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[eBay Plus] Switch Pro Controller $49, Mario All Stars $39, Hisense S4 Smart TV $149 + Del, Sony HT-S100F Soundbar $99 @ eBay


Next ebay Tuesday's sales have been announced -

On Tuesday, March 30, eBay Australia will drastically drop the price on a Hisense 32-inch Series S4 smart TV, with eBay Plus subscribers able to snap up the set for an insane AU$149, which is down from its regular retail price of AU$395.

And if you’re looking for a soundbar to pair with your new TV, the Sony HT-S100F will be available for just AU$99 to Plus subscribers – a significant drop from its current listed price of AU$248. Only 500 units will be available, and they're dropping at 4pm AEDT on March 30.

For Nintendo Switch owners, there’s ace deals also coming your way. The excellent Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be available for just AU$49, saving you AU$40 off RRP. The price of Super Mario 3D All-Stars will also be slashed down to AU$39, a fair whack off its launch price of AU$79.95.

You’ll have a much better chance at nabbing these Nintendo Switch deals too, with 800 units of each available during the day. They’ll drop in batches of 400, at 10am and 4pm AEDT respectively on Tuesday, March 30.

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  • +8

    Is the soundbar good ? The tv is 720p and not even 1080p, maybe this model https://hisense.com.au/product/32-hd-720p-tv-series-s4/

    • +3

      Not an amazing TV but good enough for the kids or a bedroom at that price

    • +16

      Agree that TV in 2021 should be at least Full HD (1080p)
      While mid-range TV are now 4K and top-range are 8K

      • +13

        What's the point in 8k TV lol. There is almost no content in 8k and won't be for a while.

        • It's just basically a future proof thing
          most people wont buy a new TV every year anyway :)

          Probably Youtube and Netflix will be start having 8K collections this/coming year

          • +11

            @littlesoldier: Bottleneck is NBN, unless FTTP and 200mbps+ is generally avaialble at reasonable price, 8k streaming is still a concept for public.
            For gaming, FPS is taking priority than 8k in this generation.

            • +1

              @Mandalorians: NBN 250/25 is now at much reasonable price, most at around $100-150

              Unfortunately its limited to FTTP and HFC only
              For FTTC household, probably not worth upgrade to FTTP unless you are really close to exchange or node
              and the price of upgrade is acceptable FTTP Upgrade Quote

              • @littlesoldier: Using Launtel 400/50 now costing $4.10 per day or $123 per month

              • +2

                @littlesoldier: NBN 250 is a scam, only has 25mbps upload where my current 100mbps plan has 50mbps. Internet in this country is a joke.

            • +5

              @Mandalorians: I doubt there would be much perceptible difference between 4k and 8k streams.

              I've seen content on Blu-ray that looks better than 4k streams.

            • +2

              @Mandalorians: Bottleneck in Australia yeah, not elsewhere. They don't build these units with the Aussie market specifically in mind. Once 8k sources are more available internationally you'll see many more 8k sets even here.

              If you're lucky enough to be in the relatively small footprint, check out iiNet HFC (non-NBN). Paying $79/mo and getting up to 800/120 off peak.

            • @Mandalorians:

              Here are the download speeds Netflix recommends (for one stream):

              SD — 3Mbps
              Full HD — 5Mbps
              4K Ultra HD — 25Mbps

              Judging by that scale you should be alright if you have between 50-70mbps, no need for 200mbps. Netflix 4K content is low bitrate so I expect the same from their 8K offering. During the pandemic lockdown height Netflix even wound back the streaming bitrate from June to December last year.

            • @Mandalorians: I've only seen a single instance of an demo 8k TV with 8k content playing.

              They could have chosen better footage to see the difference..

              Remember when 4K came about and you said "I can barely see the pixels"? Well this is that again, but with a diminished return.

          • @littlesoldier: @littlesoldier I am still using my shitty Kogan Tv bought in 2016, my family hardly uses TV, and never really look on buying TV in any near future honestly, everything is available on laptops, and smartphone, dont really need a TV

          • +5

            @littlesoldier: Future proofing never works and is the dumbest thing ever. You basically get the worst version of the tech that almost never stacks up against the soon to be average.

            Have you seen what the initial 1080p TVs looked like?

            • @BusMan247: Don't get it wrong, I am not telling people to buy 8K TV (and I don't own one myself either)
              Just saying its now available in the market with a high price tag (top-range)

              While majority people will think its a waste of money
              the fact is there are people still willing to pay a lot to get a 8K TV

          • +1

            @littlesoldier: By the time 8k is mainstream, the TV will be outdated.

