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[PC] Steam - Free to play weekend - Hell Let Loose and Civilization VI - Steam


Another free to play weekend, this time for two very highly rated games from two different genres.

Civilization VI: https://store.steampowered.com/app/289070/Sid_Meiers_Civiliz...


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  • Any good DLC for Civ6? Havent played it in yonks

    • All of it. Such a better game with Gathering Storm, and the new game modes in the Frontier Pass DLCs are lots of fun.

  • Just tried it, not enjoying it tbh - Hell let loose.

    • +5

      There's a steep learning curve, but there's fun in there. I'm new to it. And pretty crap. I feel that it's more like a war game re-enactment don digitally, than a arcadey fast paced first person shooter. Emphasis on tactics, positioning, strategy, teamwork.

      It may not be for you, but I'd recommend watching a few youtube vids to see some gameplay to see the kind of fun you can wring out of it.

      • +4

        you're relatively spot on.
        I'm 500 hours in and its not EXACTLY a simulator but it tries to bring a lot of realism to the game.
        Once you learn the maps and get a feel for the "meta" its actually quite rewarding. You get to know how the enemy will react, you find a position with good cover and defend it.
        Unlikey your battlefields a game where the best teamwork wins not necessarily the team with the best shooters
        we are part of the HFKT Clan (Hold flanks kill tanks) and probably the most active clan
        come play with us, we are always happy to bring on new players and teach them.

        • Cool I'll look you guys up. I'm new to PC, new to keyboard and mouse, new to game chat, new to discord, new to HLL so a lot to learn! There's no in game tutorial so a lot of the broader strategy is a little lost on me, but I try to do my bit where I can.

          I played a game where I killed 4 enemy soliders and but only shot my rifle 26 times. I quite like that.

          I loved the visuals of Battlefied V but the non-stop frenetic lazer tag quality of the game wore me down.

          As it's a free weekend I guess my ineptitude will be a little diluted the next few days!

    • So just like real WW2?

  • +2

    Hell Let Loose is real hardcore. played it for 30 mins, talked shit with some people but you die in 1 hit and most of the time you dont know where either. 9.5gb download and takes up 30gb of space

    • Sounds very realistic. I've always thought a realistic war simulator would be something almost no one would enjoy.

      • Its fun for a while until you get shot from unknown areas over and over again.

        • Yeah it can be frustrating getting eliminated again and again. If you decided to stay with it for a bit, in a few hours in you get a better idea of how to use coverage and terrain to your advantage. You can still get surprised, but I find part of the fun is being stealthy and learning from my (many) mistakes.

  • +4

    HLL is awesome. Just started getting into it. It’s brutal though. One shot will kill you in most cases, very little indication of where from. Insane suppression and realism. Artillery strikes in this game are one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in a video game both aurally and visually. It really gives some perspective to how horrid the great wars must have been, even if it’s only 1/100th of it.

    • +3

      I'm getting killed all the time with no idea where the shot comes from, but I'm slowly learning how to use cover more effectively and surviving for longer. And now occasionally I'm picking off enemies without them realising where I am. Very satisfying!

      • +1

        Yeah I 100% agree, when you get up into that position ahead of the lines and start getting some decent kills it’s really rewarding.

  • +5

    One of the best games I have ever played. Feels like an episode of Band of Brothers much of the time.

    • +1

      This sold it for me. BOB is the best TV show ever

      • +1

        Hope you enjoy! I purchased it when it first released simply because it reminded me of BoB haha. Steep learning curve but so satisfying when you get good

  • Is it like Insurgency but WW2?