouldn't know.

      • +3

        I believe the way it works is UberEATS takes a 30% commission fee based on the purchase price of the item. They take the payment from the person, remove their commission and send the rest to the restaurant. The delivery fee is purely UberEATS profit. The delivery fee and the commission is what is used to pay the delivery driver/rider. The driver/rider will still get paid even if UberEATS did not take a delivery fee.

        • Well I hope so. Because if they flag it as uber ddeservesa delivery fee, they wont pass on full payment to the store.

          I realise the driver won't lose.

        • +2

          I do try and get out to pickup myself (although it's pretty damn convenient to get food brought to you), but wherever possible I order direct from a restaurant that manages their own delivery because I feel like the restaurant gets a better deal out of that.

    • +4

      Who loses though?

      If its Uber that's fine by me.

      If its some poor contractor dude…that's no bueno

      • In this specific case, Uber loses out. I replied above with how the system works and how each entity gets paid.

      • -2

        It's the person who ordered food before you and paid delivery, because Uber combined your two orders because you were on the way.

    • +1

      Uber isn't screwed by this, another customer is. This just tricks Uber into "matching" you as an "on the way" delivery that someone else has already paid full price for, and when you change the address it doesn't unmatch the orders, meaning their food is sent kilometres in the wrong direction before finally showing up cold and disgusting.

      • -1

        So that's what keeps happening to me! Just moved very close to the CBD and I see my orders going all the way past me to some random suburb then back to me. Always cold. Wondered why this was happening cause never used to elsewhere.
        Thanks for saying this. Now we know whatsup. Not paying $7 delivery to have some hacker screw me over my hot pho. Sticking to menulog

        • It is also caused by delivery drivers using more than one platform and juggling orders. Same reason you get matched with an uber driver and they start driving in the opposite direction… They already have a fare on board with didi/other rideshare providers.

          • @Matt P: Interesting to know. Hadn't noticed it with uber, but I take my trips on a pretty busy route maybe that affects it.

  • +6

    cant seem to find the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section in my uber eats app ? any one else have this issue ?

    • -1

      If you live in a remote area with few restaurants, this probably won't work.

    • My partners account has this but mine doesn't for the same address. It's a bit hit and miss at times

    • yeah i'm in the city and sometimes it's randomly not there, very annoying

  • +15

    Mate if you want to still be able to do this after today you should probably take this post down…

  • +22

    Now that i read it… delete..

  • +5

    Can I report to delete this deal ? lol

  • +5

    er, do you mean 'from' your restaurant?

  • Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here. Restaurants here refresh every 8-15 minutes.

    Sometimes I might refresh a few times and it still does not appear. Unless it's almost guaranteed if your address is at the restaurant?

    • Someone else has to order from there first, so that they can be screwed by you ordering food to be delivered before theirs because Uber thought you were closer.

  • +19

    I just reported it to delete as well. Please report. Not because the deal is not good. Because its too good to get it ruined

  • Alright cheers for that now you know what to do mate

  • So this hack will only work for restaurants nearby? Or all restaurants? Tried it on one restaurant that is out of delivery area and as soon as i change delivery address to my address at checkout it says "address is too far for delivery"

    • It only works for restaurants that can actually deliver to your address - if its too far then its too far

    • There is a maximum delivery radius I believe. So you can't order drom your favorite restaurant from Echuca to metro Mel unfortunately

      • so then I fail to understand the hack here unless people are able to order from restaurants that are normally outside the delivery are per their address.

        Edit: Got it, thanks to comment .
        Point is to trick the app to show up your desired restaurants in the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section by temporarily changing your address to the restaurant address itself (these restaurants would otherwise not show up in the section because the section displays restaurants closer to the delivery address, which will be your home in most cases).
        Caveat still being the restaurant should still be close to deliver to your location.

  • +12

    As i noted above, ive been doing this for 2+ years…..and theres a good reason why i didnt post it on ozbargain.

    • +4

      Kiss it goodbye soon

  • This is just the standard free delivery promotion?

