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[NSW] Free 9kg BBQ Gas Refill for Households Who Are Impacted by Floods (Select Suburbs) @ Riverstone LPG


First 100 Residents.
Residents of Richmond, Windsor, Pitt Town and adjacent suburbs only.
One Refill per household
Customers needs to show proof of flood impact/address.
Offer expires 1st April/Stock lost.


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Riverstone LPG

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    Hey how much do you guys charge for a 9kg bottle re-test? I'm keen to swing some business your way due to your generosity.

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      Tel: 02-9627 4358, Fax :02-9627 4844, Cell: 0418 975 330

      Send them a Fax

      • +3

        Called, $25 for a re-test.

        • -4

          Is their Fax machine down again?

          • +3

            @jv: Ignore JV. Rather, give him zero FAX

            • @zsik3115:

              give him zero FAX

              I stopped using faxes 3 months ago.

    • +3

      TBH you're better off using swap and go for a bottle that's out of date. BP charge $25 and doesn't matter if it's in date or out you get a replacement cylinder full of gas.

      • Swap and go is $25-29 a pop whereas refill are under $20 around where I live, seems like I could recoup the re-test cost fairly quickly.

        I've managed to swap a bottle that was stamped in 2003 2002….yeah nah I trust my own bottle.

        • +1

          Same here. I normally just refill at about $20, but if they are out of date then I swap them.

  • I've been isolated since Saturday now. Might need a boat to get the gas refill though :)

    • They are at eastern creek. My 15hp 2 stroke struggled to get the 5km from where i am into wiseman's ferry against the current. It would cost a lot more in fuel than the gas costs to get it as far as eastern creek I'd imagine.

  • If lowlife scums are looting the flood victims then lowlife scums will try to take advantage of this

    • +2

      yeah junkies at their best, they do it during bush fires too. i really love this deal to help those in need, however its heartbreaking to see all the pieces of shit take advantage also. needs to be way harsher punishment for them

  • +4

    I'm not in the area, nor do I have a need for gas but I just wanted to thank you for being so generous in these times :)

  • +1

    Nice work OP!

  • What a freaking nice gesture! <3 Good on ya Riverstone LPG

  • Good humans

  • +2

    Big Karma coming your way OP…..thumbs up!

  • Well done Riverstone LPG!!! I will ensure I use you guys from now on for my Gas needs; a very good, practical gesture.

    Unlike AirBNB, who didn't even lower any fees to help Hosts who opened their houses for free to all flood victims:


  • Something like this, brings a tear to my eye, superb. Australia, best country :)

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