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Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ (BL480) $94.05 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ - $50 off plus extra 5%.

Our last one was used daily, over four years old and still working really well - only replacing as our removalists 'lost' it >:@

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  • Thanks OP :)

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    KMART's 1.5 litre digital blender is FAR better coz they have about 10 different functionas (Its multi blender), crushing nuts, ices, chop, blend, grind, what not, many other….They provide two big jars, and its only 40 or 40$, using for more than 4 years too, no single problem

    I had bad feedback about nutri brands, nutri bullet etc, i dont know about this one though

    • Do you have a link? Is it this one?

      My local is out of stock, but I've ready a few places this is good, I think even Choice rated it one of the best?

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        see, all positive reviews and 5 star about 140 people….

        You know what, I was looking for another one too now after 4 years coz I put water to wash the leaks when i haven't closed it well while making protein shake smoothie and a few times I put water inside, although it worked but I put too much water lol recently and it stopped working

        I thouht to buy another and I was sad to see out of stock…but I do get in different suburbs like Penrith etc but I will wait for my local suburb northshore kmart to get this soon, they already promised it will be in stock soon, they are refilling product wise

    • My old blender ($39 Sunbeam from BigW) died (motor burn out smell then rubber gasket at bottom of the jar got worn out causing a leak) after many years of use recently. Purchased this one from Kmart around 6 months ago. So far, not a single issue and been a very good blender given the price point. Highly recommend!

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      coz they have about 10 different functionas

      All it needs is an on/off switch.

    • Can you buy cups for it? i.e. use cup to blend contents, remove blade-lid and drink from cup? (like other models)

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        Can you buy cups for it?

        You can just use a straw.

      • Yes, although original cups tend to be quite expensive

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      Yes I agree, the Kmart brand is better. But you have to make sure it breaks down before 12 months to take full advantage of the warranty and return policy. They usually break down immediately after 12 months. I don't know how they time it so perfectly. That's the only thing I like about them. I think they invest most of the costs in getting that timing right.
      That's why I kept my Ninja for the past 3 years without issues while I went through a few sets of Kmart branded garbage ;)

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        Kmart brand is better

        Not it's not. it doesn't blend as smoothly.

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          I was being sarcastic JV lol

          Kmart brand is crap

          • @foreverphoenix: you guys have so much money and dont know where or how to spend, spend and ejoy :)

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      Far better? Based on what? And you acknowledged you haven't used this model

      Kmart sells cheap rebranded generics and pays news sites to promote. People who leave high ratings haven't ever used a better brand, so you can't really compare :-)

      I have this, and can vouch for quality. Blades are super strong and sharp. The difference mainly comes when you try to blend hard things like nuts, ice etc. I was quite impressed how this Nutri Ninja model smoothly blend even pineapple chunks!

      If you read the reviews it is mentioned that above Kmart blender struggles with even cashews, forget almonds or dates…

      • I blend everything you mentioned and in different levels like fine and coarse etc. I also grind chutneys, I also blend idly and adai batters and everything, and it blends so smooth and nice. It has about 10 functions, no single problem for more than 4 years.

        I make DAILY smoothies and protein shakes with MULTIPLE nuts with different strength of nuts and milk and oats and even the berries…it gives you authentic heavely drinl that you will NEVER get in any ninja or nutri bulltet and also anywhere in the world. The thing is, it is very easy to wssh by remove the all parts of jar and also very big jar and also top loading unlike most of the ones in market are bottom loading sucks

    • Will it blend dry ingredients? Pesto, almond meal, etc?
      We've tried the Nutri Bullet plus the Kmart equivalent (recommended by Choice), they're all incredible at blending wet ingredients but pretty hopeless with dry ingredients. Figured we needed more of a food processor but didn't want something huge or expensive. This looks like it could be promising.

      • absolutely, its best for anything and its afterall 49$ and you use for 5 years, or even more, its like mitsubishi or japanee car. The post here is expensive like cabriolet, you pay for brand mate, just a badge. All same, you travel o both and its wlasy kmart one is best, but that is functionlly great too kmart one

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    Got this model and it has served me well over the past few years. Only recently replaced the blade as it had seized up after daily use for 3 years. Got a replacement and it's good as new.

    • Can you share where you got the replacement blade from? I saw a lot of Nutri Ninja blade advertosed in Ebay, but I am just wondering whether they are good though

      • Buy direct from wholesaler as I bought heaps from different sellers on Ebay and Amazon and none worked after a few months (incl ones that charged me 40 bucks saying they are original). FInally ordered from supplier directly and its working a year with no issues. Its also under 40 bucks from them directly so highly recommended.

      • I Second buying direct from ninja. I did same thing and kept buying knockoffs from Amazon and eBay and each lasted a few months before binding and eventually rust from the bearings leaking into mix. I thought it was the machine itself breaking them till I got original ones.

        Sad thing is not long after my machine burnt out (5 years old). I’d say it may have been because of the knockoff blades as I took it apart and there was crap that had dropped down across the electronics and switches when it leaked. I got the non IQ (bl450) to replace as I like the smaller footprint over regular blenders and already had all the cups and now a spare blade.

      • Yep - I got them from here
        I paid under $40 for the replacement blade

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    only replacing as our removalists 'lost' it >:@

    what else did they "lose"?

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    I have one of these and it's an absolute beast. Gets used about 3 times a week and does a really good job at crushing anything you throw at it. It was well above what I was expecting.