    • +1

      But with a twist!

  • +1

    Don't get the 1st step itself.

    Change the delivery address to the desired restaurant.

    You mean to find and set the delivery address as the same as restaurant's?

    • +1


    • Yep or an address that is very close to the restaurants. Purpose here is to get an offer of free delivery from that restaurant, which only seems to work for addresses that are very nearby (<3-5km).

      • Well this should mean that at least for the restaurants very close to my address I would've seen this free delivery over $20 offer but have never ever seen it so may be only for certain areas. Thanks though

      • -1

        You know the reason it does that is because it is combining orders? So what you effectively do is screw someone else who orders because the algorithm set you as closer, then injected a delivery to you before them, and they're paying full delivery fee to get cold food because Uber sent the delivery person in the wrong direction.

  • Just tested and definitely works. Thanks for letting me try before this loophole is definitely closed lol.

  • Free delivery to restaurants? What gets delivered to restaurants?

    • +1

      its meant to be from*

      • +1

        Lol. The title is so confusing

  • Reported considering this is too good to get closed.

  • delete this deal please. I live in CBD so this deal should work great for me.

  • Sigh

  • Won't be long before it gets OzBargained.

  • Too late too many people have seen this.

  • 40 mins is enough facetime for OZB right? Time to delete

  • only 123 clicks so far! quick lets get it down!

  • +11

    I'm sure everyone knows this by now, but you are paying a lot more than just the $5.99 or whatever is listed for delivery fee on uber eats, all the prices of the meals are inflated to cover uber eats fees.

    For example, my wife and I were getting a couple of meals from the local Japanese shop, $29.80 if I called them direct and went and picked up, $47.99 through uber eats delivered, so the actual cost for delivery in this case was $18.19.

    • +5

      Exactly.. Chicken shop that we get a family meal from is $45 for pick-up… $65 on uber eats plus the delivery…

      • +2

        Yep, dunno why someone decided my comment was downvote worthy 🙄

        • +2

          Probably the guy below who isn't fussed about it and is sick of us pointing out the actual cost of getting food via Uber. Lolll…

        • +1

          Wasn't me but can offer an answer. Not all restaurants are more expensive. A lot of mine from the CBD are cheaper on ubereats and I don't understand how. Same portion sizes same quality as if you'd eaten in…but cheaper. It's quite confusing and I work in a kitchen myself haha.

  • +6

    I don't think they'll fix it. Uber Eats charges the restaurant 30% commission, so they can more than cover the delivery.

    • +2

      Yes, cos that's the way for-profit businesses work… "I don't need my full profit, as I already get some profit"

    • 36%…

  • +20

    Just go and support the restaurant by ringing up and picking up instead. Uber fees are crazy pricey

    • +5

      Can this stop, ubereats isnt targeted towards people like you then. Its for people who cant travel or dont want to travel. Same with the plastic bag ban, I use them whenever I go home late and its easy to carry on PT but people with cars who use 20 bags say, oh bags arent that useful etc.

      • +3

        Ultimately it would be good if a rival popped up that only charged say 10-15%.

        Update* Apparently Menulog charges around 13%, though prices on there for customers appear similar.

      • +1

        I think regular users of Ubereats/Menulog etc know by now that they're paying more for delivery. However I do think Ubereats is ridiculous with their delivery fees, I mainly use Menulog. Also it's not all bad, I've bought from many restaurants that aren't in my local area, they would not get any business from me at all in the past.

      • +1

        I use them

        Cool. You do you. Doesn't mean others need to play along and support this dodgy, massively exploitative company.

    • Sadly some of our local ones I'm certain try that little bit harder for the delivery services than a phone pick-up order. I guess that's the power of aggregating online reviews.

      Need to do an A-B test one day and compare the orders

  • +1

    Good to know … unfortunately most restaurants add the Uber fee to their menu items so it ends up way more expensive, barely ever use Uber or menu log anymore unless it’s % off total …

  • Another hack, get a another spare sim card and create an account