Upgrading from OnePlus 7T

Pretty soon my OnePlus 7T is nearing the 2 year mark and its starting to show a little bit of age. The only positives I have from it, OS and software is very smooth and fast & display is pretty sweet, 90Hz and AMOLED. Charging speed of 30W is a blessing but has taken a toll on battery life. Heavy usage and I'm charging the phone twice a day. This is exact same experience I had with my 5T, battery life started to get bad towards the 2 years of use. Lastly, software updates have been pretty slow, still no Android 11 update.

Also my opinion of OP has really changed since they became a name in the "flagship" sector, prices creeping close to the big dogs and at that price, you'd think they would have features to at least match the big names, but still OP fall short in some categories (like cameras). And if I'm paying top dollar in AUS but gonna miss out accessories, spare parts and overall repair support, its a hard choice to make.

I'm due for an upgrade this year, budget is not an issue for me(mainly cause I want to spend now and stay with it for 3 years min). But my priorities are mainly display and battery life, I like big phones, cause I consume a lot of content on my phone when I'm travelling locally (train/bus) or even generally, so display is huge priority. And second is battery life, I want a phone that'll last me a day of heavy use.

Lastly, good cameras will a bonus too, cause I do a lot of smartphone photography when I travel.

My contenders at the moment are: the next iPhone Pro Max, dunno if there's gonna be a Note(prefer this over S series for the boxier shape).

Would really love to hear the opinions of the lovely people in this forum.



    Samsung are doing a cracker deal at the moment if you have an old banger phone lying around (or a friend/family has one) that you can use as a trade-in.

    Basically, on their S21 line, they're doing $500 off if you have a trade-in. So the base S21, which is $1099, will be $599 then minus the value of any trade-in that you have, which is ridiculously cheap, even if you have to eBay/Gumtree an old S6 to use.

    Doubt there will be a much better deal than this any time soon.

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      Even if I bring a 9 year old Samsung Android 4.4.4 phone?

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        You'd have to check here. I think you get trade-in value + $500 deducted. They are very limited on what phones they will take


          Yeah I checked, it is of course, not included. Not planning to buy anything anyways as my iPhone 7 still works perfectly. Thanks for the link.


    I have the OnePlus 7, not as new as yours but good. Got the Android 11 update the other day, so hold out; it will be there soon. I don't have battery issues but I normally charge it slowly overnight or in the car.

    I think if I were getting a new phone right now it would be the Google Pixel 4a 5g. Seems the best price for features. My wife just got one on the $600 deal lately.


      Can you please tell where did you get it for $600?


      I agree but the 7T has a bigger screen than the 4a 5g and much better panel too. So that would a downgrade for me in many situations. And honestly apart from camera and software which is a lateral move at best from the 7T. Everything else seems like a downgrade. I dunno I feel like trying out the iOS world after 10 years with Android. None of the new Androids screen innovation or value for money or long-lasting at the moment.


    If you want to stick with OnePlus, the OnePus 9 Pro just released. Hopefully OnePlus will fix their terrible software support tho


      I actually don't want to anymore, I'll have to shell out almost 1100+ for the 9 Pro now.


        Oh okay. This was a bit misleading then:

        budget is not an issue for me(mainly cause I want to spend now and stay with it for 3 years min).

        $1100 is cheaper than the usual flagship prices tho. You said the Pro Max was an option, and that's definitely more than $1100 lol