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$800 off Any iPhone with Optus $85 150GB 24-Month Plan, $550 off with $65 80GB 24-Month Plan (in-Store Only) @ Apple Store


Optus offer available in-store only at Apple stores.

Unlimited data provides 150GB/80GB at maximum speed, then throttled to 1.5Mbps. 5G network access included.

Available to new and existing customers with consumer and sole trader business accounts.

You can get up to A$800 in credit towards a new iPhone when you sign up or recontract to an Optus SIM-only 24‑month plan at A$85 per month. You could get even more credit towards your new iPhone when you trade in your current eligible smartphone with Apple Trade In. Only available at Apple Store locations.

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    As this is my first post, any thoughts or ideas on what info I should include in Title / Description would be appreciated.

    • Just to be clear is your affiliation with OPTUS or Apple

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    link is going to apple.com not optus offer page?

    • The deal says with Apple, not Optus. Did you read the deal description?

      • thnx

        • Yeah no CIS available on Apple website, however it is available on the Optus website. Unlike JB \ TGG, the plans are not branded as an Apple plan.

  • +4

    JB deal with only a 12 month contract and $500 gift card is better deal. Not sure how this optus deal compares with the Hardly Normal, but the 24m contract is the deal breaker I think.

    • Hardly Normal LOL

      24 mth contract for a phone seems a rip off nowadays. 36 mth Is way ridiculous.

    • For what it’s worth, I agree. I recently took advantage of the JB deal myself and reckon it is one of the best value deals available when it’s offered.

      • true mate

  • Had Telstra JB plan last year, went Optus this year, my advise is don't go Optus. I haven't found anything Optus does better, just a worse network and support, among others.

    • +1

      i agree with worse support, but after moving to Telstra the past 6months, the Optus network was way better than Telstra where i live.

    • Not only that, so far Telstra has the widest 5g coverage to date.

  • Can you mention how you’re associated?

  • 24 month plans are back??

  • Can you give us a discount for the phone only without any contracts?

  • Optus 200G plan is $59. So just for compare you are paying $624 more and 50G data less per month. That $100 odd buck actually discount can be have when the phone goes on special. This is a very poolr deal.

  • An someone do the numbers, that’s maths don’t stack, removing $800 from the plan seems to make it cheap? Is it really for any iPhone plan even iPhone 12 max pro max?

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