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DeLonghi Magnifica Fully Automatic Coffee Machine $539.09 Delivered @ Delonghi


Hi all, first poster here.

In searching for a coffee machine last week we noticed the Delonghi Magnifico S on sale at a few places, we didn't think a fully automatic would be in our price range but in comparing prices I ventured to the Delonghi website and found a price that smashed the others;

Good Guys 'Hot Price' $749
Harvey Norman 'Clearance' $999
Delonghi Website $598.99 (-10% first order) $539.09 including free delivery. Delivery took 2-3 days (Melb to Bris)

I can confirm this deal as its currently sitting on my kitchen bench.

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  • Is there a code for first order?

    • THANKS10

  • Is it a dual boiler?

    • Highly doubt it at that price, no mention of heating method at all in the specifications

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    This is a great machine, had one for the last 3 or so years.
    Makes consistently good coffee.

    Had one issue which was the milk frothing knob broke off, as it is made of plastic not metal.
    Repairer told me it was a common issue with this model.
    Replaced it with a metal knob.

    • Lady doing a demo in the shops broke it clean off as well

    • How did you replace it? Care to share? Thanks

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    Had mine for years and it's great. Milk frother is garbage though.

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    Can also vouch for this machine. Had it for 4 years still going strong…milk frother is rubbish though as mentioned above

  • Hey Guys; I have a silver (older version?) of this and it's a great little bean to cup machine; really simple to use; 1 button to turn it on; another to make the coffee flow. Really quick and easy to clean and maintain; have had it for a good few years and would likely buy another if it ever died. I'm likely not using it to it's full potential; but for anyone looking to take a step out of the pod machines; it's been really good.

    • +1: bought one myself as a pod machine replacement, as this has been the office machine pumping 30-50 shots a day over four years and still going hard.

  • Have been waiting for a deal and was going to buy from Amazon but this one is better as it will be from delonghi australia which should come with warranty unlike Amazon from UK. :)

    Heard a lot of good things about this in the past from other deal posts too, cant wait to try it out.

  • Damn didn't think so many would be interested in this machine. Delonghi had 20% sitewide on AfterPay Day.

    • ahh crap!!

  • How much does it cost to repair these? Mine died a few weeks ago. Won't turn on. It was barely used….maybe once every 2 months. Bought it from an earlier deal here six years ago. I'm wondering if it's worth repairing or just buying another one…


    • I bought a replacement boiler (they call it a generator) from Amazon for $35. Getting it repaired officially would be probably $300

  • Ahhh. Missed it!

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      looks like it is back again

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    Ordered 1 thanks OP.

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    I've never used ozbargain before (first time) but as at 4:55pm QLD time, 01/04/2021 I just purchased the black unit for the $539 delivered. Wife has been eyeing this off for a while at Harvey Norman for $749! thanks mate for sharing :)

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      No worries mate, enjoy.

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