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Patriot Viper Steel Series 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz $123.49 Delivered @ Patriot Memory Amazon AU


Historic low Samsung B-die kit, click here for previous deal discussion/comments on this kit.

Make sure you apply the 5% discount at the product page before adding it to cart, which will deduct $6.50 from $129.99.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Yes until you tune it

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      Up to 3800 C14 based on previous deal comments.

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      This wasn't praise or criticism, it was just here for people's info as the OP didn't have any.

  • What's better for a 5600x? This or 3600 CL16 (non-samsung)?
    Tossing up between this and waiting for a deal on the crucial set that's been posted before.

    I know benchmarks show 4400 actually doing worse than 3600 in gaming

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      You need to tune it to 3800CL14 for max benefits

      • What would be more stable.
        Buying a 3600 CL16 kit, or buying this and tuning it down?

        Happy to play with overclocking but would prefer a quick plug and play, or a quick 5 min tweak.

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          Depending on the CPU's memory controller, 3600 cl16 will be easier to hit. Not all CPUs will be stable at 3800 cl14

          • @celery juice: Well, I bought it!

            And good articles or videos on down clocking these?

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              @cheesecactus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3z7Ggh2_xI

              This video from Buildzoid is 47 minutes long, but he does go through all the timings around the end

              • @celery juice: Sweet, thanks man

                • +5

                  @cheesecactus: Actually, first thing get the latest BIOS on your board, cause there was an AGESA update that makes hitting 2000 IF clock/4000MT's on the RAM in 1:1:1 more likely with your 5000 series CPUs. Hope you have a 500 series board rather than a 400 series, they tend to do much better for RAM OCing.

                  Then for your first idiot proof step you could load the 4400 XMP profile (if you are lucky, some sticks have a lower, slower XMP profile saved on them with tighter timings, say 4200 or 4000 or something), clock it down to 3600, and finally put the IF ratio back to 1:1:1 and save and reboot, then go back into the BIOS and save the configuration so you can get it back easily if your tightening timings runs into problems.

                  The timings on this kit 19-19-19-39 is pretty similar lots of regular non-B Die 3600 kits which are usually 18-20-20-38, and being an under-clock it'll be stable without even needing to test anything, so anyone with Ryzen 3000 or 5000 could do this to use a "too fast for Ryzen" kit easily.

                  Then once you have that nice easy baseline, you can jump down the over-clocking rabbit hole at your leisure. First trying the same settings just with getting the frequency as high as you can with the 1:1:1 IF clock - if you got a good 5600X you might even luck out and be able to run 4000, though 3800 or so is more likely. With a kit like this and those timings any speed below 4400 will be stable on the RAM's side, but it might POST and get into Windows fine, but be unstable because the IF clock is borderline. There's SOC voltages you can play with for that. Like Celery Juice said, watch some BZ vids on the OC process, try out Ryzen Calc (with Samsung B-Die it is most reliable, other ICs it can be awful, like with the Micron Rev E I have) or even go the whole hog and do it totally manually. You will need a decent RAM tester though, HCI memtest is what I use. BZ tends to just go 400% as a pass for daily drivers, but I've had OCs spit errors late at 600%ish so I always run to 1000% now, but leave enough RAM free to use the PC for web browsing in the mean time cause it takes half a damn day per test to that level.

                  • @smashman42: That's an amazing write up. Thanks very much for that. Looking forward to trying it out!

                    Eta next week for my ram and b550 steel legend. Eta for my 5600x….. June haha

            • @cheesecactus: Get ryzen dram calc

  • Careful of compatibility. SPD sings might not work on your mobo

    • SPD sings?

    • Your mobo and CPU. My 10700k could not handle that

      • Do you really need to avoid ram kits that are not on your mobo QVL list?
        I have an ASRock z390 phantom gaming itx board and the list includes some 3600 cl16 b die kits, but not this one specifically…?

        • Mine was in the QVL and you had to do a lot of change in the bios to just post it. Nowadays any memory works with any CPU, might not at full speed when it is too high like this patriot

          • @Dienk: Ah well, I'll give it a shot. I would be happy with 3600 cl16. V happy with 3800 cl16.

  • Is this brand good?
    I've ordered 4 sticks of SODIMM from them and only 1 worked. The rest failed to boot.

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      The fact that you are considering the brand again, the answer is yes, the brand is good.

      • +1

        I wasn’t. But thanks. I’ll assume it was just a bad batch.

