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[VIC] 16 International Craft Beers $44.10 Delivered to Melbourne Metro (RRP $139) at Moondog Brewing via Scoopon


Original RRP $139. Managed by moon dog who know their stuff - decent range of different styles.

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Moon Dog Brewing
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    Have had this box. Some great beers in here, but some pretty mediocre ones as well unless you like beer that tastes like it's been mixed with cordial.

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      How do you feel about sour beer?

      • I like sours, it's more the ones like Coconut Cake Imperial Dark Ale or the Ice Cream ones that are pretty rough after you go "hey, that's interesting!". To be fair though, it looks like they culled the worst one (a raspberry one) from the selection I had so that's a win.

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    As someone who works in trade, this is absolutely a bargain at this price. Significantly cheaper than wholesale cost for these beers.

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      Why do you think they are doing this?

      Could the beer nearly be at the end of its shelf life/best before date?

      • Maybe but beer use by dates are under estimated to account for people who don't store them properly.

      • looks like they were originally for a beer festival that got cancelled last year.

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    Great deal, shame about melb only

  • Thanks ordered one

  • Great deal, ordered!

  • Cheers OP!

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    Cheers, just ordered

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        Give the post a thumbs up champ

  • The first time in a long time ive wished i was in melbourne

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    Worked for me and I'm in NSW.
    Hopefully don't get it cancelled

  • Thanks for the post. Awesome present idea!

  • thanks OP! just in time… my beer fridge is running empty…

    • +2

      I thought it runs on electricity

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    Thanks OP.

    I used 10% code SHBXM10 from shopback & should qualify for $1 cashback

  • Says Metro Melb only? Do we know if there's a fee to the rest of Vic?

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      Mine is posted to NSW and it worked.
      Doesn't look like there is anything stopping outside melb metro being used as a delivery address

      • Same for QLD

      • Curious, did you receive anything re shipping? I kind of got the impression these guys actually deliver the carton themselves. I might be wrong; but suspect they have their own people dropping these off?

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    I like beer, I like bargains!

    Good job OP!

  • Worked for Wollongong postage 👀

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      They probably haven't programmed the system to block non Melbourne Metro areas but it wouldn't be surprise me if they asked for more money to cover postage or cancelled the order.

      It looks like it's in the terms of the Scoopon.

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        That's fair, won't be upset if it does get refunded.

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          I'm ok with paying postage depending on how much.

      • Wouldn't hurt to ask for more to cover postage. It might help score their brand some interstate goodwill as well.

        Moon Dog does some really out there stuff, they had this lime splice ipa and a Tim Tam stout.

  • why does one of the beers look like someone had fun in an Excel spreadsheet

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      You say it like it's a bad thing. 😅

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    I found this page on Google which may have some more info: https://matefest.com/2020

  • I bought anyway, let’s see if it ships to sydney

  • I really hope they deliver it because I'm just down the road from one of their breweries in melbs

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    The dreamcake beer is delicious

  • Lets see if it ships to Perth

    • I got my shipping confirmed to Perth today. Did you?

  • lets see if they ships to NT

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    Scoopon's still going??

    • +1

      Yeah after almost 3000 clicks and it is still up, I doubt this deal will be honored (I doubt they have that many in stock).

      • Sorry I didn't mean the deal, I was surprised that the website scoopon still existed, hadn't heard of it in a long time.

  • Dan told us to get on the bears gents. Let's gooooo

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      I must have missed that press conference. Doesn't sound safe to me. Do I have to buy the bear dinner first?
      Is this the new form of public transport? Last bear I encountered was definitely not myki compatible.

      • +1

        side effects of Saturday night bears. Might contain typos. tl/dr: bears

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          You can say whatever you want, and later say someone hacked your account

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    The rrp is lol though, still a good deal

    • +3

      RRP is accurate bro. I’m in the trade and know the wholesale cost of these brews. This is far cheaper than wholesale so a great deal

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        I'm not in the trade but know the Rip Off RRP of single can beers :)

      • The beer from To Øl would probably have an RRP around the same price as this deal 😂

  • the cans look real fancy

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    Any idea of when the expiry date is of the beers?