            4k only just became standard in film/movies in the last few years with UHD Bluray. 8k is still very very far away. Better off spending the money on a better quality 4k TV

      • +8

        Must disagree with this. Considering 8k as "top end" isn't right. Full back lit, local dimming, high contrast ratio/HDR, peak brightness, etc all define what makes a TV "high end".

        8k source isn't a thing now, and realistically won't be for a few years.

        • +1

          Even "a few years" is optimistic.

          It'll be much slower than 4k content, which is still a long way from being common enough to be considered mainstream (there's even less 4K content if you don't count 4k streaming, which you shouldn't, since it's often worse image quality than 1080p blu-ray, and is always worse sound quality).

          I'm guessing closer to 10 years before there's enough good 8k content, at high enough quality (bandwidth), to make it worth spending even a single dollar for an 8k TV over a 4K one.

          Like with 4k though, expect 8k TVs to become standard many years before 8K content is.

          • @ItsMeAgro: Not onto that, I just bought a PS5. It can push 4K and that’s about it. I wouldn’t even think of changing to a 8K before the next, next gen consoles.

        • What’s a good model that has all this stuff ?

    • I bought one for my mum a while back, depending what you want it for it's alright. Sound quality is OK, nothing special. If you have a high end TV with decent inbuilt speakers I wouldn't bother.
      If you have a lower tier TV or your speakers arent that nice then it's a small upgrade that's inexpensive.
      For the price it's not bad.

    • -7

      Sound bar is junk… sells for US RRP is $99, and frequently drops to $79 like now https://www.amazon.com/Sony-S100F-Speaker-Integrated-Bluetoo...

      • Pre-owned it states it is not new.

        • Oops my bad.
          Maybe I also saw the pre owned price when I was researching a purchase a ~4 months ago.

    • Will it be the same code for all items and code can be applied once per account? In that case better to choose / try to get the item in order of priority.

  • +7

    Great time to pick up Super Mario 3D All-Stars, as the final production date (and removal from the Nintendo eShop) is 31st March 2021.

    • +5

      Thanks for reminding me, don't know why they are making it a limited release (even digitally).

      • +19

        don't know why they are making it a limited release (even digitally)

        Artificial scarcity, one of Nintendo's favourite anti-consumer practices

        • +2

          Well put. It's disgusting from them

    • I'd been keeping my eye on the Amazon price, thinking about pulling the trigger, so great timing on this sale! Not so great that my partner paid full price for a Pro controller for my birthday in January… I think I've used it 5 times total :/

  • -3

    3D all star…last chance to grab it…i think it’s getting discontinued soon. Though not as great as other 3D Mario games…among 3 games in it…only galaxy is good.

    • +5

      Hell no, Sunshine is an absolute classic and still heaps of fun

      Of course if Nintendo take them away you can still emulate for free on even a smarthphone now

      • +1

        I really enjoyed 64. It doesn’t look good in terms of graphics but it plays very well. Worlds are interesting and more open instead of the more linear levels of the newer games (other than Odyssey). Difficulty was perfect imo.
        They’re all great games not just Galaxy

      • When will Super Mario 3D All-Stars be discontinued?

        Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a limited time release, with a set availability of six months. That means that Nintendo will no longer be supplying new copies of the game from March 31 (this goes for digital sales as well).


    • +1

      Me thinks this sale indicates it didn't sell out as fast as Nintendo hoped. I bought the collection and enjoyed it.

      Yes I'm aware I could've emulated it myself but there was something nice about it being (very lightly) updated and emulated by Nintendo themselves.

  • +9

    Keep your eyes peeled on Amazon too, we may see those Nintendo products available as a lightning deal as we saw with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury a couple weeks ago

    • +6

      Hope they match the Pro controller deal

      • Ya, don't mind have an extra pro controller.

        • Was thinking exactly the same. What's the best way to keep a look out on the day? Or is it really just to keep checking Amazon site deals. Apart from relying on Ozbargain info of course!

      • Second that

  • See what Amazon could do on the day. At least one of those switch deal will be matched I hope.

  • +1

    Do these prices include (Perth metro) delivery?

  • +6

    Amazon sure will come to party too. I have both Amazon Prime and eBay Plus membership, I think they both worth their fees now. Amazon made eBay Plus changed, now eBay takes the lead in providing better discounted products.

    • +3

      I think they both worth their fees now.

      I wouldn't pay much for Ebay Plus.. but since they keep doing their $30 / $50 vouchers for signup I'm happy for it!

      • But those 50 voucher can't use on these deals right? These deals all need a coupon which made the voucher ineligible

        • +1

          Yeah so the $50 voucher deffo isn't worth $50 cash, but it still covers most of the annual fee.