  • +1

    Purchased - thanks OP.
    Anyone got a link to a guide on manually tuning ram?

  • Guys when is DDR5 coming to consumers?

    • probably on the next chipset release from AMD. But given all the chip manufacturing delays, i assume this will push out far into 2022/23.

  • +1

    Really good price i got these like 4 months ago for $160 and thought that was good.
    Was fairly easy to get these running 3800CL14, last time these were posted here another user was claiming everyone else was wrong and these are unstable at these timings but this morning just for this thread i completed a memtest 200%+ run to prove it really is stable and no WHEA errors either, i have been running like this for months with no issues.
    https://i.imgur.com/Q9A6nkY.png DRAN Voltage manually set to 1.47v in bios, but it reports 1.5v
    Yes secondaries are pretty loose but whatever, there is likely more to be squeezed out but im happy where its at.

    • Very nice results, was about to link your other result here until I saw your name. Hope my 3600 can do 3800C14 as well.

    • Like all overclocking, you're playing the silicon lottery. I have this kit and can only do 3600C14, faster than that needs over 1.5V (unsafe voltage).

      Also, 200% memtest isn't even close to being fully stable. I've seen errors pop up at over 1000%, as well as overclocks passing memtest only to fail other stress tests.

    • I can pass memtest on a lot of settings but passing on IntelBurn test Max setting for 10 passes (usually it'll crap out in the first 1-3 passes if its unstable) is an entirely other thing.

      A gremlin I had in my old system was because of that, pass memtest no probs so assumed it was stable. Wasn't until I ran IntelBurn Test I was like oh crap its not.

  • Do I need to overclock for Ryzen 5 3600?

    Considering getting Ryzen 5 3600 but unsure about memory etc.

    • It can't even post at 4400mhz with ryzen

  • This Patriot RAM is half the cost of the G.Skill Trident Neo (Samsung B-Die) RAM I was intent on purchasing, so I bought 2 sets for 32GB total.

    Total novice to overclocking RAM, is 3600-16-16-16 a pipe dream? Paired with an MSI MAG x570 Tomahawk and Ryzen 5800x.

    • +1

      easy, but you'll need to manually set it to 3600mhz as the defaul only has 4400mhz and 4266mhz xmp profile

      but it's pretty easy and lots of youtube guide how to set memory timings and voltage

      you can easily do that with 1.35v

      but make sure to check your motherboard memory compatibility chart for this specific ram

      • Thanks neosin!

        The below is from the specs page, so I'm guessing it is compatible?

        1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667/ 2800/ 2933/ 3000/ 3066/ 3200/ 3466/ 3600/ 3733/ 3866/ 4000/ 4133/ 4266/ 4400/ 4533/ 4600+ Mhz by A-XMP OC MODE

        However, should I be concerned about the following warning from PCPP?

        The Patriot Viper Steel 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4400 CL19 Memory operating voltage of 1.45 V exceeds the AMD Zen 3 CPU recommended maximum of 1.35 V+7% (1.444 V). This memory module may run at a reduced clock rate to meet the 1.35 V voltage recommendation, or may require running at a voltage greater than the AMD recommended maximum.

        I'm guessing not, judging from the other comments in this post.

        • +1

          That's just arse covering legalese - technically any OC is out of spec and warranty voiding, if you're happy to take the risk go for it. With B Die you'd have to go insane voltage to actually damage it, the ICs themselves can run 1.5v daily.

          The one issue you might have with running two full kits is it is harder on the IMC than a single kit - 3600 16-16-16 would be easy with one kit, but if you got a bad IMC in your R5 3600 you might find it gets unstable not because of the RAM but because of the IMC,so just be aware of that when troubleshooting it, and be sure to research the same voltages for the SOC & stuff.

          • @smashman42: I have no idea what you're on about, but there is only one way to find out. Appreciate the pointers and will do some research and testing when it arrives. Thanks!

            • +1

              @Master Bates: two kits harder to run for the memory controller in the CPU than one, it puts more strain on it, so you might run into stability problems with 3600 16-16-16 where the RAM itself is actually capable but the CPU isn't

              Just something to watch out for is all, most people OC with only a pair of sticks not all four in use, and it does change the game a little to run 4

    • +1

      Dial in 3600 16-16-16 1.35V and it should just work (stress test to check though!), those are very loose timings for high end B-die.