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      You can be almost certain they’re either past or a few weeks from best before at this price. That said beer just slowly degrades after expiry it’s still drinkable just with less flavour

      • +1

        I remember purchasing some Fat Yaks on a OzB deal that were just within a week or so of expiring.
        They tasted genuinely awful. Had to bin the whole slab.
        If they're expired or very close to, I'd avoid.

        Beer has become quite a wank of a drank now. It's almost like there are more beer options than wine/vineyards.
        Marketers have become carried away and everyone is now a brewer by the looks of it. Passionfruit/Strawberry flavours, etc.. (gross)

      • They should tell you if it's past the BBD or upcoming soon.

        I've seen this from reputable vendors. Personally I wouldn't have bought if I knew the BBD is within a month or even or two as I have lots of beers right now.

        • If you know anything about beers you know this product was produced almost a year ago and that some of these cans are individually worth more than $10. Obviously they’re close to expiry if they’re selling 16 with free delivery for $50.

  • +1

    thanks OP, ordered one, not sure why. maybe to compensate for not able to travel to any of these countries for over a year , and likely longer….

  • I'm usually pretty up for different beers, but this looks awful.

    • -2

      I'm with you I have the ice cream and donuts beer mixtures killing the deal from me touching it lol .

    • Understand the art of craft beer. When the brewers succeed in making crazy flavours it’s an amazing success. But when they fail….

      • I find it pretty rare to find one which I rave about. Most of them are drinkable but I reckon about 40% are bloody awful. The weird IPAs and the dessert dark beers are so hard to get right.

        • Hopefully I’ll end up getting this and I’ll do a review.

  • -3

    Just ordered from metro Melbourne, just 10 mins walk to CBD. Hoping all y'all who ordered from NSW, Queensland and so on haven't ruined it for the rest of us

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    Not working for me @ 11:19AM on mobile or desktop. When I hit "Pay" I get error message "No pregenerated codes present to be used." :(

    • Same error just now.

  • +1

    5488 clicks as of now, they can't possibly have this much stock 😁

  • I think sold out now

  • Looks like it sold out

  • +1

    Just got shipping info and i'm in Adelaide.

    Happy times

  • Wooh its shipping to Sydney YAY!! See, always try!

    • Same!
      Good thing I ordered 2!

  • In QLD haven't got shipping or confirmation from moondog on order yet. I didn't realise it was Melb only until reading comments here, just thought it was free shipping to Melbourne only and others may cost extra.

    Fingers crossed I guess.

  • +1

    Package received, I checked the use by on one can, was 09/21, no worries.

    A real mix, small and large cans, very colourful and package included a glass.

    Will be fun to try them all. Thanks op.

  • +1

    Just delivered in Sydney. Most seem to be brewed mid-last-year so a few
    styles will be past their best. Great mix of really interesting beers. Thanks OP

  • Just delivered in Adelaide, cheer OP!

  • +2

    Checked all the cans, most have 3-6 months left on the best before dates but the Lervig has no BB stamp and two are past the BB including the Honey Ma Gold which is 7 months past. Expected them to be short-dated considering the awesome price but definitely didn't expect them to be past the BB…

    • +2

      Actually the date on the bottom of the can for Honey Ma Gold is manufacture date not best before date, on the can it says it lasts for 12 months so you should be good.

      • Good to know, thanks! Guess it's just one can a little past the BB date then which I can live with :)

    • Food produced in China always has a date of manufacture stamped instead of a BB date. They then put a shelf life to make you do some maths :) Maybe that's why Chinese tend to be good at basic maths.

  • Mine was delivered today also - best before dates similar to others mentioned - most in the June - Sept 2021 period. One can was past the bb date - Jan 21.

  • Anyone else get theirs delivered and missing a can? Splice of Heaven is missing.

    • I got all 16 to Queensland gold coast

  • Hey this deal is still active, my mate just bought one

    • Hmm the page says sold out, wonder if your friend bought at full price?

      • Nope, I guided him through it. Scoopon, $49 and then redeemed on the moon dog page and he got confirmation. It’s weird cause now it’s sold out.

  • The Feels Good Man, and Kurt'z Insane were the only delicious ones. The rest are actually rubbish!

  • Happy happy happy.

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