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[eBay Plus] Switch Pro Controller $49, Mario All Stars $39, Hisense S4 Smart TV $149 + Del, Sony HT-S100F Soundbar $99 @ eBay


Next ebay Tuesday's sales have been announced -

On Tuesday, March 30, eBay Australia will drastically drop the price on a Hisense 32-inch Series S4 smart TV, with eBay Plus subscribers able to snap up the set for an insane AU$149, which is down from its regular retail price of AU$395.

And if you’re looking for a soundbar to pair with your new TV, the Sony HT-S100F will be available for just AU$99 to Plus subscribers – a significant drop from its current listed price of AU$248. Only 500 units will be available, and they're dropping at 4pm AEDT on March 30.

For Nintendo Switch owners, there’s ace deals also coming your way. The excellent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be available for just AU$49, saving you AU$40 off RRP. The price of Super Mario 3D All-Stars will also be slashed down to AU$39, a fair whack off its launch price of AU$79.95.

You’ll have a much better chance at nabbing these Nintendo Switch deals too, with 800 units of each available during the day. They’ll drop in batches of 400, at 10am and 4pm AEDT respectively on Tuesday, March 30.

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              • @MBix: Yeah seems like that are contradicting themselves. It's either an eBay Plus deal or it isn't. Thanks for the reply's

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      eBay's Tues Deal is only for eBay Plus Members only.
      Delivery charges is ripping-off members benefits.

  • 15min of stuffing around in cart and no controller and no game.. not happy

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      What were you doing for 15 minutes? These items were gone in 2.

  • -3

    Once you've gotten an item, you can't get the same item at 4pm is that right?

    • If it is using the same discount code, you can't get two
      " limit of 1 transaction per redemption code" https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/ebaytuesdays/

    • Not usually, as it will almost certainly be the same code. The code is only single use per account.

    • +1

      Yep, coupon code will be the same at 4pm and it's limited to one use.

  • Ok! Thanks.

  • +1

    Whoops, lost track of time, missed the Switch stuff but was still able to get the soundbar at 10:10. Would have grabbed the TV for the kids room, but the $40 postage cost kills the deal.

    • +15

      I was going to grab the TV for the kid's room too, then at checkout, I realised I don't have a kid's room…..or kids. $150 + $40 saved.

      • +5

        You can have my kids if you want.

        • Yeah ….nah. I only scored the one pro controller and I don't relish having to share it!

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    drone last week, beers this week… friday I will have lost drone and be hungover

  • +2

    grabbed the tv. regardless of the shipping cost, its still a genuine $160ish off the normal price with shipping - everyone else seems to be $350 before delivery = 45% discount all up

    • +3

      It’s only a 720p Tv. A waste of money if you ask me.

      • Granny or grandpa may like it.

      • +2

        True, but can't find a 1080p tv under $500. And I dont think the kids will care what the wiggles or Dora will look like in 720P :-)))))))

    • I suggest getting on to chat, they issued me a $40 voucher.

      • Which chat - Ebay ??

        • Yes, they explained that it's not an eBay plus item so no free shipping but as a one time exception they issued me a $40 voucher

          • @adr8: Awesome - thanks. Gunna try to get on to them now

            • @Tvsupaguru: Lets us know how you go.

              • +1

                @ash2000: They refused to issue a $40 refund for the shipping fee.

                • @KOBH: The comment above didn't get a refund. Maybe you should be more tactful.

                  • @WhatWouldBiggieDo:

                    they explained that it's not an eBay plus item so no free shipping

                    I said exactly that and didn't get anything. I've canceled my order.

              • +3

                @ash2000: Got on to ebay CS. $40 voucher applied to my ebay account. Happy with that as there is always something we need that we buy

                • @Tvsupaguru: Wow….good work.

                • @Tvsupaguru: Good work, How did you chat with them. I tried but they refused. Shall I try different CS rep?

                  • +1

                    @shoppinginsyd: On Chat. I played dumb. " I bought this but didnt seem to get the ebay plus fre shipping…………" Blah Blah Blah. Continued on, "Oh really, but I only signed up to ebay plus cos of the free shipping …………." blah blah blah…………… "Look at how much I bought in the past"……………. Blah blach blah

      • Tried 3x Live Chat Rep, all refused.

        • I tried two, same here , no luck.

        • +1

          After sending a message to Bing Lee to cancel my order, they replied with the following message:

          Yes the $40 is not covered by ebay plus, however we advise you to have a chat to customer service as some customers have received a $40 voucher in regards to this.