      You should be able to do 3800 16-16-16 or 3600 14-14-14 at under 1.45V, which is perfectly safe. 3800 14-14-14 is doable under 1.5V if you get a good kit, but not really guaranteed.

    • I appreciate the help neosin and Shrew!

    • Since it's B-Die you could try bringing CAS latency down to 14 even.

  • These are THE BEST high end ram for the price point!

    All those overpriced gskill, corsair, etc are the same if not worse.

    The kit that i'm using I can get 4266mhz cl8 1.35v or 4266cl17 1.38v, these are very low voltages for this frequency!

    I'm using an msi gaming edge wifi z490 with 10900 so motherboard will make a difference.

    Cheap moboard have crap memory controllers, but make sure to check your motherboard memory compatibility chart for this specific ram if you want to run at 4000+mhz

    • What do you think I should be able to run these at with MSI Z590 Pro Wi-Fi motherboard? I'm an OC noob.

      • yup similar speeds or better than my z490

        • +1

          Also what videos/guide do you recommend to get started with memory overclocking? Few videos I have watched are either way too long and/or very confusing.

    • +1

      Memory controllers reside within the CPU, not the motherboard.

    • I have 10600k paired with some generic HyperX 3200 cl16. HX432C16PB3K4/32. Would there be any noticeable difference in gaming with faster ram?

    • How did you determine the timings you were going to use for this? I’m running a ryzen 5800x but the ryzen dram calculator doesn’t like me trying to set the clock speed to 4000mhz so I’m currently at 4000MHzC19 because I have not idea what I’m doing lol

    • any tips to learning this for intel, all the guide I've seen are for AMD

  • anyone know if this will work on my HP Elitedesk G6 800?


    • Number of slots: (2) SODIMM

      Doesn't look like it.

      • nah, mine has 4 slots and it takes desktop ram, not laptop

        • Oh okay, you are good to go then.

          • @mizx: my pc is currently using this ram


            Will Patriot Viper Steel Series be better?

            • @Homr: For Ryzen 3000 and 5000 CPUs, I definitely recommend making the switch.

              I don't know too much about RAM performance on intel systems, I would upgrade to this kit because:
              -2 sticks of 8gb is generally better than a 16gb stick
              -2666Mhz is quite bad
              -pricing on this B-die (best type) kit is very, very good

              If you do end up buying it you will need to mess around with them since very few systems can run this XMP profile, which is at 4400Mhz, you will most likely need to tune it down (e.g. I'm aiming for 3800C14 or around there). There are other options on the product page, from the previous thread, only the 2x8gb 4000Mhz and above is B-die though.

              • @mizx: What should I do with my spare 16gb ram stick? Should I leave it on there to make it 48gb ram? Will my system still run on dual channel?

                • @Homr: I don't even know if you can mix it with this kit. I think it needs to be the same capacity (e.g. also 8gb) and even if it works it will be scuffed because it will bring the 4400Mhz kit down to the 2666Mhz ram speed since common denominator.

                  I'd sell it on gumtree to get some of the cost back lol (which is what I'm doing with my old 2x8gb).

                  • @mizx: oh ok thanks

                    I'm a bit annoyed how my new HP desktop came with 1x16gb stick instead of 2x8gb. It's hard to find the matching pair for the existing 16gb stick

                    And it's also currently running at single channel

  • These appear to be single rank, so you might be leaving some performance on the table unless you buy 2 kits :)

    • -1

      no this is a kit not a single dimm if thats what you mean

      • No he's saying they're single rank (which is true). Only ram chips on one side of each module.

        Although afaik buying two kits doesn't make it dual rank…. You would just have 4 sticks of single rank I thought?

      • I think he is talking about this?

        • +1

          See page 2 of the article below. Here's two of the important quotes:

          Would you have believed that you could increase your frame rates by up to 10% in Ashes simply by using four ranks of memory? Or that you could reduce file compression time by up to 13%? Isn’t that performance gain similar to upgrading to the next level of graphics card or CPU? Given that 8GB per-rank capacity fills the enthusiast market, isn’t this a good enough reason for us to recommend 32GB to gamers, even to those who will never need more than half of its total capacity?

          The best practical configuration is four ranks … at the lowest stable latencies. Reminder: Four ranks can be achieved from either four single-rank or two dual-rank DIMMs.


          • +1

            @Lukian: Good read. Going to 4 sticks are good for people who are being "memory application bottlenecked". I just play games so it's not necessary right now, I'm just not convinced by the few gaming benchmarks they have.

