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Samsung Evo Plus 64GB/128GB Micro SD Card $11.40/$18.05 (Was $19/$39) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


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    Everytime deal like this pops up temptation is very high but one look at my still sealed 128gb Mirco and decide to pass.

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      I some how missed placed 2 spare 64gb Samsung evo's. So when I saw this I had to jump on it.

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        Now sweet spot is 128gb I have few 64 already, the 128gb are on my 3ds and my phone, and one spare new 128gb.
        Waiting for 256 become $25 I may upgrade all

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      Time to make a DIY MicroSD card SSD. /s

      • That's nice, what's the link for that gizmo? Price?

        I have an old SSD laptop that has 64GB SSD, is it possible to attached this 128GB into the micro SSD slot and extend the SSD HDD to approx 192GB?? Can windows 10 do this or 3rd party?


        • What I linked is old and a bad idea. A gimmick that converts MicroSD cards into an SSD with a SATA port, so it won't work for your idea. Rather you would need to clone your laptop onto a larger SSD and install that instead.

        • I was looking at all my spare CF cards (32mb 128mbs) and SD cards (245mb 512mb 1gb and 2gb)

          Wondered if there is something that I can hook them up into make a larger storage

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    So, I don't need to pay google to store my photos?

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      Apple users f…d as usual - no sd slot

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        Galaxy S21 said. Hold my beer.

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      ………but if you lose you phone you might just be glad you did :-)

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    just want to share my experience, if the code applied and change your price in cart to full price i.e $39 then clear your cache or use Incognito mode.

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    Nice. Used this today to buy 2 x128gb cards pickup in store. Needed the 128gb last week. Lucky I only got the last 64gb pricematched to this deal at Officeworks for same price.

    64gb is U1 - 10 MB/s write speed
    128gb is U3 - 30 MB/s write speed

    Mod:edited 25-Mar-2021 11:52pm

    Note: These are the new 2020 models.

    64gb is U1 - 100MB/s read & 20MB/s write Full HD 128gb is U3 - 100MB/s read & 60MB/s write 4K

    • 64gb is U1 - 10 MB/s write speed

      Didn't notice this!
      I've got an old Samsung EVO Plus 64GB that says U3 on it. Weird.

  • Do they go out of stock soon?

  • Will this(128gb) work on New MacBook Air 2020 M1 chip …just looking to store movies, media and songs mainly.

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      No card slot on that computer but if you've got a USB-C card reader then sure, it'll be fine for storing media.

      • Thanks I do have the USB-C hub..so you reckon just insert the card in the slot and it’s ready to store stuff or do I need to format it to make it IOS compatible ?

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          Most SD cards are pre-formatted in a format recognised by MacOS, like ExFAT, but seeing as you'll be getting it new it can't hurt to check it in Disk Utility.

          Or just try save something to it. Whether it works or not you've got your answer.

  • THX, OP

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    Is this SD card good for 8k "selfie" video recording in the parliament house? Asking for a mate

    • Lol you have a good connection.

    • Selfie is not compatible with 8K (back camera has sufficient resolution), but who wants to see too many selfies other than yourself - that can be done in much better quality with mirror.
      You can use timer, BT S-pen or watch to trigger 8K photos from the main camera. :)

  • Thanks OP. Paid with 5% off egift cards through Suncorp.

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    If you have a CBA credit card, check to see if you have a “spend $50, get $10 credit at JB Hifi”.

    I just bought 3 x 128GB for $54.15; with the $10 rebate, that’s $44.15 (or $14.72 each)…Bargain!

    • Thanks, been eyeing the commbank rewards section on the app for a while but never had a reason to use it.

  • Thanks op, grabbed a couple with gift cards from the JB Telstra BYO deal from a couple weeks ago 😍

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    I have an old SSD laptop that has 64GB SSD, is it possible to attached this 128GB into the micro SSD slot and extend the SSD HDD to approx 192GB?? Can windows 10 do this or 3rd party?


    • yes but it wont be ssd speed

  • Anyone with discounted GCs want to buy me one of these for click and collect in Belconnen/Civic/Woden?

    Will pay ID money to you right away :)

    • Why?

    • After selling much crap on Gumtree and FB Marketplace, this comment is already making me angry and anxious.

  • Oh man where's the Amazon price match, not able to get to jb hifi to click and collect, ah bummer.

  • Now we are talking

  • Would these be suitable for drones with 4k video?

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      Probably not because 4k video needs U3 speeds while this one is U1.

  • +1
  • bought 2 just because. thanks OP

  • got 2.. now need to figure out what to use it for :-)

  • thanks OP, got 2 of 128GB for my camera and laptop.

  • Paid with gift card and they charged $19.00 for the 128GB version.

    Are they normally round up the price if paying with gift card?

    • Mine wasn't rounded up when paying with GC.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks, got two 128GB

  • are these good to use in dashcams?

    • Go for endurance range.

  • +1

    I use them in dashcams, no probs

  • if anyone like me who doesn't have a store closer to pickup, you could get it for $19 from amazon

  • Like most others I jumped on and grabbed 2 128Gb. Good price thanks OP!

  • Am I right in assuming I can use a 64gb card in a slot that has a maximum of 32gb. I'm think that it will only be able to see/format as 32gb, but that's OK.

    Can anyone confirm that it will work?

    • Depends on the device. You try it. Nothing bad will happen if it don't work.

      • -1

        Thanks but if it doesn't work, I will have wasted $11.40. If only I had a spare card to test, but if I insert one of my other 64gb cards it wants to format it. No thanks!

        I've got a cheap lazer tablet that's running android 9 go that says it takes a 32gb card?

        • you cant transfer the contents of the 64GB card to a PC temporarily. So you can test if your tablet can take 64GB microsd cards?

          • -1

            @xoom: OK thanks for the suggestion. I might try this but it is a hassle as I know I'll have to format the card at least twice.

            Copy to computer, format card in tablet (that's only 32gb), then put back into phone and format back to 64gb, then copy all the data back from lappy. Phone is android 8 and tablet is 9 go.

            I'm actually thinking of just buying the 64gb and risking it all. (all $11.40, that is)

  • Are both of these suitable for use in a Nintendo Switch?

    • Yes but you would really want higher capacity. 256GB at least

      • +1

        …Why? The 128GB card in my kids' Switch has held up great for the last 2 years…

        • i guess depends on how much games you have.

  • Purchased 5x128gb for last ebay Tuesday DJI promotion
    Thanks OP

  • Stupid JB HiFi.

    Shows as in stock in my local store, but not available for click and collect. Nearest c&c is 130km away. Grrrr

    • road trip. j/k

  • These vs Sandisk Extreme for Raspberry Pi?

    • this is fine for a raspberry pi.

      • Yes but is it better than the sandisk extreme microsd?

        • better? probably not. will the raspberry pi take advantage of the sandisk extreme. likely not.

    • For Raspberry Pi, I would use smaller card (16gb) for os as it's easy / faster to backup and content on external storage.

  • Ok just noticed the 64gb is now $12 on Amazon

  • Thanks op, bought one for the dji action

  • thanks op
    bought the 128gb one

  • +1

    64 and 128gb went up in price

    • It's still $18.05 for me.

  • +1

    I have found out the code for in-store purchase, you need to ask the staff to enter this discount code at checkout #JBFIVEOFF

  • Great seeing the 128GB prices dropping

  • great deal… even just $19 for 128gb… I'm satisfied with the price… bought one nearly double years ago.

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