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[Hack] Remove 1 Meat Patty from Double Quarter Pounder/Meal to Get a 14% Cheaper Quarter Pounder @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Remove 1 meat from a double quarter pounder. Get free extra cheese.

Medium Quarter Pounder meal is $11. Removing one meat from a double quarter pounder meal is $9.55
Burger goes from $6.65 to $5.75.

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    Careful if you try this, a couple times in the past when I've ordered a double burger of some sort from McDonalds and did the whole "remove one patty to save $$" they ended up removing both patties lol. I guess sometimes they misread the order, just make sure you double check before you leave.

    • In a previous thread some employee said it's because the order will appear with a "No meat" note. I don't know if they fixed it yet.

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        so 1/4 pounder 'hack' is actually a way to screw up your own order…genius.

      • This is operator error/miscommunication when putting the order through

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        the reverse of this is that old chicken big mac hack where you remove two meat, add one chicken, but the receipt is not able to specify one chicken or two chicken so you get two chicken patties instead.

    • This literally happened to me last week…twice! Hahaha

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    The level of reading comprehension displayed in this thread is on par with the year 3's that my friend teaches.

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      Not sure what you're trying to say but it sounds good.

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      I find it highly unlikely your friend became a qualified teacher at just three years of age

  • Meh - I get an offer for 2 quarter pounder meal for $8 on the app every other week.

    • same but the nearest maccas is like an hour away.. blue mountains fast food problems

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    I remember working back area as teenager in the late 2000’s, one day Maccas corporate decided to make the quarter pounder buns smaller (5 to 4 inches I think) so the meat would stick out of the sides and the burger would look bigger. I’ve never looked at Maccas the same after that haha

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      Trimming the surrounds to make your meat look bigger is an age old hack.

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        underrated comment

      • Can confirm this hack works

      • if the meat is already small though there is only so much you can do

        also water makes the meat shrink and removes the flavour that is why we need the white sauce

        • if the meat is already small though there is only so much you can do

          Then it's a delicacy. Gluten-free (bunless) burger. Tiny portion that's overpriced.

          also water makes the meat shrink

          It's actually the coldness that makes the meat shrink.

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            @salmon123: Ah yes the cold is a big factor in meat shrinkage I almost forgot about that.

  • Is Macca's really classified as food

    • It's a delicacy in some cultures

      • Where? In Osama Bin Ladens bunker?

        • well if your options are bread or bread with meat and cheese what would you choose

  • Happy with my double bacon beef meals $4.95 plus usually 10 to 25% off on top of that some days.

    • Double double beef and beacon meals with 2 garden salad & 2 piccolo latte makes my lunch.

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    Not this profanity again

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    I appreciate the creativity but I don't think $5.75 for a Quarter Pounder is a bargain.

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    ADD a Double Quarter Pounder/Meal and then remove it you only pay $0!

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      ADD 6x, then REMOVE 6x for MAXIMUM savings!

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    Now this is a deal.

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    This is the most OzBargain post I've ever seen and I love it

  • Doesn't work at my local $-2.25 all around. I'd probably pay $2 for an extra 1/4 pound of 'meat' though.

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    Here I've been over paying by 14% like some kinda sucker.

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    Maccas tends to be expensive unless you have a deal on the app. Just get a couple accounts.

  • Can I neg it again . Doesn't anybody know about 2 Whoppers for $9.45 ?
    I give up with this place seriously !

  • they aren't going to put any meat on that burger. That's what happened to me last time I removed a single patty on a big mac to make it $0.90

  • Then my hack is $1 fries and $1 frozen coke :)
    Kicking the a$$ value wise on this deal !

    • how can I get that??

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    Am I missing something? It seems like a pretty decent hack.

    And not tedious like the now invalid free hamburger one where you order 11 hamburgers, remove patty from 10 of them.

    Or when the a $0.70 babycino counted toward the McCafe loyalty, and you'll order 5 of that to redeem a coffee.

  • I mean do people still eat this shit? Seriously…..

    • its that or bread and milk in some places

      not lying maccas is only good when your options are useless like 3 in the morning when nothing else is open and the fridge and pantry is not stored

  • Single quarter with double cheese is the bestttt

  • Not even gonna use this, but + for the legit hack.

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    Is this available at Engadine? Asking for a friend

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  • Juice deal there.

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    Great this is still polluting my feed !

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      Then hide it.

  • good deal.. ignore the rich whingers

    a saving is a saving

  • Nice.

  • Genius 😲😲😲

  • is it called + No Qtr lb Beef Patty ? what if they remove both pattys?

    • welcome to vegetarianism

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        y3ep… just tried this they removed both.. not worth it..

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          like i posted before…what a 'genius' hack

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            @franco cozzo: it was my first time trying these ''hacks'' and was a dumb idea, they also wont refund me or do anything lol

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              @Halvar: I call bullshit on they won't refund me or do anything. Maccas go out of their way to make the customer happy.

            • @Halvar: Proof or ban

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    hell yeah. just in time for date night

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    I already know this 'cheat' a long time ago (Dunno it's ok to share in OzB)
    But one day I ordered double quarter pounder and remove one meat,
    they give me a burger without any meat :( then I stop using this cheat

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    Ok if you trust Maccas staff to not stuff this up. I avoid Maccas like the plague, but once or twice a year I'll relent and make an exception, and they never fail to disappoint. Coke, no ice? Sure, here's the extra ice you ordered. McChicken burger? Sure, here's a cold one with a dry bun, no sauce, and 2 of the thinnest shreds of lettuce we could find. Egg and bacon muffin, hash brown and coffee meal deal for breakfast? Even though it's 4.50am and there's no-one else in the queue, we'll be about 15 minutes while we get things ready (but we won't tell you that, hee hee, we don't care if you're late to work!). In any case, we cooked your muffin at 2am and kept it warm in the bain marie so it would be warm for you now at 4.50am when you came through. We've only just turned the deep fryer on however so the oil is only 70 degrees, but the hash brown should be ok, just a little oily and underdone (and burnt tasting, we forgot to change the oil this month). Here's your coffee (the one thing at Maccas that's always warm - really, really warm) - we have a special microwave oven here that runs on 3 phase power and is able to warm coffee up to 4000° C, just under the melting point of diamond. Mind your mouth!

    Oh, and have a great day!

    Err, I'll pass.

  • Thanks for the tip, I quite like the extra cheesy feel. First time they did it, we had no patty!