            Should the price drop to like 95 or so I'll consider getting it because other than my GPU can't really upgrade anymore from my now 3600 and X370.

  • Got 2 pairs and tried to load the XMP but it seems to not load properly for me. 10700k, z490 aorus elite, bios updated to the latest March 11. The ram came with 2 XMP profiles, named 4400 19-19-19-39-69 1.45 and another named 4266 19-19-19-39-133 1.35.

    I loaded the 4400 one then boot looped for a bit and I assumed it was the 4 sticks or crazy high frequencies being too much for the memory controller so I turned down the frequency to 4000mhz and it still boot looped. I changed the DRAM voltage from auto to 1.45 just to make sure, and it worked. However when I checked the timings it was setting 17-19-19-39 in the bios regardless of reloading XMP 1 or 2. I'm using 4000 c17-19-19-39 for now but I'm confused as to what's going on.

    edit: Just manually set everything to the XMP values and it boot looped, so I think 4400 19-19-19-39-69 1.45 just isn't possible for my CPU at 1.24 SA and IO. Will try to use 4000 17-19-19-39-69.

    • +2

      4000 17-19-19-39 1.45V was unstable. Downclocked and tightened to 3800 16-16-16-36 1.45V which passed Karhu for >3 hours and >5000% coverage.

      • I ordered two kits as well to go with my 10600KF, so thanks for reporting back on your experience here.

        It'll be replacing my current MIcron Rev E kit (Ballistix LT Sport 3000c15) running at 4000 16-20-20-38 1.45v passed 1500% HCI 1.24 SA & IO. So I'll be happy enough with around 4000ish and tighter than the Rev E. I lucked out with good for Rev E tRFC of 550 but B die has to smash that.

        • +1

          Should be able to do 320 (160 ns equivalent) or potentially lower.

  • Damn, I took too long on this, looks like the 4400mhz ones are not listed @ $123.49 anymore.

    Only a much more expensive seller listed now @ $410 now.

    The 4000mhz ones are still listed, but for $126.99… :/

    • +1

      They're B-die too afaik. Most 3000 and 5000 Ryzen systems will run them between 3600 to 3800 MHz with tighter/lower timings so it shouldn't be that a problem. If you're running intel I will definitely say to wait for the 4400 MHz kit.

      • Yeah I've a 5800x.
        Was really keen on upgrading memory but I'll have to hand over my OzB badge if I end up with the 4000mhz ones instead (still a good price mind you).
        But yeah, I'd be lowering timings in any case.

        The 4000mhz reckon tested timings are 19-19-19-39.
        Do you reckon these run at CL14 @ 3600/3800mhz though, similar to the 4400mhz? Or are they going to struggle with that?

        • +1

          Nice, they have even better IMC than Ryzen 3000s.

          I don't know if the 4000 2x8gb kit can do 3800C14. I'd probably wait it out since I know for sure the 4400 2x8gb kit have very good chances of hitting 3800C14, few others have hit this, myself included and I have a R5 3600 on a X370.

          Looking at camelx3 price chart they stock up regularly and it seems that the 5% coupon is a continual thing.

  • There appears to be the Patriot Viper "Blackout" version of these for sale as well btw:

    • These are most likely to be Hynix DJR.

      • +1

        Confirmed today these are Samsung b-die (4400 C18 series).

  • [2021-04-04T04:36:13.2615057+10:00] Started testing 14336 MB with 12 thread(s).
    [2021-04-04T09:54:22.1803114+10:00] ERROR DETECTED!
    [2021-04-04T09:54:23.3693827+10:00] Stopped testing after 0:05:18:10 with 22983 % coverage and 1 error(s).

    2x8GB 3800Mhz 1:1 IF CL14-15-8-13-43-304 GDM enabled, Power Down Mode disabled.

    DRAM 1.5V
    SOC 1.09375V
    VDDG CCD 1.05V
    VDDG IOD 1.15V
    CLDO VDDP 1.05V

    These are basically Buildzoid's 2X8GB settings on a 3000 series, he would call it stable despite it spit out an error 5 hours in (which I think it is my CPU OC that's causing it).

    ZenTimings and RTC doesn't want to initialize on my computer, something to do with my .NET Framework.

  • Can't find any patriot sticks on my x370 mobo qvl list, really want to bite the bullet but it will be a pain if it's incompatible.

    • Not on my STRIX Gaming X370-F QVL list either, works fine.

  • Back in stock for $134.99

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