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GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter 12V Auto Battery Booster Power Pack, QC3.0 $59.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon


Hi all,

Another discount on this Jump Starter, $40 off with promo code HBYZ6DF5.

  • [Affordable and Powerful Jump Starter]: The GOOLOO jumper pack GP80 can restarts your vehicle (motorcycle, SUV, RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boat, etc) up to 4.5L gas engine with 800A peak current
  • [Fast Charging Power Bank]: Designed with 2 USB outputs (5V 2.4A/9V 2A), the quick charge 3.0 USB port can full charge your cellphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at the fastest speed possible
  • [Emergency LED Flashlight]: The GOOLOO Car Jump Starter comes with a built-in LED flashlight. Long press the power button to activate the strong mode, press again to switch to warning strobe, and press a third time to turn on the SOS flashing. It’s an emergency life saver when you go camping, travel, picnic, outdoor adventure.
  • [Security Assurance]: It’s equiped with smart jumper clamp, which can protect your devices from over current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-charge and reverse connection
  • [What You Get]: GOOLOO Compact Jump Starter GP80, Intelligent Jump Cable, Quick Charge Micro USB Cable, Kit Bag, User Manual.
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  • Are these any good? Was looking for something to keep in the car "just in case". How long do they hold a charge for?

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      worked well for me - helped me restart my corolla with a dying battery twice without recharge without any issues.
      had it in the boot for a few months, didnt lose much charge
      edit: i had the 1200 version

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      I got a 1200A version. They are very good. it helped me started my project car many many times(very very flat), jump start some of my friend and my own car many times. bike works as well. (Datsun 280zx, Toyota Paseo, Toyota Camry, KTM duke)


      In total more than 20 times.


      Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative. Until you hear a click sound or just try to start the car. almost no waiting time. more like plug and play. once the car started, you can take the Battery booster off (no order require) read the Battery Booster user manual to make sure


      For the 1200A it lasts forever for me. i never saw it drop till 1 bar. so I don't know how long it lasts. coz jump-start doesn't drain the Battery Booster.

      PS: you can also use a torchlight and SOS signal light.

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    They had the 1500A on sale last week for $80. Purchased and it worked perfectly jump starting my 3L V6 Kia.

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    Any feedback on 800A vs 1500A? Is 1500A overkill

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    Personally I'd get the 1200A version. Also much bigger battery (18ahr vs 10ahr) for only $20 more with the $40 coupon. Think it expires in about 1:30

    1200A version

    • Agreed.
      Bought the 1200A for my wife to keep in the car in case of emergencies.
      Someone left the lights on so dead battery in the morning and she found it easy to use and worked first time.
      It's worth the extra $20 for peace of mind that it'll do the job stress free on a range of cars.

    • +1

      I own the 1200A version. Something to think about is the 1200A version uses a 15v barrel connection to charge, opposed to the micro USB here.

      For something intended to use in an emergency, I think having standard micro USB charging is weighted about the same as the extra capacity. I don't like the fact that if I lose the charger I can't just use any standard USB outlet to charge it.

      • +1

        TBH I hadn't noticed this. I have 3x 1500A versions (gave to kids for their cars - worth my peace of mind) and one for my little car. Also a 2000A one for my big car. All are charged via USB-C so assumed the 1200A would be too.

        Bought a 1200A for my mum for her birthday. Personally don't think it's a big deal as the battery rarely needs to be charged.

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    Sold by: Shen zhen gu lu dian zi shang wu you xian gong si

    • Yes it's made and sold from China, but GOLOO is well regarded as creating good products.

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    "12V cigarette lighter socket adaptor not include.". Where is this available, and how much?

    • It charges via micro USB. Any 12v to usb outlet will work, but as it also says it can take 9v, a 12v to usb fast charge (9v) would be best.

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        Not for charging, for powering devices via the cig lighter. E.g. I have run my GMG pellet grill via the battery and cig lighter adapter.

        • Oh yeah I understand now. I'd also like to know.

        • what is this adapter called, i'm looking to get one cheap if possible

    • It said that for the 1500A one I purchased but there was one included when it arrived.

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    This was previously/recently $80, and then jacked up to $120 for the $40 discount voucher.

  • I'm curious, what's the difference between this and any other generic jump starters? Ebay have ones for $64 with peak 600A but 99800mAh which is almost 10x the capacity of the Gooloo ones.

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      I saw that one (well there's about 1 million of them on ebay). There's no chance it's 99,800mah. That's like 100ah. Google what a 100ah lithium battery costs. I'd say it's a 10ah battery and that someone made a decimal place error and the rest have just run with it.

      But as to the difference. Gooloo is a brand name of sorts. The ebay ones are spat out of a factory and rebranded. 600A is pretty low but if it's started your car then that's good. I would test it though.

      • +1

        There's no chance it's 99,800mah. That's like 100ah. Google what a 100ah lithium battery costs.

        Yup that's fake. However, use Wh to compare battery capacity, not Ah.

        Your last quoted sentence is refering to 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries with a 12.8V nominal voltage = 1280Wh.

        This jump starter will probably be using Li-Po cells with a 3.7V nominal. Whilst both can be 100Ah, this jump starter will have less capacity since it's only 3.7V.

        That said, I doubt this jump starter is really 99.8Ah, but 19.8Ah is more believable.

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    Waiting on a discount on the SCA 1900 jumps starter.

  • Tried the 1200A version (350CCA) on my dead flat V6 3L today. Needed me to push the "boost" button but worked fine after that.

    Personally think the 1500A version (400CCA) was a better buy at the same price ($80) as it has USB C charging and the whole package is a bit smaller. But think the 1200A is still fine.

  • Will this jumpstart a 5L V8?

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  • The offer is valid again… works for me. NOT EXPIRED.

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