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Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam with GPS US$115.27 (~A$150.55), Xiaomi Dash Cam 70mai 1S D06 US$36.69 (~A$47.92) Delivered @ Banggood


Asked rep for a coupon on the popular Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam and she mentioned the 70mai 1S Dash Cam is on sale. Pretty sure it's the cheapest price yet so have also included the coupon and product link in the post.

Reading comments from those who purchased in the last Viofo A129 Duo deal delivery took about two weeks from China.

To get price in title: Viofo A129 Duo Dash Cam

  • Make sure to use au.banggood link
  • Apply coupon BGVIOFO332 at checkout.

To get price in title: Xiaomi Dash Cam 70mai 1S

  • Make sure to use au.banggood link
  • Apply coupon BG70maiAS99 at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • How hard is it to uninstall it from a car and install it on another? I'm changing cars in a few months. Sorry for the noob question, never installed a dash cam before.

    Edit: talking about the viofo

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      It depends, if it’s for temporary install and you’re not running cables (hardwire to fuse/battery) you just have to peel the cameras off the windshield and buy a new 3m pad/adhesive to mount it to the new car. If you are taking the hardwire route then you have to undo the wire from rear to front, same with front camera undo the wiring and remove from battery terminals/fuse. It’s moderate difficulty for first time but after that it’s easy. I’ve hardwired 5 dash cams now and it’s pretty easy. I’ve done it on a IMAX, Camry, Audi, Honda and LC200 all were a mixture of blackvue dual, 70mai, thinkware and Viofo.

  • Just wondering if anyone on here pays for shipping insurance when buying from Banggood or from other international sellers? I sometimes do when purchase price is over $100 when PayPal is not available.

    • you can always credit card charge back but then it's painful…

      • Yeah nah.. dealing the with banks is hard work. 😆

        • All good, misread..

    • +2


      Paying with Paypal has buyer protection which is the equivalent of shipping insurance and its free , no need to pay extra for shipping insurance so untick the box.

  • Hmm very tempting. Anyone got this and can tell us how it is? I was eyeing the duo plus but not sure the extra $$ is worth it.

    • I’ve installed it on my sister in-laws car and the quality is pretty good, I run the blackvue dr650w-2 and comparing the 2 footages it’s comparable. If you want 2k get the plus but note you will need a larger memory card if your dash cam is hardwired for constant recoding. I have mine recording 8 hour intervals when in parking mode. Use link below to compare 720p - 4K footage comparison.


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      I'm also waiting for a Duo plus deal.

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    If you purchase anything from these guys, make sure you use an email that you don’t mind being spammed.

    Even after unsubscribing for months, they will blast you with spam emails .

    • use an alias if you have gmail like [email protected] easy to report spam after

      • +1

        Legend !

  • I have my trusty A119S hardwired into my car for years and still going strong.

    If I get this A129, and use the existing wiring? Had a quick Google and it looks like it uses the same USB port for power.

    Are the power input requirements the same? Would anyone know? Thanks in advance

    • The HWK would be different. I believe yours is the 2 wire system whereas this woild be the 3 wire type HWK3. So the parking mode won't work then on the plus and anything newer they changed over to a USB-c

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    Good price for the Viofo 129. Got one, thanks OP

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    How easy is it to run the cable from the rear camera to the front? I can see in my Forester where I'd tuck a cable along the top of the windscreen and into the A pillar, not sure about where to do it for the rear camera.

  • Waiting for the Duo Plus sale :3 then i will cop. Any tips on installing a dashcam for the first time?

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    Anyone have a recommendation for a reliable microsd card for these Viofo's? I've tried Samsung Pro Endurance and Sandisk High Endurance cards, both start failing with memory card errors after about a month of recording. I have mine connected with a hardwire fuse kit, so it's continuously recording when it detects movement.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks OP, grabbed the Xiaomi. I ordered one in the last sale here on OzBargain but they ran out of stock. Heres hoping they have enough stock this time.

  • +1

    Everyone waiting for a pro or plus duo deal including me!

  • Thankyou just bought one, don't know too much about these other than they seem pretty popular with this group. Any recommendations for a good sd card and where to buy it? Thankyou

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    Thanks OP. Been looking at the 70mai for a little while now.

  • I was waiting for a deal like this but then got impatient and bought the A139. I had some problems with the SD card slot but that seems to have resolved.

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    Anyone after hardware kit for A129 the one below is pretty good price with free shipping.


  • Do you have to use a card that doesn't charge fee for international transaction when purchasing from Banggood?

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      No you don't, although price would be slightly cheaper if you have one.

      Edit: I checked if you set currency to AU on Banggood site price is AU$151.54

      • Thanks. Used HSBC debit card just in case, but their rate was atrocious! Got charged AU$155. Oh well..
        That was silly.

        • I'm guessing you set currency to US on Banggood's site? If set to AU you would've paid a total of AU$151.54 as there would be no international transaction fee.

          • @adr8: yeah i was under the wrong impression that it's cheaper to pay in USD. There is no international transaction fee on the card I used but FX rate is rip off.

            Are you sure there is international transaction fee with banggood though? even if the transaction is in AUD, you can still get charged international transaction fee if the merchant is located overseas. I've had this happen before with a purchase I made that was denomiated in AUD but still got slapped with international transaction fee because the merchant is a foreign based.

            • @keejoonc: Also happened to me yesterday using PayPal, made a purchase on AliExpress and forgot to switch currency to AU and paid a bit more.

              Not sure, as have always used PayPal at Banggood with currency set to AU and have never been charged an international transaction fee. Before PayPal was accepted at AliExpress if I set currency to US then used either a CBA or ANZ card I would be charged a fee, if I set it to AU there would be no fee.

  • dual cam need 2 SD card or just one and it record both?

    • 1

      • thanks ordered dual cam and now on to SD card

  • I missed out before as the coupon was expired. Though through the app, its $155.13AUD with a group buy. Min 2 participants, was lucky that someone was already waiting.

  • ended up getting this one - out of interest anyone tried Uniden? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613089 - suspiciously no activity over there

  • so apparently it's going to take a month to arrive
    I can never seem to get the NEXAU tracking numbers to work, has anyone had luck?

    • +1

      Should get it sooner, about two weeks according to comments from the last deal.

      • Received the 70mai yesterday, ordered on the 24th.

  • Any chance for another coupon code for the Viofo? Seems it expired.

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    The BG70maiAS99 code does not work ! is there another code ?

  • Any chance for another Viofo A129 Duo OP?

  • Got mine delivered last Friday.

  • Viofo Duo ordered 24/03.
    Many updates saying it was shipped, repeatedly from Bangood.
    Expected arrival when checked on the weekend was 05/05.
    Arrived today so about 3 weeks. I can live with that, except I bought a Blackvue while waiting.
    Quicker than buying most things from 'Australia' on fleabay just FYI for future buyers.

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