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[eBay Plus] Switch Pro Controller $49, Mario All Stars $39, Hisense S4 Smart TV $149 + Del, Sony HT-S100F Soundbar $99 @ eBay


Next ebay Tuesday's sales have been announced -

On Tuesday, March 30, eBay Australia will drastically drop the price on a Hisense 32-inch Series S4 smart TV, with eBay Plus subscribers able to snap up the set for an insane AU$149, which is down from its regular retail price of AU$395.

And if you’re looking for a soundbar to pair with your new TV, the Sony HT-S100F will be available for just AU$99 to Plus subscribers – a significant drop from its current listed price of AU$248. Only 500 units will be available, and they're dropping at 4pm AEDT on March 30.

For Nintendo Switch owners, there’s ace deals also coming your way. The excellent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be available for just AU$49, saving you AU$40 off RRP. The price of Super Mario 3D All-Stars will also be slashed down to AU$39, a fair whack off its launch price of AU$79.95.

You’ll have a much better chance at nabbing these Nintendo Switch deals too, with 800 units of each available during the day. They’ll drop in batches of 400, at 10am and 4pm AEDT respectively on Tuesday, March 30.

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      • Shipping cost?

        • +1

          eBay plus items always have free shipping.

  • No more $1 Tuesday deal?

    • There was one last Tuesday.

      • I hope ebay can run last Christmas $1 deal again.

  • Nearly getting all my switch stuff here, god bless someone who has the link tomorrow. I'll be there at 4pm sharp.

  • Post mentions the Sony soundbar drop is one at 10AM and another at 4PM. Post then later says there’s only at 4PM? Which is actually true?

  • Anyone have the possible direct link to the merchant ?

    Gamemen for the Nintendo products probably.

  • Will the sound bar be any good if I already have a Sony X8500E 65inch TV?

  • +1

    Any news from Amazon?

    • +2

      is it that hard to go to amazon.com.au and search "Nintendo Switch Pro Controller"?

      • As I cannot find anything yet, so just want to check with you guys.

    • +2

      Not yet, last time was around this time.

      • Thanks for confirming

      • +3

        Looks like Amazon won't join the game.

  • So do you use a code or something and then apply in the cart? Ive never had any success with these limited deals before and need the ozb fool proof method!

    • Yes they will publish a code that needs to be applied to the cart

    • Will you be able to add two different items and apply the code or do a separate transaction for each?

      • Depends

  • Anyone guess if Ebay will post other deals in addition to these today?

  • +1
  • PLUSNP10 code for controller

  • Got a controller - thnaks all!

  • Got the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, thanks!

  • eBay is coming!

  • I got the controller haha

  • woohoo got a controller!

  • +1

    PLUSNP10 for pro controller

  • +5

    pfft $40 postage for the TV. no thanks

  • Got the all star game

  • controller out of stock. I missed out because I was using a new browser and wasn't logged in :'(

  • Pro controller sold out 1st wave, damn that was hot.

  • got a soundbar - that was not close at all!

  • Controller and Game codes are swapped?

  • -3

    a Big BOOOO to Amazon for not joining the party, wasted 1 hour waiting for nothing.

    • Just because they did it once is no reason to expect them to match it again

    • Amazon have no stock of the Pro Controller (only 3rd party sellers). They couldn't come to top the party even if they wanted to.

  • +1

    Managed to get the controller and game!

    • Lucky bugger

  • +1

    So quick controller sold out

  • +2

    That was really sweet. Automatically applied codes you can just tick. Got myself Pro Controller, Mario All Stars and some booze to celebrate.

    I don't got a switch though. Don't drink beer much.

  • +2

    Switch Pro controller gone in 1 min -_-

  • -1

    Controller was easy to cop! Thanks OP.

  • +1

    got one - the code popped up about 9:58 so could add it to checkout and wait for 10am

  • game countroller gone!

  • +1

    People don't forget to active this prior to purchase for an extra $2 cashback.

    • +2

      Doesn't work with promocodes

    • can't use it with a promo code

      • And wasting time for the extra $2 puts you at risk of missing out!

    • Worth a shot!

  • +2

    No shopping to WA for beer. Really.

    • -4

      Look up freights costs . All the WA people that think freight is free !

      • Do we?

        • -1

          If you do know that why you didn't get it .
          Lots of deals on here WA people whinging about no free postage .
          Other wondering why they were culled after getting a deal !

