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Samsung EVO Plus 128GB Micro SD Card $19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good price on a 128GB Micro SD card. Same price as 64GB.

Seems like the cheapest ever based on camel.

Amazon, being the king of price match, is of course matching JB Hi-Fi.

If you prefer JB, can use code: 92JBFIVE to get it for extra 5% off (click and collect) - $18.05 (thanks doweyy)

About this item

  • Read speed up to 100 MB/s
  • Write speed up to 60 MB/s
  • Excellent performance for 4K UHD video and broad
  • Backed by 4-proof protection
  • Includes full-size SD adapter


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +44

    Also $18.05 C&C @ JBHi-Fi using 92JBFIVE for those that prefer.

    • You should post that as a deal.

      • Why do we need another post? Just update this one.

        Internet points don't do anything.

        • +1

          You can't change links to a different store after a deal has been posted.

          It never even came into my mind that it should be posted for internet points. Have a look at my deal posts, I often post deals that aren't very popular.
          I just do it because I like being part of the community.

    • +2

      I grabbed $10 & $5 JB cards off Shopback giftcard portal for an extra 45 cents back too hehe

    • Superb! Thanks

    • it won't work online, after I entered the code the discount applied to the full price of $39 instead of the sale price $19. It works in-store though but I don't know why the OP who posted the JBHifi deal don't include the barcode for in-store purchase.

      • It brings it down to $18.05 still for me. Perhaps clear your cache or try another browser?

        • I'm trying on my mobile, maybe I will try again on laptop. I went to the shop to buy it already.

          Edit: I tried with Incognito mode and it works now, don't know what happened earlier.

          Anyway I have the Ultimate GC so I need to buy from the shop, the stupid shop don't let me buy the JBHifi GC so I can buy it online since I don't have the barcode to scan in-store. I told them they just lost my sale and I went to other shop.
          I don't understand their logic, you want to get the gift card that can only be spent in JBHifi not 3rd party GC and they just make it difficult.

  • Would these be fine for extra storage in a Switch?

    • +2

      Pretty sure they would, based on past micro SD card deal posts.

    • +3

      I have a 128gb and filled it up quickly but then I do get a lot of digital games and have a big collection of physical games that have updates.

      I personally think 256 is the sweet spot

    • Have this exact card in a Switch, and it works fine, but as others have mentioned it fills up surprisingly fast once you get a few games the size of Diablo 3 / BotW on it.

  • +12

    Do I need another one? Probably not.
    Should I buy it? Absolutely!!!

    • +1

      That’s the OzBargain way!

  • +1

    Trying to buy as many as I can for my dashcam for a long roadtrip in July. I want to record the roadtrip :)

    • -2


      • +8

        For memory

    • +2

      Be good for a one-off trip however for long term use you'd really want to get a high endurance card.

      • +1

        High endurance is more about thermal resistance AFAIK, these are fine as long as you don't leave it in the car too long

      • +1

        Should have handed back your ozb badge if you buy into that high endurance crap, dashcam has been around for ages and i dont see anyone complain about micro sd died more often than in other devices.

      • I have a standard 64gb card (maybe SanDisk pro) with 62k of driving over 4 years. Hasn't failed yet.

  • Description said read & write speeds up to 100 MB/s & 60 MB/s on the amazon page?

    • +1

      On the current models, the 64GB has a 20MB/s write, the 128GB has a 60MB/s write, the 256GB and 512GB have a 90MB/s write.

  • Thanks OP. bought the JB hifi deal.

  • Great deal, thanks OP!

  • Waiting for 512 gb deals

  • I suppose this will work nicely with the Mavi Mini?

    • +2

      I chose to go with the Sandisk Extreme 128gb as it had 90mb/s write quoted vs 60mb/s on this … i know the mavic mini might not need it but I thought better the extra bandwidth…

      Looking at a few reviews online apparently choppy video recording could be due to slow write speeds so i thought better to not risk it for a one off purchase (the sandisk is $29 atm)

      Also, see this video for reference: https://youtu.be/KMhMBJKN-xQ?t=195

      The Samsung card might be okay.

      • Thanks for the info. I actually followed it up and did a few Google searches. It seems 60mb/s write speed is about right for 4K video and you'd need 100mb/s for 8K. I ended up buying 2 to upgrade my dashcam which is only 32GB I think.

    • Yes. I use them for my mini 2. No issues with write speed.

    • It does. Been using these in my Mavic Mini without any problems. Been using 128GB ones, and a 64GB one. All good.

  • Would this be alright for a dashcam?

    • +4

      You are better off getting a card designed for endurance. E.g. Samsung Pro Endurance or SanDisk High Endurance. They are designed for the continuous writes etc.

      The SanDisk is about $8-9 more than this deal for the 128GB.. I'd say it is worth it for reliability.

      • Can you please share the link for the 128gb Sandisk? Thank you.

        • Found it thanks

      • Not really. Bigger size = longer endurance. Probably cheaper and better to get two Evos and swap them after 12 months.. depending on how much driving you do.

      • I just bought a Sandisk High Endurance microSDXC™ Card SQQNR 128G off Amazon thanks to your suggestion. Appreciate it!

    • Have been using it for dashcam for years now and no issue at all. Maybe the high endurance suits better with security cam where 24hr continuous recording all year round.

  • Thanks. Needed one last week but didn't want to pay retail $29 for this. Luckily I only got the last 64gb price matched at Officeworks for $11.40 and not the 128gb pricematched.

  • +2

    Has anyone spotted any 256gb or 512gb deals?

  • +1

    I needed a 32GB one and found a SanDisk on Amazon for less than $7 if anybody is interested: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08GY9NYRM/ref=ppx_yo_d...

  • Didn't need especially after buying two 128GB lexars, but still purchased.

  • ffs of course this only happens after I finally bought one for $25 last week ;_;

    • No

      • Thanks

      • why not?!?

        • T&C’s point 2.

          “The challenge entitles you to $5 bonus cashback when you spend $5 or more (excluding delivery fees) on categories eligible for cashback at Amazon Australia through Shopback between 18th March 2021 12.00am AEDT to 18th April 2021 11.59pm AEST.”

          This is under the computer category which isn’t eligible for cashback.

  • Surprised no one's mention to price beat at Officeworks.


    • Got one this morning. https://postimg.cc/gnN9KDrX

      • @ronnknee - OW will probably factor in the delivery cost.

        • +1

          You can purchase it instore at JB Hi-Fi, so Officeworks won't need to factor in the delivery cost.

          • @ronnknee: Yep true, I was thinking about the Amazon deal.
            A good heads up for anyone considering OW price beat - make sure you do it against JB deal, not Amazon.

      • Good luck finding stock. I asked my local Officeworks in Sydney and told it was sold out everywhere and they couldn't get any more stock. Ended up ordering 2 from JB Hi-Fi and picking up in store as they had plenty of stock locally.

    • Just makes it same as JB deal with price beat.

  • +7

    Thanks for the deal - Just bought one to record wtf my dog does at night…..hes up to no good, I know it!

  • Thanks OP. Stacking with JB gc gives me another 5% off which makes it down to $17.15.

  • Thanks op for posting. Grabbed one.

  • I had an (probably targeted) Amazon voucher for $10 off with 10APP on for over $39 spend pop up. Had to redeem and then make the purchase through the app. Added a Permanent marker for $1.50 to meet the $39 requirement and got two for $14.75 each basically ($39.50-$10.00/2).

  • +1

    No more stock @ Amazon.

    Still stock at JB

  • +1

    Thanks, bought 2 from JBHIFI

  • back in stock at amazon

  • Back in stock (on backorder)

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