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[Price Error] Ladies Leather Marshell Boots Black or Tan $5.00 (Was $149.95) Delivered @ Novo Shoes


Possible price error.

All sizes available at time of post - Black and Tan.

Cut Out Collar Ankle Boot with Side Zip. Leather Upper, Synthetic Lining and Outsole. Heel Height: 3cm.

Free shipping and $5 boots. It's honestly a steal.

(NOTE: this item cannot be retuned in-store, see Returns policy for further information)


Damn, OzBargained in minutes.

Black - sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 out of stock
Tan - sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 out of stock

5:14PM All sizes sold out in both colours, site down.

I will keep an eye on restock when the site returns.

Mod 26/3: Users have had their orders cancelled and refunded due to being 'out of stock'. Moved to forums as a price error. See comments

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  • Is this real or price error?

    • Unsure if price error, confirmation email received.

      I will update original post.

  • +1

    leather boots for $5 delivered , lets see if we get them :)

  • Size 8 OOS

    • Ty, will update post.

    • Damn - got all the way to payment then denied.

  • Display item??

  • +2

    1 Black 1 Tan, thanks OP

  • -2

    Is novo a known brand. Is there a resale market?

    • +2

      It's a bricks and mortar retailer. I wouldn't call it resellable. It's not like a David Jones brand, but it's one step above Payless Shoes.

      Someone feel free to challenge me on this. I'm not really a fashionista.

  • +1

    Site getting slammed !

  • These are unisex right?

    • "Ladies Leather Marshell Boots"

      Depends on your preferences tbh

    • If you squint/drunk enough

    • +2

      All gender can wear it

      • Are you sure, I think its illegal, unethical, immoral and a sin!! /s

  • Probably all they're worth…

  • Ordered - See if they cancel our orders, or honor them instead…..

  • +5

    Thanks OP! Bought 2 for the misso! I'm in for the night!!! woohoo

  • +1

    Unable to process order. Insufficient stock for the following item(s):
    MARSHELL - TAN - 07


  • ozbargained! only small sizes left.

  • Website down

    • the power of ozbargainers are through the roof

  • Their site is too slow

    1744 clicks

    That explains

  • gateway timeout. Ozbargained :'(

  • Thanks OP, bought 2 for SO..

  • +1

    1 x Size 5 Black bought. TY

  • +1

    Looks like all sizes in both colours sold out

    • Thank you. Will update post.

  • Site Down … cause of death OZBARGAIN !

  • +1

    26 minutes and 2300+ clicks, last time I checked Ozb was dominated by males…do you all have a wife or a gf?

    • Cite your sources

    • We all appear to have a wife of gf and apparently we all know their shoe size too! haha

  • +1

    All OOS!

  • All sizes OOS

  • Thank you - order placed

  • Thanks ordered

  • +1

    Got to end of checkout bad gateway and now OOS ahh missed it by that much.

  • Your ORDER has been received!

    Now waiting for cancellation due to not stock available :P

    Btw, what is their sizing based on? UK, AU?

    • +1

      Appears to be US sizing looking at the size guide

      • I think the same.

    • +1

      AU, it's an Australian brand.

      I went the safe route and bought a 9. Usually an 8, but I tend to wear thicker socks in winter.

      • Thanks :)

  • Damn missed it. After new boots haha

  • I bought it so quick that I didn’t realise the 8.4 CASHBACK

  • Damn

  • +1

    No refund yet? When do they usually send a refund email?

    • No idea, my one got cancelled as well.

      • Cancelled or not?

        • Cancelled,no refund and email yet.

  • +3

    Whilst processing your order we have found that we are out of stock for below item(s) and are unable to process your order.

    We will refund you the amount of $5.00 back into your account.

    Please allow up to 3 working days to process your refund.

    As we have not been able to fulfill your order, please find below an exclusive 30% off coupon code which you can use on our online store for any full price item (valid till 9th April, 2021)

    • Can confirm same email received.

      • Me too

    • Same

    • Shame

    • Same email

    • I got the same email.

    • same :)

  • Same


  • +1

    If anyone wants my code for 30% off novo, it’s here = CUSDE1021

    • Thanks.used

  • +1

    Did anybodys order go through?????
    Hard to believe the inventory function of their website wasn't working and allowed orders when they were "out of stock".

    • +1

      I’m the OP. Mine was also cancelled.

      I think it’s shifty. Might pursue them to still get my items.

      • From their contact page of their website:-

        Due to high volume of enquiries, we're having a delay with our response time. We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience during these times.

      • Unfortunately you have no recourse.

        Best practice with a price error is to not post it on Ozb until you have confirmation it has been shipped. You may have shot yourself in the foot here.

        • Noted for future.

      • take them to court

  • +1

    Refunded, that was a quick one. Paid by Paypal. Someone is working overtime.

  • cancelled, refund received.


  • -2

    Same refund email.
    Shame on not honoring the deal

    • If it was your business I'm sure you'd honor it as well

  • One way to get our details to send us junk mails

  • +1

    Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately we had an incorrect number of stock available in our system and this did not reflect the true amount held in our warehouse. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    You have been refunded in the amount of $10.00, please allow 1-3 business days for processing.