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Box of 6x Nelson T5 Slimline Light Fitting Diffused Batten Fixture $78.99 Delivered @ Eeet5p via eBay


Price is for box of 6 unit, including delivery to anywhere in australia, works out to be approx $13.17 each

The Nelson 2x14 Watt T5 Fluorescent fixture is flicker free, and is complete with lamps and diffuser

T5 Slimline Fixture with modern slimline styling
Tri Phosphor Lamp Included
Up To 30% Energy Saving
latest technology electronic ballast
Bright Reflector and Efficient Diffuser
12 Month Warranty
DIMENSIONS (Measurements are approximates within a few mm)
Length: 590mm
Width: 125mm
Height: 40mm

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    Latest technology: electronic ballast
    Worst, most antiquated technology fluorescent tube!
    Why not LED?
    We should no longer be selling this technology. Perhaps sell them some LED tubes also: the electronic ballast will not be needed most likely with the LED tubes

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      If you check out the sellers other listings, you will see they sell mostly LED tech.
      This is pretty clearly just clearing out old stock with an 'antiquated' copy/paste description.
      No one is trying to pass these off as new or better than LED, however they definitely do still have their uses.
      LED's still use pretty awful chemicals in their production - just because they use less power doesn't make them better in all cases.
      I have no dog in this fight - I just hate seeing people mindlessly shitting on things without doing the most cursory of research.

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        LED's still use pretty awful chemicals in their production

        Maybe for red, green and yellow LEDs, but all white LEDs are gallium nitride - made from gallium (non-toxic) and nitrogen (70% of the air we breathe, also non-toxic).

        Compare that to the mercury in flourescent tubes, almost all of which is released into the atmosphere when the tube is discarded, as mercury recycling is somewhere between poor and non-existent in Australia.

        If you're talking about the phosphor, there's orders of magnitude more in fluoro tubes than in LEDs.

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      What are you ranting about? Are the phosphors poor quality in these?

      Linear electronic fluoros are very efficient, and have some advantages. They are not as obsolete as the compact fluorescent just yet.

      But the lack of any lumen or CRI specs for the T5 tubes in this suggests they may not be high quality.

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