Best Cloud Storage Options

Hi guys just looking at getting Cloud storage plans for our business as we want to store our videos online so it can be access by our team for editing. Can you please recommend iCloud plans. Thanks


  • By iCloud I’m assuming you mean Apple or are you open to any cloud hosting options?

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      Sorry, any cloud hosting option. My heads been stuck in the clouds finding one T_T

      • Do you currently use Office 365 for Business or Google Workspace?

        • nope but i'll look into it if you suggest it.

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    If you're storing lots of videos, might be cheaper to get a NAS and host everything locally. It will be faster and cheaper. For cloud storage, I would recommend Google or Microsoft. The client works across OSes

    • do you guys know if vpn'ing it to another region would lower the cost?

    • local storage is not a good solution for business unless they have a full time experienced IT person to make sure data is not lost.

      • There are many 4 bay (or more) NAS solutions (Q-NAP, Synology, etc) that are easy to operate and not that hard to learn. If they can edit videos, it's likely they can (learn to) plug in HDDs and replace them when they fail.

        • RAID is not a backup, and the larger the hard drives, the more crazy it is to treat RAID as any form of backup.

          Its a bad way to do business and its how you'll lose everything.

          • @samfisher5986: I didn't say this is for back up. He wanted shared storage for editing. We don't know the lifetime of the content and so on. It's an option OP can investigate, would be a massive saving compared to online storage, not to mention it would be faster. If this needs to be backed up long term, they can use S3 or something similar.

            • @soan papdi: He wanted cloud storage, so if you are going to suggest local storage, you need a disclaimer that its only going to be as reliable as the person who set it up and maintains it, where cloud storage is maintained professionally.

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    I had pcloud before.
    they offer lifetime plans that could save your money over long time.

    The overall functionality is much better than the google drive but the integration with android phone is still below average.

  • sort of related, but whats people's thoughts about

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