          Attempted another 2 more time with Live Chat (quoting the Bing Lee message). Was not successful…

          • @RichardL: Chat initially refused to issue me the $40 voucher. They only offered after I wanted the matter escalated to a supervisor or their marketing dept. Have had similar vouchers granted before via their marketing dept.

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    Re. The TV

    Is it just me or is it bloody cheeky of eBay to run an eBay plus promotion (eBay plus is meant to be primarily about free shipping) and then sell an item that requires $40 shipping? Wtf!

    • +2

      It's ebay, nothing surprises me anymore.
      With the Jordans their friends were probably not ready, and they created 4 or 5 listings to make sure majority of people would be confused and not being able to buy it. … Just to make sure their friends could get it.

    • +1

      Even $40 less I would have not bought it .

    • +1

      Edit. $40 delivery is pure price gouging too for a 32" tv to a metro area.

      The Good Guys charge just $10 shipping for a 32" TV.

      • But the TV is $345 at The good guys. So, $355 all up vs $189 all up ?.

        • Yes, the eBay price is far better. Just comparing the inflated shipping price.

      • Doesn't it depend on the total price ?
        eg $139 + $40 postage = $169 + $10 postage ( Surely they aren't the same price as this deal )
        I don't even know why I'm saying kindergarten stuff !

        • Ordinarily yes, but in this case they promoted a television for $149 and made no mention the postage. Then then they have levied an excessive postal price on top.

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    The 4 pines are now back in stock - it seems to keep going in and out of stock so you may get lucky.

    Strangely, they don't post to Brisbane Meto.

  • +1

    Unfortunately, this seller won't post to your location. Perth Metro. 4 pines

  • Just got some beer

  • Thanks OP for the retiring Mario

  • Anyone get the soundbar?

  • Damn, assumed I'd be able to use my $50 signup voucher in conjunction. Looks like I can't! Anyone had success, or it's just not possible?

    • +1

      not possible

      • Ah well, I should have investigated better. Now to find something over $50 I want to buy in the next month!

        • +1

          You can get a combination of things for up to $50 as long as they are paid for at the same time.

          • @Zenyatta: Now THAT is good to know. Thanks!

            • +2

              @Doy: A good suggestion I've seen others use is to buy half price weekly items from Coles Ebay

  • +3

    Soundbar is available now PLUSSY10

    • Thanks mate

  • +1

    The soundbars just got put up early.

  • Got the switch controller

  • Yeeha, got the controller!

  • Sweet grabbed a Pro Controller

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is up

  • +1

    Got the controller on second drop at 401pm

    ADDIT: omg all gone at 403pm.

  • +4

    Bloody hell, opened at 4:01, stressed me out but i still got my controller lmao

    • +2

      That was more stressful than doing 5 uni exams in one week

  • Switch controllers gone in a minute. Got one :D

  • Croc. Pro controller gone

    Good thing I was only buying due to fomo :p

  • Got the controller this time. Thanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP, got the Super Mario 3D All-Stars in 10am batch & Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for 4pm batch!

  • Picked up a pro controller. Cheers!

  • got one controller. Thank you opening post!

  • Got mario and sound bar!

  • Got both controller and mario game at 4pm drop! Thanks, OP!

  • goddammit, I got confused clicking my GC in conjunction with the code and missed out on the controller

  • Got Mario and the Controller. Hoooraaa

  • +1

    Got Mario and Pro Controller

  • Got a controller.

  • All over for the switch stuff…u blink, u miss it…crazy.

  • Got one.
    After payment, went back to see how many were left.

    Sold out.

    Gotta be those bots.

  • Got a controller thanks

  • Absolute legends, bought the soundbar at 3:57pm, expresspost tracking number at 4:01pm. Good stuff

  • managed to get the pro controller, thanks OP!

  • Urhh, miss out on the controller again.

    it's in my check out and in the time I filled out payment details, it's gone.

    • +1

      My tip for next time is to have a gift card loaded up in checkout and ready to go, makes the whole process much quicker.

  • I got strange error about my credit card not being in the system when trying to buy the controller (even though I just bought the sound bar a minute earlier with the same saved credit card).

  • Pro Controller Confirmed!

    Thanks OP!

  • I didn't read properly and realise it was ebay plus offer until I tried to apply the code in checkout, and by the time I signed up for free membership it was out of stock in like 2 mins heck how fast are ppl :'c

  • Goddamn, purchased the soundbar 10 mins ago, already marked as dispatched and received tracking. Impressive.

    • That would be bot Automation. I bet it will still be in their warehouse until the courier driver rocks up in the morning :-)

      • Pretty cool to see it working seemlessly, have never seen an order progress to tracking this quick..

  • Got some more beer coz I'm gonna be gaming hard with my PRO CONTROLLER