  • cold presser is wayyyy better

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    This thing is well built and yes, it is a beast and blends well.
    It is also the loudest object in existence and you have no chance of using this thing in the morning before everyone is awake or risk death stares from family members. My kids used to run out of the room crying when they were little and even now they block their ears if I even hint at using it.

    • Same. I have to clear out the kitchen and close the doors:)

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      I remember after we got it years ago and seeing the ads on tv with the Mum and kids blending it together looking at each other lovingly. They must have already been deaf from prior use.

  • does anyone which one is good for grinding spices ?

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      You're looking for a blender that also has a very small cup. The small cups are good for spices.

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    Have had this for a few years now and it works great, could probably blend rocks if you wanted (not recommended).
    - very loud, but I guess most of them are
    - the blade part, where the thread for screwing the cup is, gets dirty and there is a rubber gasket down at the bottom… really hard to get to and properly clean it. So you have to use a fork/wire or something to get it out (risk damaging it) and clean it up every time (or at least frequently if you don't want any mold in your smoothie), quite frustrating.

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      The key here is to rinse the blade thoroughly immediately after use (before stuff dries down in the seal gap). I've had this model going on 4 years, and yes it is a beast and very loud. It gets used at least twice a day (ice, frozen berries, frozen mango, etc). I have had to replace the blade a couple of times as it does eventually seize up. But replacement blades are easy to get and cheap from eBay or Amazon.

      • Rinsing the blade immediately after use certainly helps, but I believe you will have to remove and clean up the rubber seal sooner or later and it can be a bit annoying to do. Otherwise it will get quite smelly.

    • Agreed. I've recently started to clean it with a cotton bud. It helps

  • Thanks op

  • Good price. The IQ bit is the most useful bit. Set and forget.

  • Wondering if I should get an upgrade. I have a nutribullet 1000W for more than 3-4 years now and still working good lol

    • +1

      Why would you waste your money if the one you have is working?

    • Probably not. Apparently the nutribullet makes smoother smoothies

  • Got one of these in 2014. Gasket is the biggest drawback. Has leaked every blend and no matter what, the gasket will constantly smell like rotten garbage which stinks out the whole container. Aside from that, the blender is great.

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      True. I've found out recently that running a cotton but along the edge every now and then helps greatly

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    Had too many problems. When I called the customer care they asked me to buy a new one. So o would not recommend it.

    • If you wouldn't mind be asking, what were the problems? Was the item in warranty when you called the customer care?

      • The plastic jars have a nudge that needs to click in to ensure it is securely fitted in. That small piece of plactic wears our over time. And the mechine wont start. It is a design flaw.

        • Thank you. You forgot the other question: Was the item in warranty when the called them?

          • @CocaKoala: I was one month out of warranty. I asked if I can buy the parts and they said they don't sell them separately and the rep was trying to sell me a new one. I did love the machine. However, if you are using it daily, the plastic contacts will wear out and you will have to throw away the entire machine.

            • @Rakibul: If it's just one month out if warranty, you could have filed a warranty claim under the ACL as it's reasonable to expect the product not to break down completely within a month if the warranty expiring.

              • @CocaKoala: Thanks for the information. Next time, i hope not, if it happen then i will be aware of the ACL.

    • lol that’s audacious of them

  • plastic jars.. eww.. micro plastics will go in ur healthy smoothy

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      Microplastics are everywhere, in the air, in the water, in your food, and would stay there for hundreds of years even if we stop polluting the Earth now. So, not a lot of difference if your blender had a plastic cup.

    • hmm never thought about that. been using mine for years.

    • What smoothie blender could you recommend that doesn't have a plastic cup?

      • A few Kmart ones are made of glass. Go to the store and check them in person. Glass is a bit heavy and harder to wash for some people.

  • I had to buy a replacement blade just outside of warranty.. that replacement failed just outside of about 3 months and they wanted me to pay again. I pushed back and they agreed to send a replacement free of charge.

    That replacement is now failing and needs to be replaced again… It's very common and well commented on online.

    They use cheap and nasty bearings.

    The motor/base is good, but I think with postage replacement blades were about $40 which isn't far off half the price of this price. If they spent a few dollars more on a reasonable bearing, this would be a good buy.

    Its only used a few times a week.. I wouldn't buy again.

    • What sort of ingredients do you put into your smoothies?

      • For the most part only banana, then add cacao and things like that and celery at times as well. I don't even use ice, or frozen fruits or anything.

      • It is designed and advertised to crush ice

        • I'm sure that cheap bearing is designed to do many things.. just not last a reasonable lifetime doing them! 🤣

  • Have had mine for a few years and no issues. Just bought another

  • +2

    I prefer blenders with glass jars. Unlike plastic they do not absorb the food odour and do not get scratched up to add microplastic into your blend. They are harder to clean, but much safer to use with food.

  • Thanks for sharing got one

  • It’s an inferior quality product. Started leaking on day 3!

    • My 30 kmart bullet blender is going much much better. Also they refund with a voucher without recipt given that you have the original box

  • +2

    I've had these for a few years, they're great, no issues to date. Use it a couple times a week.

    • Same here - I've had my Nutri Ninja for 3-4 years now and it's great. It's prob the most used gadget in the kitchen

  • -2

    My suggestion for those people making smoothies is to get a stick blender. Much easier to clean, more compact, more quiet.

    • Water & Milo huh?

      • Usually banana, frozen berries and protein powder.

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