          • @Merlict: I miss when you could use the voucher to just buy a eBay gift card and just use whenever!

            • @Jasonissm: You can still buy a gift card for another store though (at least I did last time) Bought a jb one.

          • @Merlict: The $50 voucher is great for buying one off's that don't get sales. E.g. I used mine for a second hand egpu.

    • I wouldn't say takes the lead, but it's a nice healthy competition now.

  • +3

    Anytime I see Switch products I get excited, then realise I haven't had time to play my switch in the last 2 months. Still keen on the items tho'

    • +15

      Same, buying games/ accessories are more fun than actually playing them

      • +1

        Same here. Just collecting games at this point…

  • +2

    Has anyone used that soundbar?

    • +4

      I bought one for my mum a while back, depending what you want it for it's alright. Sound quality is OK, nothing special. If you have a high end TV with decent inbuilt speakers I wouldn't bother.
      If you have a lower tier TV or your speakers arent that nice then it's a small upgrade that's inexpensive.
      For the price it's not bad.

    • +4
      • +1

        YAS-108 is also 6.3 rating points.

    • +1

      I had it for my main TV and couldn't do it, had to sell it. The audio was overall ok but picking up dialogue was just too hard.

      Fine for some casual music or for a bedroom I'm sure.

      • Definitely talking about the right model? RTINGS review said dialogue was the only thing this does well.

        • Yep. That's kind of why I bought it but for me it wasn't up to standard. Maybe my living area was too big or something plus I didn't have a sub.

  • I wonder if it will be the same code for all of the products again, so you can only get one. If so, I need to start thinking about which item is the best value…

    • Last two times the products had separate codes though.

      • Most recent deal the earliest drop in the day had same codes for 4 items, probably where the contingency planning comes in.

  • +1

    Just paid $60 for second hand Pro controller ugh!

    • +1

      Dont beat yourself up, the limited quantity makes it fairly difficult to get one.

    • +1

      Thank you for your sacrifice

      • notallheroeswearcapes

  • is the Hisense TV any good?

    • Yep.

      • I tried hard with an S5. Couldn't find a setting that would make it watchable in any resolution. Didn't get to try 4k, but it has to work in SD, HD, 1080p as well anyhow. I know someone with a better model in the same size, it's passable. Wouldn't try to buy one again, that's for sure!

  • Any chance of another 15% off most items for Ebay Plus users this Tuesday DB? Holding off purchasing something that wasn't included in the Afterpay 20% off sale last weekend

  • Consensus on the soundbar - good for dialogue, poor for bass - which suits me.

    Although fivespice, above, says it's no good for dialogue either. Now I'm confused.

  • Would like to get the Switch Pro Controller but already used my Ebay Plus.

    Can I just create a new Ebay account to join Ebay Plus free trial to grab this deal?

  • +2

    Roll on Tuesday for amazon lightning deals

  • Shame the Hisense only has 2 HDMI ports. I want to replace my current bedroom TV but using 3 HDMI ports.

    • +1

      What are you using three hdmis on the vedroom TV for?

      • A HDMI sender from a PVR in the living room. A Mii box for Kodi and a Wii U!

    • +2

      Why not just use a hdmi splitter?

      • yep i did this, pretty cheap to get a 5 to 1 splitter and it would solve your problems.

    • 32" for the bedroom? Even the Amish don't go below 40" these days.

      • It has to fit in a specific place though …. (oeerrr)

        • +1

          Oh ic.

          I'd also check out Gumtree. Smaller TVs are a fine a dozen these days .

  • +2

    nowhere near as good as the drone or iWatch deal from this week

  • I thought I was slick getting the switch pro controller for $70 on catch ($20 off for lattitude pay).
    you win some you lose some.

  • Where’s my Mario game from last eBay plus fuqya

  • Wow. Disappointing.

  • +1

    Is there any way to find the link for the sale items before they actually go on sale? I've only had ebay plus for 2 months and I can't seem to find the link until a few minutes into the sale, and by then I've missed the first batch.

    • +3

      Start refreshing the eBay Tuesday deal page at about 09:59:30. Thats the page where the links first become active. Last week the links became available about 10 seconds before 10am.


      I've always just clicked through from there and found success.

      • incognito mode or normal ? I have had trouble seeing the deals in the past in normal mode.

        • +1

          The last two Tuesdays I've had no problem seeing the deals, but previously yes, the moment 10am ticks over the promo page used to disappear. Incognito solved that.

      • I found this link super helpful. Thank you!

      • 👍🏻

    • Switch deals most likely from Thegamesmen like previous ones.