      • +1

        There were some other beer deals from ebay before and it was included free delivery. I expected same this time too.

    • Pretty poo mixed with $40 delivery for the TV and the fact that the "eBay Plus Express Postage" offering isn't available for WA either as a whole with other Plus items.

  • +1

    Got the controller, Thanks OP

    Just a note for everyone else in WA, they wont deliver the beer here

  • +1

    Thanks OP, managed to grab a pro controller, super mario and a slab of beer.
    Sounds like a great Friday night.

  • TV has $40 delivery charge

  • Got the beer. Hope postage to Sydney beats the pedicted Tuesday.

  • $40 delivery fee for TV to Sydney.

    • Same to Melbourne…

      • not that good price then plus delivery, I wish could free pick up.

  • OMG can't believe I got the Switch gear, last time I missed out and it was only 10:33am.

  • Pro controller was gone quick, I managed to grab one.

    A GC speeds up the payment process if you're going to chase the 4pm drop, SB has Swap 5% cashback.

    • -1

      +1 for GC.

      This is the first time I've used one in one of these deals. So fast. When I clicked back to see the "sold items" list only 3 were ahead of me. Not to mention it brings the controller to $46.55!

    • What's a GC?

    • Is it possible to load up a new gift card without a transaction?

      • That's a good question and I feel it works this way. If you have $100 Giftcard added to your account and you use it to pay for some item worth $1. After that transaction, you will see that particular giftcard in your account as a payment option with $99 balance and you will continue to see it in all subsequent transactions. Hope that helps. Not aware if there is any other way

  • Pro Controller and Switch game is out of stock now!!!

  • come back at 4pm if you missed out on the controller!

  • Don't worry I got the beer only multi item I went for .
    Also a game and controller :)

  • -1

    Poor showing amazon

    • Amazon (fulfilment) don't actually have any pro controllers at the moment, only 3rd party sellers.

  • Got the controller. Very happy. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Sony Sound Bar and Hisense TV is still available now.
    Maybe due to shipping charges incurred?

    • There's no shipping on the sound bar…but I guess there's no point to the sound bar without the TV.

      • +1

        Soundbar works with desktop computer too.

  • Got both hopefully the controller means less RSI!

  • Only ~100 TV Sold in ~10mins.

    Would have been gone in minutes if there was no delivery fee (or at least a C&C Option).

  • +1

    4 pines - 2 drops 10am and 4pm 500 units - 85 sold and out of stock ..

    Oh yeah, right, it's ebay..
    Also still waiting for last weeks "priority shipped" order to be shipped.

    • Good spotting I think like the past it will come alive again before the next 4 PM drop .

      • Got another one last min with gift cards :)

        • Yeah me too, but still if you say 2 drops, it should all be there.
          Even though I got one with GCs, it's still bothering me others are missing out because ebay doesn't do what they say/advertise.

  • $40 delivery for TV??? Isn't this an eBay Plus offer???

    "Shopping for eBay Plus items and deals
    On all eBay Plus items, members get free express delivery to metro addresses (see eligible postcodes), free standard delivery everywhere else in Australia and free returns – just look out for the eBay Plus badge. You can also use the eBay Plus filter in search results to show only eBay Plus listings."


    • They've either changed the wording around or always been sneaky. It's "eBay Tuesdays" with "Get the most out of eBay Tuesdays with eBay Plus"

      The item itself isn't a plus item :(

      • The discount code says the word "PLUS" in it and it's a PLUS offer…

        • Oh I completely agree it's sly by eBay, the page mentions EXCL Postage too. Was just pointing out the item isn't normally listed as a Plus Item.

          • @MBix: I see they mention that it says "Items from the following sellers are excluded from the free express delivery upgrade: big-w-online, myer_store_official, danmurphys_au, babybunting, binglee…" But that is only the free upgrade to express option.

            The banner for this sales states "Use code PLUSPA10. Dropping 10am & 4pm AEDT. Exclusive to eBay Plus members.

            This implies that this is an eBay Plus deal which would then fall under free delivery (just not express upgrade).

            • +1

              @IG88: I'm sure it borderlines false advertising, however the "Excls postage disclaimer probably saves them in some outrageous way. They know what they're doing. On these deals especially people click through as quickly as they can not seeing the postage cost and then are stuck with it.